Chapter 53 - Banquet

Chapter 53 of 299 chapters

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The technology building was a place that was relatively expensive in Shanghai. Furthermore, the visitor flow here was very high and the market was quite wide.

Buying a seven-story technology building cost a total of 3.8 billion!

Although the people at the banquet, including Yunhang Technologies, were all from companies that had a market value of more than a billion, or even a few billion.

It was almost impossible for these companies to produce 3.8 billion yuan in cash at once.

Meanwhile, Lin Fan could buy the seven floors of the technology building and become the new owner.

In the eyes of everyone, Lin Fan’s strength and status had already far exceeded theirs.

Indeed, all of Lin Fan’s assets added up to a net worth of over four billion dollars.

‘The key was that Lin Fan was still so young yet he had such achievements.

If there was a way to describe it, it would be that heroes came from youngsters.

Under Zhang Jinxiu’s lead, the big boss of Yunhang Technologies, who was also the one who held this banquet, came to Lin Fan’s side.

“Mr. Lin, nice to meet you. I’m Yun Qian, the chairman of Yunhang Technologies. I welcome you to collaborate with Yunhang Technologies.” Yun Qian extended his hand.

Yun Qian was in his fifties and was a successful businessman. Yunhang Technologies’ market value was also very high, and their fields of development were very wide. That was all because of Yun Qian’s ability.

“Hello, Lin Fan.” Lin Fan shook hands and looked at Yun Qian.

Yun Qian’s attitude was very enthusiastic. He patted Lin Fan on the shoulder and looked at the people at the banquet. He said, “Everyone, this is the honored guest invited by Yunhang Technologies. He’s the big boss who rented seven floors of the technology building to us, Lin Fan.”

Many people had already guessed it. They stood up and raised their wine glasses as they walked towards Lin Fan.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m Liu Biao, the chairman of Hua Yue.”

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m Lin Hu, the chairman of the Golden Age KTV.”

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m Liu Qiang, the vice president of Huawei Technology.”

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m Lin Bei…”

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m Yan Xue, the chairman of New Lisheng Hotel.”

Many bosses walked over to shake hands with Lin Fan and introduced themselves warmly.

These people were famous entrepreneurs in Shanghai and even all over the country. Their assets were worth hundreds of millions.

But these entrepreneurs were polite in front of Lin Fan. They didn’t dare to neglect him.

Lin Fan was dressed very simply. However, to be able to appear in such an occasion, who would dare to underestimate Lin Fan?

Not everyone could afford to buy seven floors of the technology building.

Especially Yan Xue. When she saw Lin Fan in front of her, her eyes were filled with respect.

Lin Fan was also the second-largest shareholder of New Era Lisheng Hotel, but Lin Fan had never been to the company before. He had even refused to meet her.

If it wasn’t for this banquet, Yan Xue wouldn’t have met Lin Fan.

Yan Xue was still a little shocked. She understood why Lin Fan didn’t go to the company to take a look.

Lin Fan was someone who could casually take out 3.8 billion dollars to buy seven floors of the technology building.

In other words, Lin Fan’s pocket money might even be higher than the total market value of New Era Lisheng Hotel!

Lin Fan sat down and drank a few glasses of wine. He had to admit that the red wine here tasted pretty good.

However, it was clear that Lin Fan had already become the center of attention.

Many entrepreneurs came to look for Lin Fan to get to know him. This was how connections worked.

For these entrepreneurs, the wider their connections, the more benefit they would receive.

Of course, this banquet was more of a formality. Many bosses would sit together and discuss the direction and opportunities of collaboration.

“Mr. Lin, you’re young but you have great achievements. You have the rights to seven floors of the technology building. I don’t know how many people will envy you.” Yun Qian sat down and smiled at Lin Fan.

“You’re welcome. Mr. Yun, you’re also a very capable person. Yunhang Technologies’ development in the past few years has been very fast,” said Lin Fan with a smile as he clinked glasses with Yun Qian.

“Haha, you keep saying so many polite words. Mr. Lin, if you have any needs or difficulties in the future, you can tell me.”

“If it’s something that I can do, I will definitely help you do it.” Yun Qian drank two glasses of wine and patted his chest as he looked at Lin Fan.

“Sure, then I won’t stand on ceremony. If I have any trouble, I’ll come look for you.” Lin Fan smiled. Faced with such a passionate Yun Qian, Lin Fan didn’t need to reject him. In the business world, the most important thing was not to make enemies for himself.

Lin Fan was naturally happy to make a few more friends. Furthermore, Yunhang Technologies was a company with a high market value and its development was not bad.

“Haha, that’s true. I can’t guarantee anything else but I’ll definitely do my best to help you settle your troubles.” Yun Qian took another sip of wine. He wasn’t that restrained in front of Lin Fan.

“Come, have another drink,” Yun Qian said with a smile.

In the eyes of Yun Qian, Lin Fan was definitely worth cozying up to.

Being able to get close to Lin Fan would be very beneficial to Yunhang Technologies.

If there were any difficulties, they could help each other.

In the future, the development of Yunhang Technologies might require Lin Fan’s help.

After three rounds of drinking, Lin Fan and Yun Qian gradually became familiar with each other.

“won’t be so distant from you. I’m older than you. In the future, I’ll call you Younger Brother Lin,” Yun Qian said happily.

“Since you’ve said so, Brother Yun, I really have something to ask you.” Lin Fan didn’t treat Yun Qian as an outsider.

“What is it, brother? Just tell me.” Yun Qian laughed.

“I’ve recently written a script. Brother Yun. What should you pay attention to when adapting a script into a TV drama?” Lin Fan was unfamiliar with this industry. He could ask Xia Wangqiu, but the cat was busy.

“Brother Lin, you even know how to write scripts? You’re really extraordinary. You asked the right person. The first and most important thing about a script is the copyright. Go and register a copyright first.”

“The second is the channels to submit your script. If a company sees your script, they will spend money to buy it. I happen to have a few channels. I’ll help introduce you to a few. Yuehua Entertainment, Jiaxing Entertainment, and Joy Media, these three companies are not bad,” Yun said with a smile.

“alright, then I’ll have to trouble you after I register the copyright,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

Out of the three companies Yun Qian knew, it happened that Xia Wanqiu was at Yuehua Entertainment.

Lin Fan could have gone to look for Xia Wangiu directly, but if that happened, it might cause a scandal in the company and it wouldn’t have a good impact on Xia Wanqiu. Furthermore, Lin Fan was very confident in the script he wrote. He didn’t need to go through his wife’s back door.

If any of the three companies were willing to buy the script and compete with each other, Lin Fan wouldn’t lose money.

‘As long as a company was willing to buy the script, Lin Fan believed that the female lead in the script would be Xia Wanqiu.


The female lead of this script was tailor-made for Xia Wanqiu!