Chapter 262 - The Huo Family Is Shocked. The Bugatti Corporation Actually Helped Lin Fan

Chapter 262 of 299 chapters

Lin Fan was driving, preparing to meet Yan Xue.

Lin Fan was the second-largest shareholder of the New Era Lisheng Hotel, and this hotel had branches all over Shanghai.

Such a five-star hotel had its capital chain broken in one night.

Huo Xinyu’s methods could be said to be quite ruthless.

Before Huo Xinyu attacked, Lin Fan was already prepared.

If Huo Xinyu wanted to fight, so be it.

After discussing with Yan Xue for a long time at the New Lisheng Hotel, Lin Fan prepared to go to Yunhang Technologies to see Yun Qian.

After all, he had a good relationship with Yun Qian. If Yunhang Technologies collapsed, Lin Fan wouldn’t be able to collect five years’ worth of rent for seven floors of the technology building.

The rent of tens of millions every year was real money.

At the same time, at the Huo family.

Huo Xinyu sat there with her eyes closed.

As a business elite, she quickly destroyed Lin Fan’s five-star hotel.

“CEO Huo, the capital chain of the New Era Lisheng Hotel has been broken. If nothing goes wrong, this company will close down in less than half a month. CEO Huo’s move is brilliant. It’s equivalent to breaking Lin Fan’s arm,” the assistant said.

“Yunhang Technologies has also been implicated because of Lin Fan. If this continues, which company will dare to work with Lin Fan?” The assistant revealed a look of admiration.

This was the strength of Huo Xinyu of the Huo family, one of the four great families of Shanghai.

Both companies were worth billions. Huo Xinyu could directly make both companies reach the verge of bankruptcy.

“With the two companies crippled, Lin Fan will definitely go to them.”

“Lin Fan injured my brother to such an extent. It’s a slap to the Huo family’s face, so… I shall let Lin Fan experience the Huo family’s methods.”

“Orchestrate a car accident on the road. From then on, Lin Fan can disappear from this world,” Huo Xinyu said casually as if she didn’t care.

Some people should pay the price for what they had done!

At this moment… a piece of news reached the Huo family.

“CEO Huo, the latest news is here.”

“The company capital chain of the New Era Lisheng Hotel has been restored. All the raw materials merchants have also restored their relationship with the New Era Lisheng Hotel. The New Era Lisheng Hotel can operate normally now.”

“Other than that, there’s also a sum of money that has been directly injected into Yunhang Technologies. Both companies have returned to normal.”

“How is that possible… We’ve already checked the connections of these two companies. We had already caused them to collapse, but now, how can these two companies return to normal so quickly?” The assistant’s expression was a little ugly.

Huo Xinyu took action and directly destroyed the two companies.

Not long after, the two companies had recovered.

This kind of thing was impossible in business.

The Huo family had already investigated the details of New Lisheng Holdings and Yunhang Technologies very clearly.

But now, both companies had returned to normal.

This could only mean that an external force had interfered with the Huo family’s counterattack on these two companies.

Lin Fan had attacked!!

Huo Xinyu gave Lin Fan a fatal blow. Lin Fan’s actions had restored the capital chains of both companies.

These two companies also had a lot of connections.

In Shanghai, it was too difficult for the Huo family to cover the sky on their own.

“Have you found out the reason?”

“Which company injected funds into the two companies?” Huo Xinyu asked.

If Lin Fan wanted to save these two companies, he would need a lot of money.

And this money was at least hundreds of millions!

In other words, Lin Fan definitely had other backgrounds that Huo Xinyu hadn’t found out about.

This was also the reason why the two companies could be revived instantly.

Lin Fan’s counterattack made Huo Xinyu more energetic.

She had never failed in business.

If a new company was willing to help Lin Fan, she would destroy those companies too!

Her brother, Huo Tian, was injured. As his sister, Huo Xinyu would never let Lin Fan off.

“CEO Huo, this company is from overseas… Our company can’t afford to offend them,” the assistant said.

“This company is the Bugatti Corporation.” After the assistant said that, everyone in the family gasped.

“The Bugatti Corporation?!”

“How is that possible? The Bugatti Corporation is a luxury car brand in Europe, and it’s foreign. How could Lin have anything to do with them?”

“The Bugatti Corporation is actually willing to help Lin Fan get through this? To restore the capital chains of both companies at the same time, each company needs at least 500 million in cash flow. In other words, the Bugatti Corporation offered Lin Fan a billion yuan!”

“How deep is Lin Fan’s background? No wonder I couldn’t find any other background of Lin Fan previously. So he has a connection with the higher-ups of the Bugatti Corporation. No wonder Lin Fan could get the limited edition Bugatti sports car.”

The higher-ups of the Huo Corporation gathered together, their faces filled with shock.

The intervention of the Bugatti Corporation made it more difficult for the Huo family to attack Lin Fan.

“CEO Huo, what should we do next?”

“The Bugatti Corporation has a lot of money. If they insist on helping Lin Fan, it will undoubtedly be much more difficult for us to attack him.”

“We have to kill Lin Fan. Damn it, that Lin Fan is so arrogant. So what if he has a girlfriend? Who knows if Xia Wanqiu is still a virgin? Maybe Lin Fan picked up a second-hand good.”

Many people from the Huo family were mocking Lin Fan.

The only son of the Huo family had his limbs broken.

The entire Huo family was embarrassed.

Who dared to target the Huo family like this?

Only Lin Fan.

After Lin Fan did these things, everyone in the Huo family was furious.

When Lin Fan crippled Huo Tian’s limbs, the Huo family was destined to fight Lin Fan to the death.

What they wanted was to make Lin Fan pay an even more tragic price.

“The Bugatti Corporation did help Lin Fan fork out a billion dollars, but this is only limited to Lin Fan’s good relationship with the Bugatti Corporation. Lin Fan definitely can’t be a major shareholder of the Bugatti Corporation.”

“The Bugatti Corporation can offer one billion. Can they give Lin Fan two billion?”

“Also, he has to pay back the one billion that the Bugatti Corporation offered. If we make Lin Fan lose more funds, can he withstand it?” Huo Xinyu smiled calmly.

Especially companies like New Era Lisheng Hotel and Yunhang Technologies. Such companies could not compare to the Huo family.

“I heard that Yunhang Technologies and New Lisheng Hotel are also involved in casinos. Then let’s go to their casinos to play…”

“So what if they have a capital chain? It’s enough to make these two companies go bankrupt instantly.”

Huo Xinyu said calmly. She put on her coat and walked out.

All the higher-ups of the Huo family looked at Huo Xinyu’s back view excitedly.

If the previous commercial strike was only the first step, Lin Fan’s counterattack and response made this battle white-hot.

Huo Xinyu, a legend in the business world, chose to take the initiative to destroy these two companies!