Chapter 267 - Lin Fan Wins, Everyone Is Shocked

Chapter 267 of 299 chapters

At this moment,

Lin Fan’s cards were: Hole card, King of Spades, 10 of Spades, Jack of Spades, and Queen of Spades.

There were a total of four cards, all of which were of the same suit. If the hole card was the nine of spades, it would form a straight flush.

In Five-card stud, a straight flush was even bigger than a four-of-a-kind.

Huo Xinyu’s cards were: hole card, eight of hearts, eight of spades, three of hearts, and eight of diamonds.

Young Master Li’s cards were: hole card, seven of hearts, seven of diamonds, king of diamonds, and seven of clubs.

Young Master Zhao had already chosen to fold.

Before the hole cards were revealed, it could not be confirmed who would win.

If Huo Xinyu had four eights and Young Master Li had four sevens, Lin Fan would definitely lose if he didn’t have a straight flush.

If Young Master Li had four sevens and Huo Xinyu only had three eights, Young Master Li would win.

Now, it was time for the final gamble.

The bets on the table had already reached more than 300 million. It was time for Lin Fan to place his bet.

After Lin Fan looked at the fifth card, he smiled again.

It was still the same as in the first round. Lin Fan couldn’t hide his smile anymore.

However, this time, Lin Fan immediately retracted his smile.

In the eyes of others, Lin Fan had learned to be smart and was trying his best to hide his expression.

It was this microexpression that still caught Huo Xinyu and Young Master Li’s attention.

Lin Fan’s fifth card was the biggest and it was also time for Lin Fan to bet.

Lin Fan pushed out all his chips with a victorious attitude.


Lin Fan was clearly very excited and happy.

He showhanded directly.

When they saw Lin Fan like this, the entire venue reached its climax.

This was the first time someone showhanded tonight, and it pushed the atmosphere towards its climax.

Lin Fan still had 300 million yuan worth of chips on the table. He took them all out to showhand.

If Huo Xinyu and Young Master Li chose to call, the chips in the pot would reach 1.2 billion!

Young Master Li was deep in thought.

Huo Xinyu was also deep in thought.

1.2 billion was a huge sum for Young Master Li and Huo Xinyu.

Even Huo Xinyu could not ignore so much cash.

Her hole card was the eight of clubs, which meant that she had a total of four eights.

Young Master Li had four sevens.

Such cards were already very high-ranking, but they still had a possibility of losing.

That was if Lin Fan’s cards happened to make a straight flush.

If they folded now, everyone would lose at most 70 to 80 million.

If they joined Lin Fan and showhanded, everyone would lose more than 300 million!

After some thought, Huo Xinyu chose to fold.

In her opinion, Lin Fan was a newcomer.

After so many rounds, she had already figured out Lin Fan’s tricks.

Lin Fan was already trying his best to hide his excitement at obtaining good cards. With Huo Xinyu’s observation skills, she still noticed it.

In other words, Lin Fan must have a straight flush.

If she called, she would definitely lose.

After weighing the pros and cons for a long time, Huo Xinyu did not speak and just flipped all her cards over.

This meant that Huo Xinyu had folded.

Seeing Huo Xinyu fold, Young Master Li sighed and folded as well.

Gambling in a casino was not child’s play.

Once they followed Lin Fan and showhanded, if they lost, they would lose more than 300 million. Their hearts would ache.

Other than Lin Fan, everyone else chose to fold.

The 320 million yuan worth of chips on the table all belonged to Lin Fan.

Everyone offered 80 million yuan for the 320 million yuan pot. In other words, Lin Fan had earned 240 million yuan!

Lin Fan flipped his hole card over and said, “Actually, my hole card in this round is only a two of hearts. What straight flush? My highest-ranking card is only a king of spades. The three of you have much higher-ranking cards than me.”

When Lin Fan’s hole card appeared in front of everyone, everyone gasped.

Lin Fan didn’t have good cards at all.

The so-called straight flush did not exist at all.

Lin Fan had the smallest hole card from the start.

Lin Fan’s cards were the lowest ranking.

How could a single high card compare to Huo Xinyu’s four 8s?

But with such lousy cards, Lin Fan earned 240 million!

“How is that possible…”

“Your hole card was only the two of hearts. F*ck…” Young Master Li looked at Lin Fan in disbelief and anger.

He had been fooled by Lin Fan.

If he had chosen to follow Lin Fan and showhand back then, he could have earned at least 500 million!

At the same time, he could defeat Huo Xinyu head-on. Now, he didn’t seize this opportunity and was tricked by Lin Fan.

Looking at Lin Fan’s hole card, Huo Xinyu’s beautiful eyes wavered.

Her chest heaved up and down. She had not expected Lin Fan’s hole card to be the two of hearts.

This was the first time Huo Xinyu had been defeated at the gambling table.

The crowd exclaimed.

Huo Xinyu quickly calmed down, feeling extremely shocked.

This was the first time she was shocked by someone.

Thinking back to when she first sat down at the gambling table, from the first time she saw Lin Fan until now, she had made a huge mistake.

Not only did Lin Fan know how to gamble, he was also an expert.

From the moment he entered, every detail Lin Fan displayed was acted out.

From the start to the end, Lin Fan had been acting.

All of them had been deceived by Lin Fan.

When everyone thought that they had seen through Lin Fan’s lousy acting skills, that was what Lin Fan wanted them to see.

They were still on the second level, but Lin Fan was already on the fifth level.

He lured them into his trap step by step and then attacked decisively.

Lin Fan executed every step of the plan perfectly. There were no flaws.

So, Lin Fan was a gambling master.

From the moment she looked down on Lin Fan, she had already lost.

So Lin Fan was so good at gambling…

Huo Xinyu looked at Lin Fan and took off her coat.

This time, Huo Xinyu was serious!

She had been defeated by Lin Fan once and would never be defeated by him again!

She would not lose tonight’s bet until the end.

Huo Xinyu opened her eyes again and looked at Lin Fan. She had regained her queen-level aura.

This was the first time she had been defeated by someone head-on.

Her brother’s limbs had been broken by Lin Fan.

Now, even she had lost to Lin Fan.

It was precisely because of this that Huo Xinyu wanted to really get back at him!

Seeing that Huo Xinyu had become so serious, the surrounding people could feel her killing intent.

Yun Qian and Yan Xue, who were watching the bet backstage, looked at each other.


“Lin Fan knows how to gamble and is an expert. He deceived us. How can Lin Fan be so amazing?”

“Lin Fan is too strong. We’ve all forgotten that he’s also an actor. Any normal person would have thought of it. How can Lin Fan not know how to shuffle cards at such a big age? How can he not know the rules of Five-card stud? He’s just acting for others to see.”

“In just a short period of time, Lin Fan has already won more than 300 million. That’s 300 million!”