Chapter 284 - Living Together?!

Chapter 284 of 299 chapters

“Damn, 80 million… you got 80 million just like that?” Xu Yang looked at Lin Fan with envy and jealousy.

“What? Eighty million?” Lin Jingjing was also stunned, her beautiful eyes filled with shock.

“Look, Master is amazing. He got 80 million yuan in one go.” Su Xiaoyu did not come over to take a look and just ate her potato chips.

Celebrities should take good care of their figures. They would definitely gain weight if they ate potato chips. However, Su Xiaoyu could not gain weight at all for some reason.

“80 million yuan. How terrifying. Lin Fan, I feel that you’re like a major shareholder of the company. After selling the premiere rights of the television series, you’ve earned so much. I’m envious,” Xu Yang said.

After all, an A-list celebrity like him was only paid 18 million yuan. The rest was earned through endorsements, variety shows, filming various advertisements, and so on.

It was hard to get rich via a single TV show in this world.

This was also one of the better parts of this world. Even the A-list celebrity, Xia Wanqiu, only earned 30 million yuan.

If it was like modern times, where a celebrity would have hundreds of millions in remuneration for filming, how could one have the funds to film a television series if they hired a few big stars?

“Is this Brother Fan? 80 million at once. Amazing!”

“I’m so envious that I’m crying. Brother Fan is earning money too quickly. Together with the remuneration, he has probably already earned 100 million yuan!”

“Damn, Brother Fan is really fierce. He made 100 million!!”

“That’s right. Brother Fan’s the one who filmed this television drama after all. In addition, he hired all the big celebrities. Brother Fan is also a director. It’s not surprising that he can get so much money.”

“Brother Fan, please treat us to a meal!”

Many celebrities looked at Lin Fan with admiration.

Lin Jingjing, Xu Yang, Su Xiaoyu, Lin Kexin, and Ranran sat together and smiled at Lin Fan.

However, Xia Wanqiu was still not here. She was still working outside.

“Sure, it’s just treating you guys to a meal. Come to my house for a feast tonight.” Lin Fan smiled and looked at everyone.

Unfortunately, that daily mission had yet to be completed. Otherwise, Lin Fan would have been able to obtain the 300-million-yuan Tomson Riviera villa.

At that time, Lin Fan would be able to move. Compared to Tomson Riviera, the Blue Wave Bay District was still slightly inferior.

“Wow, we can eat Brother Lin Fan’s feast.” Tang Xinran looked at Lin Fan with her small eyes and touched her stomach.

“That’s right. Lin Fan’s cooking is too delicious. I wonder how his culinary skills have improved recently. He has to treat us to a feast.” Xu Yang smiled.

“Let’s have barbecue tonight. We’ll barbecue together. After all, we’ve been filming a television drama for more than a month. Everyone has worked hard.” Lin Fan smiled.

With everyone cheering, they headed to the Lake Heart Villa in the Blue Wave Bay District.

When Lin Fan reached the gate, the security guards were greeting him.

When these security guards saw the people around Lin Fan, they swallowed their saliva.

The life of a big star was awesome…

Lin Fan was surrounded by celebrities.

And many of them were pretty girls.

Only by seeing these celebrities in person would one know how beautiful these girls were.

Every one of them was devastatingly beautiful.

Su Xiaoyu’s cuteness, innocence, and Lin Kexin’s beauty as the school belle of Beijing Film Academy.

There was no need to mention Tang Xinran’s looks. Although she was relatively inexperienced, her looks were not inferior to other female celebrities.

Xu Yang was also very handsome. He held Lin Jingjing’s hand and came to Lin Fan’s house.

“Good afternoon, Brother Fan.” The security chief straightened his body and looked at Lin.

“Good afternoon. Would you like a cigarette?” Lin Fan handed over a few boxes of cigarettes. After all, Lin Fan was quite familiar with these security guards.

“Thank you, Brother Fan.” The security chief accepted the cigarettes with a smile.

The cigarettes Lin Fan gave were all good ones. Even if the security guards earned a lot of money, they couldn’t bear to buy such expensive cigarettes.

Lin Fan would occasionally send some wine over. It was quite good to build a good relationship with the security guards.

With these security guards around, Lin Fan would not be surrounded by fans at home. The security here was very good.

“Then, I’ll bring you guys some more wine and some bread I made at home.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Brother Fan, you’re too kind,” the security chief said, quickly wanting to refuse.

“No, no, no. I have too much wine at home. If I don’t drink it, it might expire. Also, the bread is the same. I’m usually busy with work and there are few people living in the villa. I can’t finish those things. Don’t stand on ceremony with me, or I’ll fight you.” Lin Fan smiled.

“Sure, Brother Fan. Call us if you need anything. I guarantee that we’ll do everything well.” The security captain was happy to accept it.

The Blue Wave Bay District was filled with rich people, but this was the first time the security captain had seen someone as nice as Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was not pitying these security guards. He also found a suitable reason to build a good relationship with them. He could also look for them when something really happened.

Many of the security guards in the Blue Wave Bay neighborhood were retired veteran soldiers with good skills.

After entering the Lake Heart Villa, Lin Kexin’s beautiful eyes were still filled with amazement.

The last time she’d been here, she’d been too preoccupied to enjoy the view.

Only now did she realize that Lin Fan’s place was really luxurious.

Even she did not know how long she would have to work to buy such a villa.

When filming with Lin Fan, he could produce a very popular drama in just over a month.

In other crews, it might take months, even six months, to earn ten to twenty million in remuneration.

As a result, it was extremely difficult for Lin Kexin to buy a house here.

Housing prices in high-end neighborhoods were ridiculously high.

Needless to say, Tang Xinran was pulled into the room by Lin Fan.

After entering the villa, it was an eye-opener for everyone.

Lin Fan’s villa was still as luxurious as ever.

This was the world of the rich.

Especially Tang Xinran. She had never seen such a huge house before.

After entering the villa, it was a completely different world.

There were flowers and plants in the villa.

“Lin Fan, where’s Xia Wanqiu? Aren’t you going to ask her to eat with us?” Xu Yang asked.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “Wanqiu is working. She’ll know when she comes back. There’s no need to specially inform her.”

After all, it was just dinner. Lin Fan would cook dinner every night, eat with Xia Wanqiu, and watch television with her.

Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu were already a couple. Although they couldn’t be too intimate, they could still have a meal together.

When Xu Yang heard this, he felt that something was wrong.

That doesn’t make sense.

Why would Xia Wanqiu come to the Lake Heart Villa without being informed about the dinner gathering?

Xu Yang was stunned when he thought of this.

There was only one possibility.

That was… Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu were already living together!

For some reason, Xu Yang felt miserable.

Last time, he even looked for Lin Fan to show off that his relationship with Lin Jingjing had improved.

So Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu had been living together for a long time…

As for what happened,

They were already living together. Was there a need to ask?