Chapter 4 - Sign In, 100,000 RMB!

Chapter 4 of 299 chapters

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“Driving a Bugatti feels pretty good. Is this the world’s limited edition sports car?” Lin Fan returned to his rented apartment.

It felt so good to be in a luxury car.

Lin Fan had been living very comfortably during the day. Now that he had a mansion and luxury car worth hundreds of millions, his life had become much more relaxed.

In Shanghai, with a house and a car, there wasn’t much pressure. Lin Fan also had a small restaurant. He didn’t have to worry about food and clothes. He was relaxed and content. Other than lacking a girlfriend, he didn’t know how beautiful his life would be in the future.

It was just that he didn’t have much money in his bank account.

After a nap, he got up the next day to brush his teeth and wash his face.

“It’s a new day. I wonder what I can get today. Another villa?” Lin Fan was looking forward to it and was about to sign in.

After signing in, the system’s robotic voice sounded.

“Ding! Signed in successfully and received three RMB lottery cards. Master has a chance to receive RMB 1-999999999. The result of the lottery will automatically be sent to the host’s bank card and won’t arouse any suspicion.”

After signing in, three RMB lottery cards appeared in the system inventory.

Lin Fan was elated. Wasn’t the system way too awesome?

Now, regardless of whether Lin Fan had gotten a luxury car or a villa, the most important thing was that he was still a pauper. He couldn’t sell luxury cars or villas, so he couldn’t turn them into cash.

But this RMB lottery card could help Lin Fan’s urgent needs. More importantly, the highest he could draw was 999,99999 yuan. That was close to 100 million RMB!

“It’s time to test my luck. My luck has always been good. Let’s draw,” said Lin Fan.

“Ding… the draw is successful. Congratulations Master for obtaining 1 yuan.”

“Ding… The draw is successful. Congratulations on receiving 2 yuan.” The system’s voice sounded.

“???” Lin Fan.

“I only got three dollars after two draws? What a scam.” Lin Fan was a little speechless. He rubbed his palms together and prepared for the third draw.

If he had drawn one dollar again, Lin Fan would have vomited blood.

“Ding… the draw is successful. Congratulations Master for obtaining 100,000 yuan.”

“100,000 RMB?” Lin Fan looked at the results of the third draw and was pleasantly surprised. Although the first two draws were a little ridiculous, the third draw was 100,000 RMB.

At the same time, a text came in from Construction Bank.

“Your savings account ending in 6115 received 100,000 yuan on June 23, 8.01am. You have a balance of 100053.04 yuan. [Construction Bank].”

Lin Fan looked at the message on his phone and smiled.

Indeed, the life of a God-level nouveau riche was just that simple and boring.

Although he didn’t receive a lot of money, this 100,000 yuan was enough for Lin Fan to tide over his urgent needs. Furthermore, he could sign in here every day.

However, he still had to go to the restaurant. It was a restaurant left behind by his parents for him. Although there weren’t many customers, it was Lin Fan’s own business.

Lin Fan packed his things and put on his loose clothes, preparing to pay the rent to the landlady.

Lin Fan’s landlady was called Wang Bing and she was a nice person.

After knocking on the door, Wang Bing was stunned for a moment. When she saw that it was Lin Fan, she smiled warmly and said, “Come, come, come, come in quickly. Have you been in any trouble recently? Little Lin, you’ve become more handsome recently.”

“Sister Wang, you flatter me. I’ve always been like this. I came to look for you this time because I wanted to check out,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Have you bought your own house? Which district is it in? Which district is it in?” Wang Bing saw the red booklet in Lin Fan’s room. How could she not understand?

“There’s nothing special about it. A house is just a place for people to live in,” Lin Fan said with a smile. He didn’t specially brag about the villa in Blue Wave Bay.

“Aiya, Little Lin, you’re so handsome, so young, and so outstanding. Isn’t the restaurant’s business getting better? You can even afford a house. I’m a little envious of you,” Wang Bing said with a smile. If the restaurant’s business was doing well, he could afford a house.

“The restaurant is fine,” said Lin Fan without explaining much.

“It must be very tiring for you to manage a restaurant so well by yourself.”

“One month’s rent is 1,500. I’ll refund you 1,200 yuan.” Wang Bing took out her WeChat and transferred 1,200 yuan to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled and waved his hand. “Sister Wang, it’s already the 23rd today. You can refund me 500 dollars.”

Wang Bing frowned and said, “Am I such a petty person? It’s not easy for you to work alone outside. Just take it that I helped you. If you don’t accept it, then you’re not giving me any face.”

“But you have to do me a favor. The new furniture is back. Help me carry it up.” Wang Bing looked at her phone and said.

“Alright.” Lin Fan and Wang Bing went downstairs together.

When they reached downstairs, they saw a black sports car. It was the Bugatti La Voiture Noire that Lin Fan had driven over.

“Wow, a sports car. Who is so rich to be able to afford a sports car? This sports car should cost at least a few million yuan. Little Lin, you have to be careful. Don’t touch the sports car. Otherwise, you won’t be able to afford the damages.” Wang Bing revealed an envious expression.

Lin Fan smiled and didn’t explain anything.

“Little Lin, this furniture is a little heavy. Be careful,” reminded Wang Bing.

“Don’t worry, I’m in good health,” Lin Fan said as he carried the furniture upstairs.

“Sigh, you youngsters have great stamina. Little Lin, you dropped something. Are these car keys? Little Lin, you bought a car too?” Wang Bing picked up the keys on the ground and looked at Lin Fan.

After Lin Fan put down the furniture, he took the car keys and smiled. “Mmm, I just bought a car. It’s good as long as I can drive it.”

“BMW? Mercedes-Benz? Porsche? Or Volkswagen?” Wang Bing asked. She was a little surprised that Lin Fan had bought a car and a house after not seeing him for a while.

A cheap car cost at least hundreds of thousands, not to mention a Porsche that cost millions.

“Neither. Sister Wang, a car is just a means of transportation. I’m just an ordinary person. How can I drive such a car?” Lin Fan replied.

Although the Bugatti was his, Lin Fan didn’t like to show off. It was better to keep a low profile.

Even if he said that he was driving a Bugatti, no one would believe him. Not even his parents, let alone the landlady.

“That’s true. What’s the point of driving such a good car? I’m not rich, so I won’t show off. However, Little Lin, you can afford a car and a house. You’re already very outstanding in Shanghai.”

“Hey, do you have a girlfriend?” Wang Bing asked.


A few days ago, his mother had asked him the same question. Lin Fan shook his head and said, “Sister Wang, do I look like someone who can find a girlfriend? I can’t even afford the betrothal gift.”

Wang Bing shook her head and said with a smile, “Little Lin, you’re being modest again. How can a handsome person like you not be liked by girls? Isn’t it just a betrothal gift? I don’t really value those things.”

“Little Lin, my daughter is already 18 years old. She’s in her first year of university this year. Why don’t I give you her WeChat so you can get to know her? I know your character. The betrothal gift isn’t important. What’s important is that you have ambition,” Wang Bing said.

“Ahem, Sister Wang, I still have to rush to work. Let’s talk about adding WeChat in the future.” Lin Fan hurriedly wanted to leave.

“Hey, hey, hey, Little Lin, don’t go. Look at the photos,” Wang Bing said. She saw that Lin Fan had a good character and was handsome. He even bought a house and car.

“No need, no need. I’m rushing to work.” Lin Fan declined for a long time but Wang Bing still sent her daughter’s phone number and WeChat to Lin Fan.

Walking out of the room, Lin Fan sighed.

He was handsome, but there were too many girls who liked him. He had no choice.

It wasn’t that Lin Fan didn’t want to find a girlfriend. He just felt that he shouldn’t be too casual when it came to finding a girlfriend. Otherwise, with Lin Fan’s level of handsomeness, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to “exercise with many people” everyday.

After Lin Fan left, Wang Bing thought about the car keys in Lin Fan’s hands.

The symbol on the car key seemed to be… Bugatti?!

As for the car parked outside, it seemed to be La Voiture Noire.

Wang Bing turned on the computer. After searching for a while, she stood rooted to the ground, unable to calm down.

“Oh my God…”

“Bugatti La Voiture Noire, one of the world’s limited edition cars. It costs 126 million yuan. Isn’t the car key that Little Lin dropped the Bugatti’s key?”

“There was a Bugatti parked outside earlier. No, I have to go out and check it out.”

She hurriedly ran out and realized that both the car and the person were gone.

Wang Bing was filled with disbelief and envy.

To be able to drive a top-notch sports car worth a hundred million dollars and one of the world’s limited edition sports cars, Lin Fan’s assets must have exceeded a billion dollars!

It turned out that Lin Fan had always been a rich man. He had only come out to experience life.

Driving the world’s best sports car, keeping a low profile, being humble, and having a good character. Most importantly, he was so handsome. There was actually such a rich second-generation heir in the world.

If she were twenty years younger, Wang Bing would have fallen for him.

“Tingting, I have something to tell you. Let me introduce you to a boyfriend. He’s super handsome and rich…” Wang Bing dialed the number in her hand.