Chapter 48 - The Cat Is Angry, The Consequences Are Serious

Chapter 48 of 299 chapters

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“Why is Brother Lin Fan closing the shop? He only opened for two hours. Sigh, it’s only three in the afternoon.”

“Yeah, we can only come back tomorrow. If only the restaurant could remain open.”

“A restaurant selling such delicious food only opens for two hours a day. I’ll give a poor review!”

Many customers sighed and left. The customers in the queue had no choice but to come back tomorrow.

After everyone left, Lin Fan closed the restaurant’s door.

At this moment, a girl ran to Lin Fan’s side.

“The shop is already closed. Come back tomorrow.” Lin Fan smiled and closed the door.

“Lin Fan, you’re really here,” the girl said. Her eyes were a little red and she was crying.

The girl was Lin Fan’s university classmate, Xu Shiyin. She was selling clothes previously and she looked pretty good.

“Xu Shiyin, why are you here?” Lin Fan smiled. Ever since Xu Shiyin came to his house to sit for a while, they hadn’t seen each other again.

“Lin Fan, my brother… is critically ill.”

“The hospital issued a notice of critical illness and he needs surgery, but… but I don’t have money.” Xu Shiyin cried powerlessly in front of Lin Fan with red eyes.

How would it be easy for ordinary people to deal with the torture of illness while needing to pay an astronomical surgery fee? The astronomical surgical fee was enough to crush a family.

Previously, Lin Fan knew that Xu Shiyin’s brother was sick, so he bought over a hundred thousand dollars worth of clothes. This way, Xu Shiyin could get a good commission.

Lin Fan knew Xu Shiyin very well. She usually worked hard and had a lot of self-respect. Many rich second-generation heirs didn’t manage to woo her.

Although Lin Fan was rich, if he had given Xu Shiyin money back then, it would have hurt her pride.

Lin Fan knew that Xu Shiyin wouldn’t ask for help casually unless she was really desperate.

“What illness does your brother have?” Lin Fan asked.

Xu Shiyin lowered her head and gritted her teeth. “Leukemia.”

“Tve already found a suitable bone marrow for my brother, but our family can’t afford the surgery fee of 300,000 dollars. Lin Fan, can you lend me 300,000 dollars? I’ll definitely pay you back in the future.”

“As long as you can help me, I can do anything. Lin Fan, I’m still… a virgin.” Xu Shiyin mustered her courage and grabbed Lin Fan’s sleeve.

She knew that Lin Fan was her last hope.

Her family had borrowed money from all the places they could. After so many days of treatment and surgery fees, it was enough to crush Xu Shiyin’s family.

After Xu Shiyin said this, she felt that she was very shameless.

She had always treated Lin Fan as her Prince Charming, so she also wanted to be a perfect girl in Lin Fan’s heart. At least she wouldn’t chase after Lin Fan just because he was rich. This would only make Lin Fan think that she was a gold digger.

However, she was not a gold digger. Which girl would not have a Prince Charming in their hearts?

After saying those words in front of Lin Fan. She felt that his impression of her had been shattered forever.

Lin Fan might treat her as a woman who was willing to sell her body for money.

But she wasn’t.

There was nothing she could do to explain.

After saying such words, what right did she have to woo Lin Fan in the future?

Xu Shiyin just wanted to find a hole to hide in.

Seeing that Lin Fan was stunned for two to three seconds without any reaction, Xu Shiyin cried again.

“Tm sorry, I’m sorry. Thank you. I know you have your difficulties. I’ll take my leave first.” Xu Shiyin didn’t have the face to stand in front of Lin Fan. She just wanted to escape.

Her attitude in front of her favorite boy had already hurt her self-esteem.

A sentimental girl was always like that, thinking about many things.

“Xu Shiyin.” Lin Fan grabbed Xu Shiyin’s arm.

“Isnt it just a matter of money? I’ll lend you 600,000 dollars to help your brother treat his illness. Also, your health is important. You have to take care of your health too,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he looked at Xu Shiyin.

“Huh?” Xu Shiyin raised her beautiful eyes and looked at Lin Fan. She hadn’t expected Lin Fan to reply to her like that.

The moment Lin Fan opened his mouth, he was willing to lend her 600,000 dollars.

In reality, three hundred thousand was only a basic fee for surgery. Her brother needed to be hospitalized, and her family needed to be taken care of. There were also some other costs that were not small.

Lin Fan gently patted Xu Shiyin’s head and said sternly, “Don’t treat me as such a lecherous person. A girl should give her first time to the person she loves most. Don’t make that kind of request to me again.”

“Although you’re indeed beautiful, I’m not that kind of person. Take good care of yourself. If you ever say such things in front of me again, I won’t lend you money,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

Lin Fan was a man and he liked pretty girls. However, that didn’t mean that Lin Fan would have any improper thoughts about any girl.

Xu Shiyin stood rooted to the ground, her beautiful eyes looking at Lin Fan as she nodded lightly.

So Lin Fan wasn’t that kind of person. Lin Fan didn’t think of her as that kind of person.

It was great to have such a friend.

“Lin Fan, thank you… really thank you.”

“Twon’t make that kind of request again.” Xu Shiyin looked at Lin Fan gratefully.

“Isn’t that good? Also, you have to return this money in the future. It’s not a free gift. When you earn big money in the future, you can return it to me,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Of course. After I treat my brother, I’ll definitely work hard and retum all the money to you!” Xu Shiyin finally smiled. Even if Lin Fan didn’t want her to pay him back, she would. This was her principle.

“Give me your bank card and I’ll transfer the money to you now,” Lin Fan said. 600,000 wasn’t much to him but to Xu Shiyin, it could save her brother’s life.

“Yes!” Xu Shiyin nodded and gave her bank account number to Lin Fan.

“Alright, the transfer is successful. Go back and see your brother. If it’s not enough, you can borrow more from me,” said Lin Fan.

“Lin Fan, thank you. I will forever remember your life-saving grace.” Xu Shiyin looked at Lin Fan. She felt that the boy in front of her had become so tall and handsome.

She held the bank card in her hand, feeling touched.

Only those who had borrowed money everywhere would know the difficulty of borrowing money.

She raised her beautiful eyes, mustered her courage, and hugged Lin Fan.

No matter what, she had to thank Lin Fan.

She had no choice but to thank him in this manner.

Looking at the weak girl in front of him, Lin Fan didn’t place his hand on her to take advantage of her. He just let her hug him for a few seconds.

A simple hug without any complicated meaning could give her the best comfort.

“Tm leaving now.” After Xu Shiyin said that, her face turned red and she jogged away.

Xu Shiyin’s appearance took up quite a bit of his time.

At this moment, Lin Fan opened his phone.

He realized that Xia Wangiu had already sent him a WeChat message ten minutes ago.

[Xia Wangiu: “Come and pick me and Xiaoyu up from work, let’s have dinner together ~”]

[Xia Wangiu: “?2?”]

[Xia Wangiu: “Jerk, you’re not replying.”]

[Xia Wangiu: “I’m angry!”]

[Xia Wangiu: “Fierce!!!”]

There were a total of 32 unread messages on WeChat, all from Xia Wangiu.

There were also 18 missed calls from Xia Wanqiu.

Seeing so many unread messages and missed calls,

Lin Fan felt a chill down his spine.

That was it.

If the cat was angry, the consequences would be dire!