Chapter 292 - Lin Fan is the CEO of Estée Lauder. Counterattack!

Chapter 292 of 299 chapters

When he walked into the office, Lin Fan looked at the many shareholders present.

Most of the shareholders were standing.

Some other shareholders had already sat down.

The first thing he saw was familiar faces.

The information given by Su Muqing had photos of the shareholders of this company.

Wang Qing, the second-largest shareholder, and Claren, the third-largest shareholder.

Claren approached Lin Fan warmly. He bowed respectfully and smiled. “Welcome to Estée Lauder, Boss Lin.”

As a foreigner, Claren was very warm to Lin Fan.

There were also some foreign shareholders who came up to Lin Fan and shook his hand.

“Hello, Boss Lin. I’m a shareholder of the company. My name is Smith.”

“Good afternoon, Boss Lin. I’m a shareholder in the company. My name is Tom. I really like the television series you filmed, The Legend of Sword and Fairy.”

“Boss Lin, my name is Jerry. You’re my idol. I thought I would never see you in person. I didn’t expect you to become the big boss of the company today.”

After many shareholders shook hands with Lin Fan with a smile, the company’s second-largest shareholder, Wang Qing, also walked up to Lin Fan.

“Hello, Boss Lin.” Wang Qing smiled.

“Hello, Boss Wang. I don’t know much about the company yet. I hope we can help each other in the future.” Lin Fan smiled and said a few pleasantries.

There was no emotion in the eyes of the shareholders in front of Lin Fan.

Whether it was the second-largest shareholder, Wang Qing, or the third-largest shareholder, Claren, they all acted as if nothing had happened and shook hands with Lin Fan.

However, to Lin Fan’s surprise,

After Lin Fan finished speaking, Wang Qing smiled and said, “Since Boss Lin doesn’t understand the company’s affairs, won’t you lead the company astray if you become the boss?”

“That’s right, Boss Lin. We admire your ability. We don’t know why the former CEO transferred his shares to you, but do you really have the ability to be the CEO of a company?”

“Boss Lin, it’s said that you’re an actor. You have to film dramas while taking care of the company. I’m afraid you’ll be too busy to do that, right?”

“Why don’t you sell your shares? It’s too stressful at work. I’m afraid you won’t be able to take on this position.”

Many shareholders took the opportunity to speak.

Lin Fan’s eyes narrowed.

What he had said to Wang Qing was just to purposely expose a weakness to make Wang Qing deliberately target him.

It was just a simple probe, but it immediately exposed Wang Qing’s attitude.

Unexpectedly, Wang Qing also decisively targeted Lin Fan.

And these shareholders were all Chinese.

These people who were targeting Lin Fan were all on Wang Qing’s side.

The shareholders who had greeted Lin Fan earlier stood on the other side.

Lin Fan sat down, his face calm.

If he could deliberately expose his flaws, he could solve this problem.

Lin Fan’s initial probing also revealed many things.

Lin Fan sat down and waved his hand. The room fell silent.

“I’m now the largest shareholder of Estée Lauder, which means that I’m now the boss of the company. There’s a very clear share transfer document here to prove that I can become the largest shareholder of the company. Do you need to take a look?” Lin Fan took out the share transfer document and looked at everyone present.

There was silence.

Because everyone knew that the original big boss of the company had transferred the shares of Estee Lauder’s largest shareholder to Lin Fan.

It was an undeniable fact.

“Everyone has doubts. I can understand that. After all, it’s all about the development of the company.”

“But from a business standpoint, I don’t think it’s up to you to tell me if I’m suitable for this position,” Lin Fan said, looking at everyone.

“As the CEO of a company, if I can be scolded in front of some ordinary employees, what’s the point of me being the CEO?”

“Did you take down the list of people who pointed at my nose and said that I’m not qualified for this position?” Lin Fan looked at the girl beside him, Su Muqing.

“Yes. Huang Hao, Wang Yuntian, and Wang Zilong.” Su Muqing nodded.

“If I remember correctly, you’re not shareholders of the company. Inform the human resources department that you’ve been fired.” Lin Fan looked up at the three people behind Wang Qing.

When Lin Fan said that he wanted to fire these three people, Huang Hao, Wang Yuntian, and Wang Zilong’s eyes revealed disbelief.

Lin Fan actually dared to fire them in front of all the shareholders?

“Don’t you dare!”

“The three of them are my subordinates,” Wang Qing said, his eyes turning cold.

“Your subordinates are also from the company. I’m the CEO of the company. Boss Wang, know your place. When did it become your turn to speak to me like this?” The teacup in Lin Fan’s hand landed on the table with a clear sound.

“Fire these three people!”

“Muqing, as a CEO, don’t I have at least this bit of authority?” Lin Fan asked.

“Boss Lin, what you did was reasonable.” Su Muqing nodded.

“Lin Fan, is that reasonable? You’ll be subject to labor arbitration if you fire employees and use your authority recklessly.” Wang Qing looked at Lin Fan. He really couldn’t stop Lin Fan’s authority. There were so many employees in the company. As the boss, Lin Fan could fire anyone he wanted, except for a major shareholder like Wang Qing.

“Labor arbitration?” Lin Fan smiled.

At that moment, Su Muqing walked out, holding a recording pen and playing the voices of the three people who had been talking to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled and spread his hands. “You’re always welcome to use labor arbitration against me.”

With this recording, even the labor arbitration would not support these people.

Lin Fan was not weak when he came to this company.

From the first moment he entered, Lin Fan had been very domineering.

Lin Fan was already certain that even if the person who wanted to kill him was not Wang Qing, he would still kick Wang Qing out of this company completely.

He had accepted the position of Estée Lauder CEO to help the company make money.

Not to play these games and office politics.

However, since someone wanted to play, Lin Fan would still play along.

“I’m new to the company. There’s a lot I don’t understand.”

“Now, I will announce the company’s strategy. We will follow our original strategy for the time being,” Lin Fan said. “One more thing. Anyone in this room who wants to oppose me can bring it up.”

As expected, Wang Qing started to speak again.

As a member of the Wang family, Wang Qing was not a simple person.

Wang Qing looked at Lin Fan and said, “Boss Lin, you’re right about one thing. Whether one can lead the company depends on their individual ability.”

“Now, the company needs a sum of money to finance it. It will probably cost about a billion yuan. I wonder if you can gather this billion yuan in three days. If you can, then we won’t doubt your ability.”

Wang Qing’s words made Lin Fan smile. It reminded him of how Zhou Yu had used 100,000 arrows to force Zhuge Liang to borrow arrows with thatched boats.

But now, Lin Fan was not Zhuge Liang.

Although he could not compare to Zhuge Liang’s achievements, ordinary people could not compare to Lin Fan’s resources and platforms.

Wang Qing was making things difficult for Lin Fan.

Even a hundred-billion-yuan corporation like Estee Lauder would need time and find it difficult to raise a billion yuan at once.

He had only heard of companies financing Ofo. Where would a company finance Estee Lauder?

Even if one invested a billion yuan in cash into Estee Lauder, they wouldn’t hold many shares.

For example, did a big company like Alibaba or Tencent, need other companies to raise hundreds of millions of yuan to finance it?

Therefore, it was much more difficult to raise funds.

Wang Qing felt that Lin Fan would not be able to complete this mission at all.

Coming here and targeting Lin Fan was only the first step.

The second step of the plan was to give Lin Fan a difficult mission so and force him to accept it. When Lin Fan failed the mission, he would leave a bad impression on the shareholders.

In that case, he wouldn’t be far from controlling the company.

“Boss Wang, your mission is too difficult.”

“Boss Lin has just taken over our company and isn’t even familiar with the company’s business. Yet you’re asking him to raise a billion yuan.”

“You’re making things difficult for Boss Lin. We can’t accept that condition.”

Claren spoke, wanting to reject Wang’s suggestion harshly.

As far as they were concerned, it was an impossible task.

When Wang Qing heard this, he was even more amused. “In order to prove Boss Lin’s ability, of course we have to come up with a slightly more difficult mission. If Boss Lin can manage our company worth hundreds of billions, he won’t reject it, right?”

To their surprise, Lin Fan drank a cup of tea and took out his phone to send a message. “I accept,” he said with a smile.

Hearing Lin Fan accept it, the smile on Wang Qing’s face became even more obvious.

He thought Lin Fan would back down, but he didn’t expect him to accept.

Wasn’t this asking for trouble?

He had accepted this mission in front of so many shareholders. If he could not complete it, it would be embarrassing.

Even Su Muqing was shocked.

She admired Lin Fan a lot.

The former CEO of the company also felt that Lin Fan was not bad.

Therefore, when the former CEO transferred the shares to Lin Fan, he specially got the second daughter of the Su family to be Lin Fan’s assistant.

When Su Muqing heard the news, she came directly.

She was the second daughter of the Su family and a very smart girl.

As soon as she analyzed the company’s information, she immediately sensed that something was wrong.

To Su Muqing, Lin Fan was a very rational person. Why would he agree to such a request?

Even her Su family could not take out a billion yuan in cash.

“Boss Lin…” Su Muqing wanted to persuade Lin Fan.

Looking at Su Muqing’s eyes, Lin Fan smiled. It seemed that the girl in front of him had nothing to do with wanting to kill him.

Eyes don’t lie.

Sometimes, a look could gain half of Lin Fan’s trust.

“Is Boss Lin going back on his word?”

“If Boss Lin goes back on his word in front of so many people, it would really be disappointing.” Wang Qing laughed and looked at Lin Fan.

“Wait a moment. Wait three seconds.”




“That’ll do,” Lin Fan said casually.

Everyone was confused.

At that moment, the manager of the finance department received a message.

“Oh my God, how is this possible? How is this possible…”

“Boss Lin is too amazing!”

“In just three seconds, our company actually raised a billion yuan!!” The finance manager said, looking at Lin Fan with admiration.

A billion yuan was not a lot for Estee Lauder, but it was very difficult to raise a billion yuan in three days.

But Lin Fan had only used three seconds to complete an impossible mission!

Everyone’s eyes turned deathly still at this moment!