Chapter 51 - Need a Script

Chapter 51 of 299 chapters

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Ding… congratulations master, you have successfully signed in to [God of Singers: Master Level].

“The relevant information has already entered Master’s mind and is integrated into your memory.” The system’s voice sounded.

On a new day, Lin Fan woke up and received a new skill.

Master-level, God of Singers.

However, this was a waste because Lin Fan was already very familiar with singing and knew all the instruments very well.

He was already very handsome. Coupled with the fact that he could play the guitar and the piano, he could attract countless girls’ attention in university.

In the school’s art performance, many girls had fallen for Lin Fan.

Now that he had obtained master-level singing skills, his singing skills had improved a lot. All sorts of music theory knowledge and all sorts of songs that had never appeared in this world, entered Lin Fan’s mind.

“It’s useless to have this master-level singing skill. I’m not going to become a superstar.” Lin Fan smiled and stretched. He put on his clothes and washed up. Then, he went out to the gym.

Lin Fan’s Lake Heart Villa had a gym. There were all sorts of gym equipment.

To be able to maintain such good looks, other than sleeping and waking up early, the most important thing was to exercise.

Lin Fan had four packs and a good figure. Coupled with his outstanding looks and handsomeness, he could kill many people with a simple outfit.

Xia Wangqiu and Su Xiaoyu stayed at Lin Fan’s house for the night. It was a pity that Lin Fan’s house was a little big and he had a lot of rooms. If he were to be in his rented apartment like in the past, he wouldn’t be able to sleep on the same bed as them. Maybe Lin Fan would sleep on the floor.

After exercising on the treadmill for two minutes, a cute voice sounded from behind.

“Meow, meow ~” Xia Wanqiu had already put on her clothes. Behind Lin Fan, she made a cute gesture and smiled sweetly.

“Huh?” Lin Fan stopped running and tured around.

“Tm… hungry.” Xia Wanqiu blushed and blinked.

“What do you want to eat?” Lin Fan touched Xia Wanqiu’s cute cat ears hat and asked.

“Lwant to eat everything.” Xia Wanqiu pouted, still reminiscing about last night’s feast.

“But I’ll get fat if I eat more. I’ll eat vegetable salad ~” Xia Wanqiu touched her flat stomach.

“You call this fat?” Lin Fan touched Xia Wanqiu’s lower abdomen. There was no fat.

“Stupid Lin Fan! You’re bullying me again.” Xia Wangqiu blushed and chased after Lin Fan.

“Wow, flirting so early in the morning. The two of you only know how to bully dogs.” Su Xiaoyu stuck her head out from the door and took a bite of a cucumber. It was really delicious.

Xia Wangqiu blushed and looked at Lin Fan. “Hmph, Xiaoyu and I want to eat vegetable salad. Otherwise, I’ll let Xiaoyu bite you. Dogs bite very fiercely.”

“Hehe, we can have a feast again!” Su Xiaoyu licked the cucumber with anticipation.

After the two girls finished their breakfast, Su Xiaoyu looked at Lin Fan in admiration.

Braised fish, fish soup, fish-flavored shredded pork, lobsters, barbecue, hotpot, everything Lin Fan made was especially delicious.

But this was the first time she had seen someone make a vegetable salad so delicious.

“Master, actually, I think you can apply for a national-level certificate. A national-level chef is super awesome,” Su Xiaoyu said with a smile.

“It’s so good to have such an awesome master. The food is so delicious. If I really want to live here, I won’t leave,” Su Xiaoyu sighed.

‘When Su Xiaoyu saw Xia Wanqiu’s fierce gaze, she immediately changed her words. “No, I can’t stay here forever. Work is important.”

After breakfast, the three of them exercised in the gym for a while.

At this moment, Yang Qing called.

Yang Qing was burning with anxiety. The two goddesses had been taken away by Lin Fan. If someone were to expose them, their reputations might be ruined.

Multi-people exercise was a taboo, especially when Xia Waniu and Su Xiaoyu were two big celebrities.

Even if Yang Qing knew the severity of the matter, she could only persuade them.

After the call, Xia Wangiu and Su Xiaoyu went to work.

After Yang Qing picked up the two girls, she sighed in the car.

“Wangiu, Xiaoyu, it’s not that I want to criticize you, but what you’re doing really makes me scared.”

“Luckily, there weren’t many people at the entrance of the company that day. Otherwise, if you were discovered living with Lin Fan… and you two are girls, who knows what Lin Fan’s character is like?” Yang Qing said.

“He has a very good character,” Xia Wangqiu said as she looked out of the car window.

“That’s right. Lin Fan’s character is super good. The food he makes is also very delicious. He’s equivalent to a national chef.” Su Xiaoyu nodded.

Seeing that the two girls were so protective of Lin Fan, Yang Qing shook her head.

Even if Lin Fan’s character was good, Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu were only in their early twenties. Their careers were rising.

If there were any other scandals at this time, it would definitely affect Xia Wanqiu’s career. To a female celebrity, the scandals were taboo.

If Lin Fan had enough status to gain the approval of countless fans, it wouldn’t be a big deal if Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu had a scandal.

But in Yang Qing’s eyes, Lin Fan wasn’t good enough.

No matter how handsome Lin Fan was or how rich he was, in the eyes of the fans, he was just a handsome restaurant owner. He didn’t match up to Xia Wangqiu’s identity.

Furthermore, at this delicate moment, Xia Wanqiu had not accepted a script for a year. If any rumors spread, her competitors would seize the opportunity and directly affect her career.

She couldn’t talk to Xia Wangiu, so she would talk to Lin Fan.

Yang Qing didn’t care how handsome Lin Fan was or how rich his family was. She was Xia Wanqiu’s manager and only cared about her.

At the same time, a huge piece of news was officially announced on Weibo.

Xia Wanqiu would be participating in the recording of “Keep Running” this time. At the same time, Su Xiaoyu was among the other stars who participated.

“Keep Running” was a popular variety show, and with Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu joining at the same time, it caused a huge uproar online.

It had been a year since Xia Wanqiu last appeared on screen. This was her first time joining a variety show, and it surprised countless of Xia Wanqiu’s fans.

They entered the company.

Yang Qing met Xu Yang.

‘Xu Yang sat there and took a sip of tea. Although Xia Wangiu and Lin Fan had stuffed a handful of dog food into his mouth, he remained calm.

“Master Xu,” Yang Qing smiled politely.

“Hmm, is there any good script for Wanqiu recently?” Xu Yang asked.

“Not yet.” Yang Qing sighed and shook her head.

“We can’t go on like this.”

“Today, a company cut off their endorsement deal with Wanqiu and chose a celebrity from Jiaxing Entertainment as their spokesperson. Wangqiu’s popularity in the industry is gradually decreasing.” Xu Yang’s gaze was deep.

Yang Qing understood immediately.

Acompany had cut off their endorsement deal with Xia Wanqiu.

‘Why? Because Xia Wanqiu had no new works for a year, and her popularity was dropping.

Jiaxing Entertainment was also a very capable company in the entertainment industry. With many artistes under them, there would be a lot of competition.

This endorsement product had changed direction, which meant that there were already endorsement companies who were dissatisfied with Xia Wangqiu. If there were other scandals at this time, it would probably be even more unfavorable for Xia Wanqiu.

“CEO Li hopes that Wangiu can try to accept other scripts and try to accept scripts that match the current audience’s tastes. Also, CEO Li doesn’t want Wangiu to have any scandals again.”

“Otherwise, the cutting off of one endorsement deal might just be the beginning. If Wanqiu doesn’t receive a good script in the next six months, I’m afraid more endorsements will be snatched. At that time, let alone you, even I can’t help her,” Xu Yang said.

“Master Xu, I understand.” Yang Qing nodded.

It was indeed a problem with the scripts.

Although participating in variety shows was indeed not bad, works could allow a celebrity to stand firmly in the entertainment industry.

What he needed most now was a very good script!