Chapter 63 - Competing for the Female Lead

Chapter 63 of 299 chapters

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Xu Yang was a little tired.

However, this did not affect Xu Yang’s determination.

How could he give up so easily for the girl he liked?

After all, he was still the top male-artiste of the company and had a pivotal position in the company.

Lin Fan was a layman after all. Even if he drove a Koenigsegg One, he wasn’t a male artiste from Yuehua Entertainment.

In other words, he still had an absolute advantage when competing to become Joy of Life’s male lead.

At that time, he would act with Xia Wangiu and Lin Fan could only watch from the side and get stuffed with dog food.

Xu Yang was full of enthusiasm. Tomorrow was the day of the script’s casting, and tomorrow was the day he would kill Lin Fan!

Xu Yang did not know that Lin Fan was the screenwriter for Joy of Life, nor did he know that Lin Fan had signed an annual salary of 9 million yuan with Boss Li.

If Xu Yang knew, he would not have such thoughts.

Lin Fan was a big boss that even CEO Li had to respect!

Lin Fan drove the Koenigsegg One to Xia Wanqiu’s house.

He got out of the car and opened the car door for Xia Wangiu.

A gentle breeze blew as Xia Wangiu alighted.

“Meow, meow ~” Xia Wangiu looked at Lin Fan with her beautiful eyes and let out a cute smile.

“Go home. See you tomorrow.” Lin Fan leaned on the Koenigsegg One and looked at Xia Wangiu with a bright smile.

“See you tomorrow?” Xia Wanqiu blinked curiously.

“Mmm, CEO Li invited me to become a nominal screenwriter for Yuehua Entertainment,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

“Well, then I can meet you at the company. I want to eat… vegetable salad.” Xia Wangiu was a little surprised.

‘What she was surprised about wasn’t Lin Fan’s position. To be a screenwriter, there was a very formal selection process.

But CEO Li took the initiative to invite Lin Fan. In that case, the way he’d be treated would be completely different.

“CEO Li didn’t bully Little Piggy, right?” Xia Wangiu walked in front of Lin Fan and raised her beautiful eyes.

“No. It’s you who should hurry back and rest,” said Lin Fan.

“Oh, I know. CEO Li doesn’t dare to bully my little piggy. Otherwise, the cat will be very fierce,” Xia Wangiu said.

“Who’s your little piggy?” Lin Fan complained.

Lin Fan walked forward and said softly, “In the future, let Sister Yang send you home at night. Otherwise, if the media takes photos of us, we’ll be trending again.”

Lin Fan just didn’t want Xia Wangiu to suffer too much from public opinion.

Xia Wangiu turned around, her side profile making one’s heart flutter.

She looked at Lin Fan and smiled sweetly.

Everything around her seemed to freeze for her smile.

She walked to Lin Fan’s side and looked at him. Her smile could topple cities.

“But… I don’t mind.”

The next day.

Yuehua Entertainment was holding a meeting.

Because Lin Fan had become the top scriptwriter in Yuehua Entertainment!

‘When this news was announced, many people in the company were shocked.

A script written by Lin Fan had directly made him a top screenwriter in the company. A top screenwriter’s annual salary wasn’t low.

“Everyone, I hereby announce that Lin Fan has become the company’s top screenwriter,” CEO Li said as he looked at Lin Fan in admiration.

In reality, Lin Fan wasn’t the company’s top screenwriter. He was just a nominal screenwriter in the company. The script he wrote still had exclusive copyrights.

The top screenwriter role also helped Lin Fan have a legal identity in the company.

Of course, with Lin Fan’s ability, it wasn’t a problem for him to be a top screenwriter. Even the script master, Tian Zheng, couldn’t help but admire Lin Fan’s screenwriting ability.

“Congratulations, congratulations. Master Lin will be a big screenwriter in the future. You have to guide us more in the future.”

“T’m satisfied to be able to learn from Master Lin.”

“A top screenwriter… Lin Fan is really amazing. However, Lin Fan’s script is really good. Congratulations!”

At that moment, everyone looked at Lin Fan and started clapping.

Some of the company’s screenwriters even called Lin Fan Master Lin.

The news of Lin Fan becoming the company’s top screenwriter spread like wildfire.

“Alright, we have to get down to business.”

“The screenwriter for Joy of Life is Lin Fan. The script’s production plan is about to begin. If you have any questions, you can ask Lin Fan,” CEO Li said.

After the meeting ended, CEO Li patted Lin Fan on the shoulder.

Just this action alone made many people in the company see how much CEO Li valued Lin Fan.

‘Without any selection, Lin Fan became the company’s top screenwriter. His annual salary was at least a million dollars!

Furthermore, Lin Fan was the scriptwriter for Joy of Life. Immediately, many people came to shake hands with Lin Fan.

“Hello, Mr. Lin. I’m the screenwriter, Liu Lin. Please take care of me in the future.”

“Congratulations to Mr. Lin for becoming a top screenwriter. I’m Producer Liu.”

“Congratulations, Mr. Lin. I’m Director Lu Benkai!”

Xia Wangiu and Su Xiaoyu didn’t specially come to look for Lin Fan.

After all, there were so many people in the company and they all knew that Lin Fan had become the company’s top screenwriter.

As for Xu Yang, he was not in the office at all.

In the afternoon, the casting selection officially started in Yuehua Entertainment.

Joy of Life’s script was completely popular in the entire Yuehua Entertainment.

Many girls wanted to be the female lead in Joy of Life’s script.

There was also a lot of competition in the company. Countless female artistes wanted to chase Xia Wangiu down and replace her.

Xia Wangiu’s biggest weakness was that she was unwilling to film a relationship scene.

The roles Yuehua Entertainment wanted to confirm today were mainly the male and female leads.

At the meeting, many people were sitting together.

Xia Wangiu, Lin Fan, Su Xiaoyu, Tian Zheng, the company’s producer Liu and other relevant professional staff.

“Twant to be the female lead of this movie because I think I’m very suitable for this role,” a girl said. Her voice was clear and her singing was very good. She was the third-ranked female artiste in the company, Lin Jingjing.

Lin Jingjing was Su Xiaoyu’s best friend. She got along well with Su Xiaoyu, and there were a total of seventeen female artistes who were fighting for the female lead role!

“Talso want to try to be the female lead of this drama…”

“Yeah, there are a lot of scenes for the female lead in this drama, and it tests her acting skills. I think my acting skills are alright.”

“Why don’t we try the female lead’s scenes and let the producer and director decide?”

“Ahwooh, I still want to be the female lead.” Su Xiaoyu pouted. She had also spoken.

At this moment.

A girl walked into the meeting and sat beside Su Xiaoyu.

“Twant to be the female lead too.”

Xia Wangiu’s beautiful eyes looked at everyone. It was just eight simple words, but they were powerful and resonating!

The company’s number one female artiste, Xia Wangiu, was actually competing to be the female lead of this movie!