Chapter 78 - Damn Woman, Pay Me Ice Cream! _ 1

Chapter 78 of 299 chapters

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This scene was rather important.

It attracted everyone’s attention.

The male and female leads were the souls of a television drama. Director Lu Benkai and all the staff also started working seriously.

The purpose was to film this scene well.

“Director Lu, do you think they can act out this scene well? I feel like it’s a little difficult. After all, the two of them don’t have any experience,” Liu Mou said.

“Let’s give it a try. If they don’t do a good job, they can practise more. We have so many veteran actors with good acting skills here. If they can’t do it once, we’ll shoot it ten times. They’ll do a good job eventually,” Lu Benkai said.

Under everyone’s worried gazes, Lin Fan and Xia Wangiu’s officially started filming their scenes.

The cameras focused on Lin Fan and Xia Wangiu.

According to the script, Lin Fan slowly lifted the tablecloth and saw the girl who was as beautiful as a goddess, Xia Wanqiu.

Lin Fan’s eyes widened as everything around him seemed to freeze up.

Lin Fan looked at Xia Wangiu and perfectly displayed the feeling of love at first sight.

Then, it was their conversation.

“Let me ask you something. Are you an assassin?”

“Tdon’t think so.”

“Were you sent by an immortal?”

“Tdon’t think so.”

“But I think you are.”

Immediately after, they slowly stood up from under the table.

Xia Wangiu had a devastatingly beautiful face and she looked pure and beautiful when she was wearing ancient clothes. She was wearing a pure white long dress and looked like a daughter of a rich family.

At this moment, the scene froze again.

As for the protagonist, Lin Fan, he was injured previously and spat out another mouthful of blood.

“What happened to you?” the female lead, Xia Wanqiu, asked.

“Tm used to coughing blood.” Lin Fan replied.

Then, in the later scenes, Xia Wanqiu ran away, revealing a perfect back view and the unique shyness of a girl.

The entire scene was very smooth.

Lin Fan and Xia Wangqiu acted out the feeling when the male and female leads first met.

‘When the performance was over, everyone in the production team stared blankly at everything.

This was the first time Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu acted in a relationship scene. The acting was so sincere and smooth the entire time. Whether it was Lin Fan’s love at first sight or Xia Wanqiu’s acting skills, they were both very good.

After all, in this drama, Xia Wanqiu was Lin Fan’s fiancée. There were too many scenes between the two of them.

“D*mn… Lin Fan and Xia Wangiu acted too well. There weren’t any flaws. Lin Fan’s look of love at first sight completely exceeded my imagination.”

“Havent the two of them never acted in a relationship before? Why are they so good at their first relationship scene? They’re completely acting as themselves.”

“It’s so sweet. I’m an actor and I’m already moved. It makes me think of Xia Wanqiu leaning on Lin Fan’s shoulder in high school. It’s so sweet that it’s explosive. I didn’t expect the two of them to act so well together.”

“It’s really amazing, If this show really broadcasts, I don’t know how much of a reaction it will cause. Xia Wangiu is the goddess in many people’s hearts. Her first relationship scene is so beautiful.”

“Lin Fan’s acting skills are really… too perfect. He’s not only good at acting in martial arts scenes, he’s also very good at normal scenes. Now, even his relationship scenes are so perfect.”

Many actors were shocked. After seeing Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu’s acting, they even felt like they were in a relationship.

This also made many actors more confident in this drama.

Director Lu Benkai and producer Liu Mou applauded.

The two of them looked at each other with indescribable surprise.

Lin Fan was so handsome and Xia Wanqiu was so beautiful. Coupled with their acting skills, the work they presented was perfect.

“Lin Fan, Xia Wangiu, I have to say that your acting skills impressed me. If you can maintain this state and continue, this drama will definitely become popular!” Lu Benkai praised.

Liu Mou nodded as well. “I feel like these two roles belong to you guys. No one can replace you, and no one can act better than you guys.”

“You flatter me. Wangiu and I were just acting as ourselves. These two roles really suit us.” Lin Fan smiled.

Xia Wangiu blushed and wanted to bite Lin Fan.

She wasnt acting out her true colors with Lin Fan.

She was Lin Fan’s fiancée in the movie. She didn’t have such a close relationship with Lin Fan in real life.

She was not acting out her true colors. That despicable Lin Fan was bullying her again.

However, Xia Wangiu could not say it yet, or even express it.

She and Lin Fan were only colleagues in front of everyone.

There were so many people here. If there was really any scandal, it could be posted online at any time.

Watching Lin Fan and Xia Wangiu leave,

Xu Yang looked at their backs silently and felt bitter.

Was he ignored again?

Other people did not know Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiv’s relationship, but Xu Yang did.

The details between the two of them and some small actions were not something ordinary friends would do.

For example, Xia Wangiu would wear a cat-eared hat in front of Lin Fan and make cute gestures and meow.

However, Xia Wangiu was always very polite in front of Xu Yang. She kept her distance and smiled. As for any cute actions, forget it.

Only Su Xiaoyu would occasionally be cute in front of Xu Yang. This was Su Xiaoyu’s nature, she was the same to everyone.

‘When a goddess acted cute in front of others and kept her distance in front of you, Xu Yang understood everything.

His goddess dream shattered.

The filming continued. The weather was hot and the clothes were warm.

Lin Fan bought some ice cream and held an umbrella silently as he walked to Xia Wangiu’s side.

“Huh?” Xia Wanqiu raised her beautiful eyes and looked at Lin Fan.

“Do you want some ice cream?” Lin Fan took out an ice cream and held the umbrella with his other hand. Most of the angle of the umbrella was on Xia Wangqiu’s side.

When Xia Wangiu saw the ice cream, her eyes lit up and her face turned slightly red. “Help me open the ice creams packaging.”

“Alright.” Lin Fan nodded. After tearing open the ice cream packaging, he handed the ice cream to Xia Wanqiu.

“Thank you, official.” Xia Wangiu smiled sweetly. She put her hands together and bowed slightly. She was like the female lead in the drama, immortal and like a real fairy.

Lin Fan saw Xia Wangiu suddenly start acting, Furthermore, she was so beautiful that it made his heart flutter.

The ice cream in Lin Fan’s mouth fell to the ground.

“Hehehe…” Xia Wangiu looked at Lin Fan’s embarrassed expression and giggled. Her smile was so beautiful that it seemed to melt Lin Fan.

“Damn woman, pay me my ice cream!!” Lin Fan was furious and his heart ached. In such a hot day, an ice cream could save lives.

“Twontt, I refuse to pay. I’m running ~” Xia Wanqiu ran off.

Lin Fan chased after her while Xia Wangiu ran in front.

The weather was hot and Lin Fan and Xia Wangiu’s hearts were warm.

When Xu Yang was about to give the ice cream to Xia Wanqiu, he saw everything.


Xu Yang’s ice cream fell to the ground..