Chapter 68 - Let’s Face Any Storm Together

Chapter 68 of 299 chapters

Chapter 68 Let’s Face Any Storm Together

Xu Yang looked at Su Xiaoyu. He did not believe it. Was there a problem with his charm?

In the past, when he was in the company, everyone liked him. Many female artistes wanted to act with him.

Why had everything changed since Lin Fan arrived?

This… didn’t make sense.

Xu Yang had just walked to Su Xiaoyu’s side and had yet to speak when Su Xiaoyu spoke


“Lin Fan, I also have a question that I don’t understand. Should I act like this in my role?” Su Xiaoyu ran to Lin Fan’s side excitedly.

For a moment, Xu Yang felt like he was the backdrop.

How could life be so miserable?

Xu Yang looked at Lin Fan, his eyes filled with envy.

Could it be that there was something wrong with his charm?

Xu Yang shook his head. “I want some peace and quiet. I’ll discuss the script with Jingjing.”

Lin Jingjing stood up and ran to Lin Fan’s side. “Lin Fan, my role feels pretty good. I have a lot of scenes too. There’s just a small problem…”

“Lin Fan, come and help us. Your script is so nice. I’m worried that I won’t be able to act well here.”

“Why does this character have to be like this? Can you change it to be a little better?”

“Wow, this script is simply amazing. I love it, I love it. Lin Fan, can you explain it to us more clearly?”

Xu Yang stood in the hall silently. Everyone surrounded Lin Fan.

On one hand, Lin Fan was the male lead of this movie.

Most importantly, Lin Fan was the scriptwriter for this show.

The screenwriter controlled the soul of the entire script, every character’s psychological activities and state. Therefore, everyone went to look for Lin Fan at the same time.

In their eyes, Lin Fan was simply their idol.

He wrote the script so well and was so handsome. Most importantly, he was so rich. Who in the company didn’t like him?

Xu Yang:”…”

The manager beside him picked up a glass of water and brought it to Xu Yang. “Master Xu, have a drink.”

Xu Yang silently picked up the water and took a sip. For some reason, the water tasted bitter.

He had wanted to compete fairly with Lin Fan but before he could, he had already lost.

At Joy Media.

Joy Media had previously offered Lin Fan ten thousand per episode or Joy of Life’s script. At that time, the decision was made by Zhao Rui.

Zhao Rui was responsible for scripts and was also responsible for nurturing the company’s artistes.

“Sister Rui, Yuehua Entertainment spent 18.4 million yuan to bid for Lin Fan’s script. It’s said that Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, Lin Jingjing, Xu Yang, and other A-list celebrities are all participating in the drama “Joy of Life”. There will also be older actors who have good acting skills participating.”

“This drama might become popular. Besides, the script is really well written. It might affect our new drama General and I,” the staff said beside Zhao Rui.

Zhao Rui pondered for a moment. She had a lot of influence in the company, and Joy Media and Yuehua Entertainment were also competing. “Joy of Life’s script is indeed well written, but Lin Fan is just a newcomer. Back then, I was already praising Lin Fan by being willing to give him 10,000 yuan for the episode. I didn’t expect Yuehua to buy it for that ridiculously inflated price. However, since there are so many A-list celebrities joining, if the male lead is Xu Yang and the female lead is Xia Wanqiu, the popularity of this show will probably rise unprecedentedly.”

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“If this drama can become popular, then I hope that it won’t be Xia Wanqiu who becomes popular. Xia Wanqiu hasn’t acted in more than a year, and her popularity is still very high. If her popularity rises again, I’m afraid Yuehua Entertainment will completely surpass our Joy Media,” Zhao Rui said.

“Then what should we do?” the staff asked.

Zhao Rui smiled calmly. “Contact CEO Qian and invest in Yuehua Entertainment’s drama. If this drama can become popular, there will be a lot of benefits. Also, find a way to let CEO Qian replace Xia Wanqiu with our company’s Wang Menghan.”

Wang Menghan was a female artiste from Joy Media. Her popularity was on the same level as Xia Wanqiu’s.

In dramas, even if the female lead had been decided beforehand, the investors could still request to change the female lead.

This was because if they wanted to film a television drama, other than the actors and scripts, the most important thing was the investors. Without money, how could they film a television drama?

“At the same time, gather as much dirt as possible on Xia Wanqiu so that she can’t act in this television drama,” Zhao Rui said.

The staff shook his head. “Sister Rui, I’m afraid that’s not enough. Scandals are not fatal to Xia Wanqiu.”

Zhao Rui shook her head gently. “Remember, this is the entertainment industry.”

“Ask CEO Qian to put pressure on Xia Wanqiu. If Xia Wanqiu doesn’t accept the unspoken rules, then we can justifiably replace her with Wang Menghan as the female lead. This way, if the television series becomes really popular, our company’s popularity wouldn’t be too bad either.”

“If Xia Wanqiu accepts the unspoken rule…” Zhao Rui’s eyes flashed.

The eyes of the staff beside her lit up. “It’ll ruin Xia Wanqiu’s reputation!”

Yuehua Entertainment did not know about these plans of Joy Media.

With so many top celebrities joining, it meant that many investors were needed.

Initially, many investors could invest in the drama. However, when they heard that Lin Fan was going to be the male lead, many investors stopped in their tracks.

A newcomer becoming the male lead meant that there was a high possibility that the television series would fail. These investors wanted to replace the male lead with Xu Yang, but Yuehua Entertainment rejected them.

And the total investment Joy of Life gathered was only 200 million.

Just as Yuehua Entertainment was overwrought by this matter, a company called Qianling Economic Media wanted to become the biggest investor of the drama and also wanted to invest 200 million.

In that case, Joy of Life would have gathered 400 million in investment.

“Alright, the investment problem is finally resolved.” Xu Yang walked into the company and finally looked relieved. With the investment, they could start acting in this TV series.

“Master Xu, CEO Qian wants to invite you, Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, Lin Jingjing, and the producer and director to a gala to celebrate the start of the filming of this drama,” the female manager said.

“It’s only right. After all, CEO Qian is the biggest investor in our movie,” Xu Yang said. Artistes did not dare to offend the investors. Even if some big bosses among the investors took advantage of female celebrities, most female celebrities would tolerate it. This was also a kind of unspoken rule in the entertainment industry.

“But… CEO Qian didn’t contact Lin Fan,” the female manager said again.

Xu Yang fell silent. Although the male and female leads had been decided on in the company, if Qianling Economic Media’s big boss, CEO Qian, did not agree, it would be troublesome.

“It’s fine. Let’s see what CEO Qian means tonight,” Xu Yang said. He had a bad feeling. No matter what happened at the gala tonight, he would help Lin Fan put in a good word.

Normally, when the investors made things difficult, it would be very effective for him to step in. The investors in the industry would also give him face.

At this time, Xu Yang wouldn’t take the opportunity to kick Lin Fan while he was down. After all, they were going to act in a television drama together, and they were all from the same company. “Damn it, this new investor actually didn’t invite my master.” Su Xiaoyu looked very angry.

“Sister Wanqiu, do you think this new investor is dissatisfied with Master?” Su Xiaoyu looked at Xia Wanqiu.

Xia Wanqiu shook her head lightly. Everything depended on tonight’s gala,

“If he can’t be the male lead of this drama, then I won’t act as the female lead of this drama.” Xia Wanqiu raised her beautiful eyes with a hint of determination.

She would rather give up a good script and a chance to become famous.

She only wanted to film a relationship scene with Lin Fan and… a kissing scene.

She did not know what the new investor was up to.

However, she knew that if there was any trouble, she would face it with Lin Fan!