Chapter 266 - Lin Fan's Acting Skills, Consolidating at every step

Chapter 266 of 299 chapters

After shuffling the cards, it was officially time to deal.

The four of them each had a hidden card.

Lin Fan’s second card was the ace of spades.

Huo Xinyu’s second card was the King of Hearts.

Young Master Zhao and Young Master Li’s second cards were eight of clubs and nine of diamonds.

Everyone turned to look at Lin Fan. It was his turn to speak.

The person with the highest card in the second card dealt could choose how much to bet. The others could choose to call or not.

Lin Fan looked at Huo Xinyu. “You’ve the king of hearts. You’re the one with the highest card. You bet first.”

Huo Xinyu was speechless.

Young Master Zhao: “???”

Young Master Li: “???”

Yan Xue and Yun Qian were also dumbfounded.

The dealer looked at Lin and said, “Mr. Lin, you’ve the ace of spades. In the game of Five-card stud, the ace is the biggest and the two is the smallest.”

Lin Fan nodded as if enlightened. “Oh, oh.”

Lin Fan was just pretending that he didn’t know the rules. Pretending that he didn’t know how to shuffle the cards. From the beginning, he’d already been setting things up.

Not only was Lin Fan playing dumb, but he was also trying his best to observe the expressions of everyone around him.



Lin Fan shook his head. “It’s just poker. What’s so difficult about it? I know how to play just after reading the rules for a while. I just read the rulebook when I came.”

The disdain in Young Master Li’s eyes deepened.

Lin Fan was really a newbie. How could gambling in a casino be as easy as casual poker?

They were naturally happy to see someone like Lin Fan give them money for nothing.

Seeing Young Master Li and Young Master Zhao’s expressions, Lin Fan’s gaze did not waver.

Even though Huo Xinyu was still expressionless, she looked a little impatient.

This was like when you were already Challenger rank in Honor of Kings, and a newbie asked you if Daji should buy Endless blade or Army crusher.

Lin Fan said, “A million.”

When they heard Lin Fan bet a million, Young Master Zhao and Young Master Li shook their heads.

Lin Fan was indeed a newbie.

Only newbies would place such a low bet when they were playing.

In today’s rules, the minimum bet was a million.

Lin Fan only bet a million yuan, which meant that he was careful not to bet too much.

Huo Xinyu did not say anything and placed a million yuan worth of chips on the table as well.

Young Master Zhao and Young Master Li chose to call at the same time.

Then came the third card, the fourth…

Lin Fan’s four cards were: hole card, ace of spades, three of hearts, and ace of diamonds.

Huo Xinyu’s cards were: hole card, king of hearts, king of spades, and four of spades.

Young Master Zhao’s cards were: hole card, eight of clubs, eight of hearts, and three of spades.

Young Master Li’s cards were: hole card, nine of diamonds, nine of hearts, and seven of spades.

By the fourth round, everyone’s fifth card had been dealt.

Lin Fan’s fifth card was a four of hearts.

Huo Xinyu, Young Master Zhao, and Young Master Li’s fifth cards were four of diamonds, jack of spades, and ten of hearts respectively.

In other words, a delicate situation had now formed on the field.

Lin Fan’s revealed cards included two aces.

Huo Xinyu’s revealed cards included two kings.

Young Master Zhao’s revealed cards included two 8s and Young Master Li’s cards included two 9s. The four of them each had a pair.

And whether they could win in the end depended on what their hole cards were.

If three cards of the same rank appeared, whoever had the highest-ranking card would win the bet.

Lin Fan had the highest-ranking card out of all the fifth cards dealt.

Lin looked at his cards and smiled. He was shaking all over.

This was a sign of great excitement!

“Twenty million.” Lin Fan chose to raise.

His hole card was an ace, which meant that no matter what, he had three aces. This meant that Lin Fan would definitely win this round.

Even if the others had a three-of-a-kind, they wouldn’t be able to win against Lin Fan.

Lin sighed inwardly. He didn’t want to win the first round.

After losing a few rounds first, Lin Fan could see everyone’s habitual movements and microexpressions when they received good cards.

However, Lin Fan would definitely win this round. This was also a matter of luck. He had no choice.

Lin Fan could only pretend to be slightly excited.

After all, other than him, Huo Xinyu, Young Master Zhao, and Young Master Li were also observing him.

Young Master Zhao had three nines. Seeing that Lin Fan had bet 20 million, Young Master Zhao also chose to call. “I’ll bet 20 million too. Lin Fan, I don’t believe that your hole card is also an ace.”

When Young Master Zhao chose to place his bet, Lin Fan could no longer hide his smile.

Even though he was still trying his best to hide it, even ordinary passersby could see how happy Lin Fan was.

There were now 52 million yuan in the pot in total!

Excluding the 23 million that Lin Fan had offered, Lin Fan could earn a net profit of 29 million.

If Young Master Li and Huo Xinyu chose to call, Lin Fan could earn 69 million yuan.

Anyone else would have had an expression like that.

Young Master Li had three eights and chose to fold.

Everyone turned to look at Huo Xinyu.

It was Huo Xinyu’s turn to choose whether to call or not.

“I fold.”

Huo Xinyu said casually. She had three kings and was destined to not have higher ranking cards than Lin Fan.

Huo Xinyu was a perceptive person. She immediately saw through Lin Fan’s microexpression and guessed what his cards were.

Lin Fan was a newcomer, so his expression was very obvious. This was also the reason why Huo Xinyu did not fall for it.

Of course, Lin Fan had deliberately acted like this.

After Huo Xinyu folded, Lin Fan revealed a disappointed expression.

Seeing Lin Fan’s reaction, the onlookers shook their heads.

Lin Fan had made it so obvious. So he really was a newbie.

Lin Fan could only rely on luck to win one round.

“Young Master Zhao, I have three aces.” Lin Fan smiled. When Young Master Zhao’s face darkened, he took back all the chips on the table.

He immediately earned 29 million yuan.

It wasn’t much, but it was only the beginning.

What Lin Fan wanted was for everyone to misjudge his strength.

They played another ten rounds.

Lin Fan won and lost. He didn’t bet much.

Every time his cards were bad, Lin Fan would fold. If his cards were good, Lin Fan would show traces of it.

Huo Xinyu, Young Master Zhao, and Young Master Li were all very unhappy.

When could they win more money from Lin Fan? It would be best if they could win hundreds of millions in one go.

Finally, when it came to the thirteenth round, Lin Fan made his move.

In the first round, Lin Fan placed a bet of ten million.

Seeing this, Huo Xinyu, Young Master Zhao, and Young Master Li chose to call.

In the second and third rounds, the chips in the pot had already reached 320 million!

No one in the casino dared to breathe loudly.

The chips on this gambling table were more than 300 million yuan.

If he won, he would win more than three hundred million yuan.

Such a gamble was no longer a small matter of millions or tens of millions.

Lin Fan and the other three finally took a big gamble.

This bet could also show everyone’s true standard!