Chapter 3 - Bugatti La Voiture Noire

Chapter 3 of 299 chapters

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After adding Lin Fan on WeChat, Xia Ranran held her phone as her heart pounded.

He was so handsome and rich. Who wouldn’t like him? However, she was still a reserved girl and didn’t lose her mind.

“Mr. Lin, welcome to Blue Wave Bay. If you have any problems in the future, you can contact me anytime.” Xia Ranran smiled.

“Thank you.” Lin Fan nodded and walked into the room.

The villa had already been renovated and was extremely luxurious. The floor was made of black marble and the living room was filled with crystal chandeliers that were as bright as mirrors. There were designer cushions imported from pure black incense wood tables and exquisite bookcases.

There was a full floor-to-ceiling glass, a huge swimming pool, leather sofa, mahogany furniture, a warm waterbed, and a luxurious e-sports room with RTX2080TI. There was also a movie theater on the basement level.

There were a total of three floors outside the villa. The cobblestone path was surrounded by a variety of flower and wood basins. It was decorated in a classical style with continuous arches and corridors.

There was also a balcony on the roof and a deck chair. The view was wide and he could even see the bikini-clad ladies by the lake not far away.

The living room was huge and had all sorts of famous furniture.

Lin Fan, who had never lived in a villa before, felt what it meant to be rich for the first time.

There were artworks hanging on the wall. The decor was stunning and there were many things that Lin Fan had never seen before.

Piano room, gym, e-sports room, cinema hall, everything was there. This villa could even be used for soccer.

Lin Fan laid on the soft bed and breathed in the fresh air of the villa.

It was great to have a house!

And it was a villa!

Living in such a huge villa, it would be even better if he had a girlfriend.

Lin Fan couldn’t help but think of the cat girl who often came to the restaurant. Xia Wanqiu was his junior high school and high school deskmate. She went to Beijing Film University and after graduation, she developed even better. She had already become a huge celebrity with tens of millions of fans and was the most popular celebrity under Yuehua.

She was beautiful, had a sweet heart, and liked little animals. Although she had become the dream lover of countless men, she had never acted in a kissing scene on screen. She had never even held hands with anyone.

Xia Wanqiu would always sneak into Lin Fan’s restaurant. Wearing a hat with two cat ears, she would enter the restaurant and ask Lin Fan for good food.

Lin Fan shook his head. Thinking back to his days in junior high school, he smiled. Now that he was living a difficult life in Shanghai’s small restaurant, he only had 50 dollars in his card. However, she was a big star. This distance was difficult to cross.

However, Lin Fan didn’t really care. As long as he could enjoy life peacefully, that would be great.

The next day, Lin Fan returned to his rented apartment to pack his things.

He still couldn’t give up on the restaurant. It was a small restaurant that his parents had opened for him. Furthermore, Lin Fan only had fifty dollars. If he didn’t go to the restaurant, how could he earn some money to barely maintain his life?

The villa was good, but it could not be sold or exchanged for money.

Find a good-looking rich woman to be his sugar mummy? Was Lin Fan someone like that?

“A new day has begun. Do you want to sign in?” The system’s voice sounded.

“Sign in.” Lin Fan said in his heart. He was still looking forward to it. He wondered if he would be able to get anything good today.

“Ding… Signed in successfully. Obtained a Bugatti La Voiture Noire.”

“The sports car and car keys, as well as the relevant proof, have been issued to the system warehouse. The license has been automatically processed. Master can proceed with the collection of the car.”

“Bugatti?” Lin Fan had heard of Bugatti before. It was a super sports car. Each Bugatti cost more than 25 million dollars. Bugatti cars were all handmade and custom-made. They could only produce dozens of cars a year.

“I know Bugatti. What is this La Voiture Noire?” Lin Fan went online to check.

Bugatti La Voiture Noire, a worldwide limited edition super sports car!

The official price was 1.67 million euros, which was equivalent to 126 million yuan!

In other words, this was a sports car worth hundreds of millions.

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire adopted an extremely exaggerated design style, with more complex lines on the front of the face, more turbulent flaps, and air vents. At the same time, the new car adopted a design-oriented grille, which was applied to the new car’s LED headlights.

The car was made of handmade carbon fiber and had a matte black surface. The bumper was placed in the car. The car window design was inspired by the glass visor on the helmet. The windshield seemed to fuse seamlessly into the side window.

In terms of power, the Bugatti La Voiture Noire was powered by the Bugatti’s 8.0 liters four turbo-W16 engine. The maximum output was 1,479 horsepower / 1, 103 kWs and 1,600 Nm (1,180 lb-ft) torque, which was identical to the torque in Chiron and Divo, and, unbelievably, had six exhaust pipes attached to the back of the car.

Lin Fan smiled when he saw the information on the sports car.

A sports car worth 100 million yuan, and only one existed in the entire world. He also had the Lake Heart Villa in Blue Way Bay District. He lived in a villa that cost more than 100 million yuan, and drove a sports car worth more than 100 million yuan…

Lin Fan looked around and didn’t see anyone or any cameras. He collected the sports car.

Lin Fan looked at the Bugatti sports car. Whether it was the inlet duct, the exhaust pipe, or the engine, every detail was exquisitely made. The cool black car was extremely dazzling.

After sitting in the car, Lin Fan felt an extraordinary sense of comfort. The car was exquisitely made and had a unique design.

As he stepped on the accelerator, the roaring sound of an engine sounded. The Bugatti’s big lights lit up, like a dazzling light released in the dark night.


On the streets.

Everyone turned to look at the Bugatti and exclaimed in admiration.


“Oh my god, this is a Bugatti. It’s a super sports car. Even the cheapest Bugatti costs 20 to 30 million. I thought I would never see a sports car in my life, but I can actually see such a cool sports car in my lifetime.”

“Which rich second-generation heir drove this car? He’s so lucky. Hurry up and take a photo. If you miss this chance, you won’t have another chance.”

“Tsk, I think this car is only worth a few million. How expensive can it be? Maybe this car is rented. Why are you acting so cool?”

“Oh my god, this is a Bugatti La Voiture Noire. Do you know how much this car costs? It’s a sports car worth 126 million yuan. There’s only one in the world. How can a car worth millions compare?”

“If you hit this car, you won’t be able to pay for it for the rest of your life. This is a limited edition car. How can you rent it out? This is a tycoon.”

“Did you see the handsome guy in the sports car? He looks so handsome. It’s a pity I didn’t see him clearly.”

Lin Fan drove his luxury car and felt the gazes of the crowd. He was already used to it.

The roar of the engine was like that of a wild beast, exuding a unique charm.

A sports car worth hundreds of millions, a Bugatti La Voiture Noire!

With a beautiful swerve, he stopped at the entrance of the rented apartment.

The car door opened automatically like a blooming butterfly and Lin Fan got out of the car.

When they saw Lin Fan, the surrounding girls were so shocked that they couldn’t close their mouths.

He was a handsome young man dressed in simple clothes. He had an extraordinary appearance and an unparalleled temperament. The moment he stepped out of the car, the air around him seemed to stop flowing.

His eyes were like the vast starry sky, and he held the car keys in his hand. No matter how one looked at him, he was the Prince Charming of many young girls.

Lin Fan, who was driving a luxury car, was even more charming in the eyes of many girls.


“He is too handsome, I love him.”

“I originally thought that Bugatti was already very handsome, but after seeing him, I feel that his temperament and that of the sports car are so compatible!”

“Handsome, can we take a picture together? Actually, it doesn’t matter if you have a sports car or not. It’s just that you look so handsome…”