Chapter 265 - Lin Fan Appears, The Official Battle Begins!

Chapter 265 of 299 chapters

When they saw Lin Fan’s appearance, Young Master Zhao and Young Master Li shook their heads, the contempt in their eyes deepening.

They were the eldest sons of big families in Shanghai. They were all rich second-generation heirs and came from rich families. They had returned from studying abroad.

In their eyes, Lin Fan was just an actor.

Lin Fan was handsome, but in the eyes of these two people, he was just a gigolo.

Was a mere actor worthy enough to gamble with them?

When Lin Fan arrived, Huo Xinyu did not even look back at him.

She was proud, confident and aloof. She sat there, her cold face impassive.

She had never been defeated at the casino and had the title of Invincible Queen in the casino.

Of course, she rarely played at the casino either.

But as long as she played, she could win at least a few hundred million each time.

Even some famous gods of gamblers were a little frightened when they saw Huo Xinyu.

She didn’t know what failure was.

Any prey she targeted had already been instantly killed.

Lin Fan sat at the head of the table and smiled calmly. He saw Huo Xinyu and the young masters of the Zhao and Li families.

Lin Fan was also very confident in his gambling skills. He had learned all kinds of gambling skills.

But here today, the most important thing was a contest of intelligence.

And acting skills, reactions, fluctuations in expression, and so on.

Gambling wasn’t just about luck. It was about strength.

If one’s observation ability was very strong, one could guess the other party’s cards from their microexpressions.

Coupled with each round of raising, different people would have different psychological fluctuations.

Gambling placed great importance on skill and ability.

The most important thing was to understand your opponents first.

Lin Fan didn’t know much about Huo Xinyu, Young Master Zhao, and Young Master Li.

When Lin Fan sat down, he had already begun to observe the three of them.

Especially today’s main opponent, Huo Xinyu!

She was known as a legend in business and an undefeated legend in the casino.

Such a queen did not respect anyone.

This was also the first time Lin Fan took Huo Xinyu seriously.

If he lost today, he would become the laughing stock of the entire Shanghai.

“Young Master Zhao, Young Master Li, Miss Huo, I’m Lin Fan. You should know me.” Lin Fan smiled.

From the moment he walked into the casino, Lin Fan’s godly acting skills were activated. All his pores opened. He focused, locked onto all the information around him, and performed accordingly.

When he spoke, his voice trembled slightly, a sign of nervousness.

Ordinary people could not sense it, but someone like Huo Xinyu could definitely sense it.

Lin Fan wanted to disguise himself as a newbie and deal a fatal blow to these three people!

In terms of gambling skills, Lin Fan might not be Huo Xinyu’s match.

But in a casino, gambling wasn’t the only thing they competed in.

Here, every fight was a contest of hearts and details.

Other than his trembling voice, even Lin Fan’s sitting posture was a little awkward. Even though he looked calm on the surface, it still showed that he was flustered and curious.

This was how newcomers looked like when they came to the casino. Lin Fan displayed it vividly.

When Young Master Zhao and Young Master Li saw Lin Fan like this, their smiles deepened.

It looked like this was Lin Fan’s first time in a casino.

In their opinion, no matter how calm Lin Fan pretended to be, it was difficult to hide his nervousness.

Today, they could win against Lin Fan here!

If they could win a few hundred million back, they would be rich!

To a rich second-generation heir, a few hundred million in cash was already a lot.

The two of them also knew that Huo Xinyu and Lin Fan were enemies.

If they could crush Lin Fan in front of Huo Xinyu, they might even be able to gain her favor.

They looked at each other, and a smile curved their lips.

Seeing this, Lin Fan knew that Young Master Zhao and Young Master Li had taken the bait.

Meanwhile, Huo Xinyu remained expressionless.

This made Lin Fan even warier of Huo Xinyu.

Huo Xinyu was an undefeated legend in the casino.

It was difficult to fool Huo Xinyu with ordinary acting skills.

“I’m on a tight schedule. The minimum bet per round shall be a million yuan.” Huo Xinyu said.

“No problem. Whatever you say.” Young Master Li smiled.

“Sure, sure. One million yuan per round. Lin Fan shouldn’t mind, right?” Young Master Zhao said calmly.

“Sure.” Lin smiled.

Such a gamble was already very big.

The minimum bet per round was a million yuan. If one’s acting skills were not good, one could reveal flaws at any time.

To Lin Fan, a million was a lot.

He only had a little more than 100 million in cash in his bank account. He was still a little poor.

“Let’s play Five-card stud. I understand how to play that,” Lin Fan said with a smile. Five-card stud was a game that appeared in the movies God of Gamblers, All for the Winner and God of Gamblers 2.

The traditional rules of Five-card stud dictated that each player would be dealt a maximum of five cards. The first card was a hidden card. From the moment the second card was dealt, the player with the highest-ranking card would place their bets first. If a player felt that their cards were good, they could also place a bet. In the movie God of Gamblers 2, Stephen Chow had a special skill and would always choose to showhand in the end. In the end, they would compare the ranks of their cards and the person with the highest-ranking cards would win all the chips.

Halfway through the game, if a player felt that their cards were not good, they could choose to fold. However, they could not take back their bets on the table.

Comparison of suit patterns in Five-card stud: Straight Flush, Four of a kind, Full house, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, Two pair, Pair & High cards.

Hearing that Lin Fan wanted to play Five-card stud, the others had no objections.

Then the first game began.

There were a total of 52 cards in the Five-card stud. Before the game began, anyone at the casino table could choose to check the cards and shuffle them. After the shuffle, the other players could choose to cut the cards and ensure the fairness of the game.

“Give me the cards first. I want to shuffle them,” Lin Fan said. He asked the dealer for a deck.

Everyone’s eyes were on Lin Fan.

Lin Fan started shuffling the cards.

He did not shuffle the cards like Gao Jin in God of Gamblers. The ways he shuffled cards were all fancy and cool.

Lin Fan shuffled the cards in the most ordinary way. He even accidentally scattered the poker cards in the middle.

The playing cards scattered and fell to the table and floor.

Seeing Lin Fan shuffle the cards, many people around couldn’t help but laugh.

Young Master Zhao and Young Master Li also laughed.

Damn, they thought Lin Fan knew a thing or two about gambling.

However, Lin Fan didn’t even know how to shuffle the cards.

Was there any rookie in the gambling world who didn’t know how to shuffle cards like Lin Fan?

Even the usually calm Huo Xinyu shook her head.

Who would have thought that Lin Fan wouldn’t even know how to shuffle cards?

And Lin Fan didn’t look like he was acting at all.

“Would Lin Fan be ok…” Yan Xue asked.

“I don’t know… Brother Lin doesn’t seem to have gambled before. If he loses, then we lose. Without Brother Lin, our two companies would have already gone bankrupt.” Yun Qian sighed.

For some reason, seeing Lin Fan like this, even Yun Qian and Yan Xue sighed.

This was no ordinary game of poker. Opposite Lin Fan was a woman who was an undefeated legend in the casino. A true business legend.

Lin Fan probably wouldn’t be able to win today’s bet!

“Dealer, give me another deck of cards,” Lin Fan said. “Hey, those cards are a little old. I just want a new deck.”

Huo Xinyu said, “The poker cards were new.”

Young Master Zhao was speechless.

Young Master Li was speechless.

They had not expected Lin Fan to find such an outrageous reason to cover up the embarrassment he felt from just now.

It seemed like they could at least win a few hundred million from Lin Fan tonight!