Chapter 55 - Xia Wangqiu Is Going to Be The Female Lead

Chapter 55 of 299 chapters

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[Tian Zheng: “That’s great, Wangiu. You’ll definitely become more popular than you are now after acting as the female lead in this drama!”]

[Xia Wangiu: “Mr Tian Zheng, what do you think of this script?”]

Tian Zheng: “Needless to say, I haven’t seen such a good script in so many years. The person who wrote this script is definitely a master-level screenwriter!”

[Xia Wangjiu: “I think so too.”]

[Xia Wangiu: “Mr Tian Zheng, this script is really good, but I want to see who the male lead is before making the final decision. Is that okay?”]

[Tian Zheng: “Haha, no problem. Whatever male lead you want, CEO Li will definitely satisfy you. You haven’t acted in a drama in more than a year. May this drama become extremely popular across the entire internet!”]

[Xia Wangiu: “Thank you, Mr Tian Zheng.)

Tian Zheng: “This news has to be kept secret. You can’t let others feel that the company is biased towards you. When the time comes, many people will sign up to be the female lead. The company will go through a series of procedures and finally choose you. You just have to fight for this script.”

(Xia Wangiu: “Yes, I understand.”]

Xia Wangiu leaned against the chair and suddenly felt relieved.

She finally had a script and Lin Fan was going to be the male lead.

Xia Wangiu was looking forward to it. That blockhead did not know how to act. If he really NGed more than ten times during the kissing scenes with her

At the thought of this, Xia Wangiu could not help but smile.

But she didn’t seem to know how to film a kissing scene.

No matter how good her acting skills were, filming a kissing scene was different. She had never experienced it before.

That was it. Xia Wangqiu’s face turned red again.

She would be kissed by Lin Fan more than ten times and in front of so many people. It was so embarrassing.

On the other side, Su Xiaoyu received the same script.

Tian Zheng: “Xiaoyu, take a look. What do you think of this script?”

$u Xiaoyu: “Ahwooh ~ Mr Tian Zheng, this script is super nice. Who is the author?”

Tian Zheng: “I haven’t seen who the author is yet. The company is in contact with them.”

$u Xiaoyu: “Mr Tian Zheng, you can’t be biased. I also want a role. You can’t reserve a spot only for Sister Wangiu. Sister Wangiu and I are going to act in a drama together again.”

Tian Zheng: “Haha, don’t worry. It’s not too late to decide after the rest of the script is out.”

Su Xiaoyu: “Cute.jpg.”

$u Xiaoyu: “Mr Tian Zheng is the best. Xiaoyu thanks Mr Tian Zheng ~”

Tian Zheng smiled kindly. Didn’t he work at Yuehua Entertainment to find some good scripts?

Especially Xia Wangiu and Su Xiaoyu. Xia Wangiu had not taken on a role for a year, and Su Xiaoyu had not taken on a new role for half a year.

$u Xiaoyu had only acted in one television drama and was working with Xia Wanqiu in that drama.

Her popularity had already reached second place among the female artistes in the company.

This drama was too good. The characters in it were all classic. Such a good opportunity naturally had to be given to Su Xiaoyu.

A drama filmed by the two top female celebrities of Yuchua Entertainment would definitely be interesting.

After obtaining Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu’s approval, Tian Zheng went to look for Xu Yang.

After all, in Tian Zheng’s opinion, he didn’t know Lin Fan.

Many people could act as the male lead in this movie.

The male protagonist’s character profile was smart and upright. Most importantly, he was handsome. It was fine as long as he was as handsome as the author.

Xu Yang obviously satisfied this request.

As for the other male leads, they had to be chosen from the start.

As for whether Xia Wangiu had the right to veto in the end, that was none of Tian Zheng’s business.

Tian Zheng: “Xu Yang, how’s this script?”

[Xu Yang: “The script is very good. The pace is obvious, the plot is fast, and the conflict is strong. The relationship between the male and female leads is very strong. It’s the best script I’ve seen in recent years.”]

Tian Zheng: “Do you want to act in this drama? This company is going to buy it soon. The author of this script is too good at writing. Even I have to exclaim.”

[Xu Yang: “Mr. Tian Zheng, the roles you’ve arranged must be very good. This drama will definitely be popular.”]

Tian Zheng: “Haha, you’re too humble. No matter how good the script is, without actors as hardworking as you, it won’t be able to show its value.”

[Xu Yang: “By the way, have you shown this drama to Wanqiu? Although there are more kissing scenes for the male and female leads, you have to give this drama to Wangiu. She’s very suitable to act as the female lead in it. If it really doesn’t work, it’s better to act as the male lead’s sister. This way, she

won’t have kissing scenes. Wangiu can’t not have scripts anymore.”]

Tian Zheng: “I’ve seen it. She’s willing to act as the female lead.”

[Xu Yang: “Alright, understood.”}

Xu Yang looked calm, but he was excited.

It was Xia Wangqiu’s first time acting in a relationship scene, and she had a lot of scenes.

Coupled with the outstanding script for this drama, it was almost certain that this drama would become extremely popular!

Once the filming was completed, who knew how many people would like it.

Moreover, the female lead and male lead could even film a kissing scene. This was something Xu Yang was looking forward to.

Most importantly, once this drama was released, Xia Wanqiu would no longer be under the company’s pressure.

Xu Yang beamed.

Xia Wanqiu was the female lead, then wouldn’t he.

The author who wrote this script was really a little genius!

Xu Yang was completely surprised and grateful.

He would definitely be able to fight to be the male lead in this script.

“Lin Fan, Lin Fan, at first I wanted you to come to the company to act together. You still have the right to fight with me for the male lead role in this movie. But you’re not an actor. I can’t help you even if I want to.”

“I don’t believe that you’re just a restaurant owner. Do you think you can jump out to snatch the male lead from me? The male lead is mine!”

“When the time comes, when I film a kissing scene with Wanqiu… I’ll NG a few times to torture singles.” Xu Yang had not been so happy for a long time.

He wanted to compete fairly with Lin Fan but Lin Fan refused to come to Yuehua Entertainment. He had no choice.

Who asked Lin Fan to not cherish such an opportunity?

Even if Xia Wanqiu and Lin Fan’s relationship was not ordinary, he was the one who could work with Xia Wanqiu and film a kissing scene with her.

[Xu Yang: “Mr Tian Zheng, I’ll try my best to fight for the male lead.”]

Tian Zheng: “Alright, but I have to remind you that Wanqiu has the right to veto on the male lead. In other words, she can choose who to be the male lead. If she doesn’t agree…”

[Xu Yang: “That’s fine. As long as Wangiu has a drama to shoot, I can act in other roles.”}

Xu Yang was not someone who would take advantage of Xia Wanqiu by acting. He had always advocated fair competition. If Xia Wanqiu was unwilling to let him act as the male lead, he would not say anything.

But one thing was certain.

This male lead couldn’t be Lin Fan.

No matter who Xia Wanqiu acted with, she could abuse singles.

Who asked Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu to torture him the last time? When Xia Wanqiu and the male lead filmed a kissing scene, they could torture Lin Fan properly!

Anyway, no matter who was the male lead, there was no way he would be the one abused right?