Chapter 57 - A script worth 18.4 million

Chapter 57 of 299 chapters

Chapter 57 A script worth 18.4 million

In Tian Zheng’s eyes, the story written in this script was too interesting and had extremely high commercial value.

In CEO Li’s eyes, his evaluation of this script was even higher than Tian Zheng’s. Such an exciting script… was rare throughout the ages! Over the years, the development of television dramas had not been very good. Very few television dramas that were popular all over the Internet appeared. At the end of the day, it was still about the script.

An outstanding screenwriter was the soul of a script.

In the whole of China, talent had always been the most important.

An outstanding talent could drive the development of an industry, and the development of an industry could cause the entire culture to bloom and flourish.

And Lin Fan was precisely such a talent.

The ancients said that prodigies were common, but those who could recognise prodigies were not.

When CEO Li saw this script, he could tell Lin Fan’s potential.

Such a script had to be bought.

He had to rope in such a talent!

Therefore, he had to buy this script at all costs.

This was CEO Li’s order.

After receiving such an order, the higher-ups of Yuehua Entertainment quickly held an emergency meeting.

CEO Li sat at the head of the table and silently listened to everyone. There were many famous screenwriters in the meeting, as well as top celebrities like Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Xu Yang.

They only knew that the person who wrote the script had the surname Lin. Until now, even Tian Zheng didn’t know Lin Fan’s name.

“Mr. Lin’s script is indeed not bad. The character’s logic is very clear. Furthermore, Wanqiu is willing to be the female lead. I suggest that we buy the rights to the script for ‘Joy of Life’ at the price of a top screenwriter.”

“In that case, the price for an episode will be around 280,000. For a total of 46 episodes, I’m afraid the total price will be 12.88 million. This is not a small number.”

“Jiaxing Entertainment is our competitor, and we can only offer once, so I suggest that we buy the copyright of this script for 300,000 yuan per episode.” The company’s higher-ups were discussing amongst themselves. In their opinion, such a price was already the highest in the industry. It was quite a high price. CEO Li did not say anything after hearing this. He just looked at Xu Yang, Xia Wanqiu, and Su Xiaoyu.

“CEO Li, my suggestion is 330,000 per episode. I think this script has that kind of potential,” Xu Yang said. After hearing everyone’s suggestion, CEO Li looked at Tian Zheng.

“Jiaxing Entertainment has also discovered the merits that we can discover. The company must buy this script.”

“My final decision is… four hundred thousand for one episode.” CEO Li decided.

When CEO Li made his decision, everyone in the company was shocked. The script price for the top screenwriters in the industry was only 280,000 per episode. But CEO Li was willing to pay 400,000 for Joy of Life’s script!

There were a total of forty-six episodes, so the total price was…

18.4 million!

He would use 18.4 million yuan to buy the script’s copyright. This was already an astronomical figure. 18.4 million yuan probably exceeded the best in the industry.

Tian Zheng saw CEO Li’s determination and his trust in him.

To be willing to take 18.4 million yuan to buy the copyright of this show, how much risk would he have to take?


In other words, the company wanted to produce a television drama that was extremely popular online!

Xia Wanqiu was paying attention the entire time. When she heard that it was 400,000 yuan per episode, she was a little happy.

Lin Fan didn’t ask her to get in through the back door. Instead, he used his own abilities to write a script that all the scriptwriters in the company valued.

Unknowingly, Lin Fan had become so outstanding

“Sister Wanqiu is so happy. Could this script be written by Master?” Su Xiaoyu held Xia Wanqiu’s arm and asked softly.

“Shh ~” Xia Wanqiu made a cute gesture.


“Wow, Master is really so awesome. Ahwooh, it was right for me to be his disciple. An episode costs 400,000 yuan. But Sister Wanqiu, are you going to shoot a kissing scene with Xu Yang?” Su Xiaoyu asked curiously.

“No.” Xia Wanqiu turned around angrily.

“Aiya, could it be that you’ll be filming kissing scenes with Master?” Su Xiaoyu asked again.

“All the more reason to say no. He only knows how to bully me.” Xia Wanqiu blushed.

“Hehe, I was right after all. Sister Wanqiu’s first kiss on screen is going to be handed out.” Su Xiaoyu stuck out her tongue.

“Xiaoyu, you’re asking for it!” Xia Wanqiu looked at Su Xiaoyu fiercely.

“How did you know?” Xia Wanqiu asked softly. She looked at Su Xiaoyu. Nowadays, the company even hid the news that she was the female lead.

Su Xiaoyu took out a lollipop from somewhere. “I’m smart. Lin Fan is so handsome. Who knows how many fans he’ll attract when he acts? He’ll naturally be able to act as the male lead. As for the company, who would dare to snatch the female lead from my Sister Wanqiu?”

“Meow, meow – Fierce!” Xia Wanqiu immediately started scratching Su Xiaoyu. Although Su Xiaoyu was usually very cute, she was smarter than ordinary people and was very concerned about Xia Wanqiu and Lin Fan.

“Ahwooh, I’ll scratch you too. Ahwooh, when Master comes, I’ll say that you bullied the dog.”

“Hmph, he must be on my side.”

“Who said that? He’s my master. He definitely has to protect his disciple.”

“Then he’s still my deskmate.”

“Sister Wanqiu, you’re jealous ~”

“I’m angry!”

Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu often fought together. Their relationship was very good, but the friendship between the two girls was abnormally strong

On the other side, Lin Fan received a message from Tian Zheng.

Yuehua Entertainment was willing to pay 400,000 yuan for the script’s copyright.

Of course, Lin Fan chose to accept it.

Jiaxing Entertainment offered a price of 300,000 per episode, and Yuehua Entertainment reported an additional 100,000 per episode.

A total of 46 episodes, which was an additional 4.6 million!

Lin Fan had worked hard for three days to change the script. Just the copyright fee for the script alone could be sold for 18.4 million RMB!

If he added up the 80 million in his bank card, Lin Fan’s liquid funds had already exceeded 100 million!

Furthermore, this script was prepared for Xia Wanqiu.

Lin Fan had originally only wanted to enjoy his life quietly. However, because the script was written too well, he accidentally became a true billionaire.

Tian Zheng was genuinely happy when he received the news that Lin Fan had agreed to sign the contract.

In that case, the company could proceed with the follow-up work as soon as possible and adapt an IP that was extremely popular online!

After Tian Zheng finished discussing the time, Lin Fan drove the Bugatti towards Yuehua Entertainment.

It was time to officially sign the contract with Yuehua Entertainment!