Chapter 89 - Lin Jingjing was shocked, what an amazing soundtrack!

Chapter 89 of 299 chapters

Chapter 89 Lin Jingjing was shocked, what an amazing soundtrack!

After receiving the money, Lin Fan’s economic crisis was temporarily relieved.

When the remuneration for filming Joy of Life was issued, Lin Fan would really be rich.

The 300,000 yuan was used to relieve his economic crisis. It could be used to pay for his property maintenance, water, and electricity. His three luxury cars also required a lot of money to maintain.

Lin Fan would not receive much remuneration from filming Joy of Life. Lin Fan’s salary was only nine million dollars. Right now, Lin Fan was still a newcomer. It just so happened that there wasn’t enough investment in the drama Joy of Life, so his salary had been reduced quite a lot.

In the post-production team, after some editing work was done, the most important thing was dubbing. The production team invited the dubbing master, Mei Lan, Master Mei.

There was some specific action dubbing that needed to be done. Music had to be added to scenes of the entire television series as well. Almost every plot and scene in a television drama had to be accompanied by different music.

The company also hired a lot of staff to come up with all sorts of music for Joy of Life.

When Mei Lan brought the staff to carry out the relevant work, there were also some professional voice actors among them.

Lin Jingjing also came.

Her voice was nice to begin with, and her singing was also very beautiful. Moreover, her professional skills were outstanding.

Being an actor was only Lin Jingjing’s side profession. At the same time, she was also a singer. Because her voice was nice, Lin Jingjing would also be a voice actor sometimes.

When Lin Jingjing and Mei Lan arrived at the production team, they saw Lin Fan.

Lin Fan was trying to dub. Don’t forget that he had the best musical talent and godly singing skills.

Lin Fan’s singing was also superb and his attainments in music were equally high.

When Master Mei Lan arrived, Lin Fan had already prepared half of the music for Joy of Life.

There were even many soundtracks that Lin Fan had created himself.

When Lin Fan was creating the music, he was fully focused.

Every time a piece of music was created, Lin Fan would use the piano to play it once and then edit it using a software until the entire music effect echoed the style of this plot.

So much so that the only sound in the room was music.

The other staff were also quiet. Some people were already immersed in the music.

When Lin Fan played such a soundtrack on the piano again, everyone listened quietly. Although everyone did not understand music, they could feel that this piece of music was very nice.

Among them, Lin Fan even played the theme song of the television series.

His original theme song.

“Master Mei Lan, Jingjing, you two…” Xue Kexin wanted to welcome the two of them in. Mei Lan made a shushing gesture and listened to the music quietly.

She had been standing there for a long time and had been listening to Lin Fan play the music.

Lin Jingjing closed her eyes and enjoyed it, feeling a little surprised. When did the company hire a music master? The tune he played was so nice.

Only those who knew music could understand how much music theory knowledge was packed into the tune Lin Fan played just now.

The tune was lively and euphemistic, and ethereal music entered everyone’s ears.

After Lin Fan was done playing the tune, Lin Jingjing opened her eyes, her beautiful eyes flashing with surprise.

She loved music and singing the most. Naturally, she could tell that the tune Lin Fan had just played was an original composition.

What nice music was this? Lin Jingjing wanted to meet this mysterious master.

Who was it that could play such good music, and even the accompaniment just now was so vivid and lively? Lin Jingjing had already made up her mind. She wanted to consult this master.

If only this master could give her some pointers on how to sing.

Master Mei Lan opened her eyes as well.

“Which music master did the accompaniment just now?”

“Could it be that… Jay Chou came here personally? Or did we invite the four Heavenly Kings? Or could it be Faye Wong? Only people with deep musical attainments can play such an exquisite tune. The accompaniment just now was simply too perfect,” Master Mei Lan said.

Xue Kexin was a little shocked. Just now, Lin Fan said that he wanted to borrow the piano to play and see if there was any suitable accompaniment. Xue Kexin let Lin Fan go ahead.

In Xue Kexin’s opinion, Lin Fan was a script master and he knew a lot about post-production work. However, this didn’t mean that Lin Fan knew music. After all, music required talent and hard work. It was very difficult to learn music in a short period of time. Even if he knew music, he still needed very professional knowledge to dub the music for television.

But Mei Lan was a master of the music industry. She had led a team to complete the accompaniment for countless television dramas. She actually praised Lin Fan so highly.

She even evaluated Lin Fan to be as good as Jay Chou or Faye Wong…

Jay Chou and Faye Wong were the top people in the music industry. For Mei Lan to evaluate Lin Fan like this, it meant that she approved of him.

This simply refreshed Xue Kexin’s understanding.

Lin Fan was too awesome. How could his music reach such a high level?

“Master Mei Lan, how’s the level of the tune just now?” Xue Kexin asked.

“Peak of Perfection.” Master Mei Lan said. “Yes, yes. Can I meet that master? He plays the piano so well. Especially the last part just now. I feel like a brand new scene has appeared in front of me.” Lin Jingjing nodded.

Xue Kexin said, “The person who came here to dub is not Jay Chou but Lin Fan. He said that he wanted to give it a try. I didn’t expect him to be so proficient in music.”

At this moment, Lin Fan walked out.

When she saw Lin Fan, Lin Jingjing’s beautiful eyes widened.

Oh my god… she thought that it was some master playing in there, but the person playing was Lin Fan!

“Wow, it’s you. Lin Fan, how are you so good at music?” Lin Jingjing ran over and looked at Lin Fan in admiration.

Lin Jingjing’s pursuit of music was her lifelong dream. Lin Fan’s music was so amazing, of course Lin Jingjing felt a little worshipful.

That was someone that even her teacher, Mei Lan, praised.

“Master Lin, the tune you just played was too wonderful.” Mei Lan shook hands with Lin Fan.

Lin Fan smiled and said, “It’s the theme song I prepared for this television series. It’s called ‘A Will Forever’.” Mei Lan nodded. “Such a tune can be used as the theme song. Also, the music accompaniment just now was also a stroke of genius. Coupled with this television drama, this television drama will definitely become popular!”

Mei Lan had not expected that when she came to help Joy of Life dub, she would meet an even more amazing music master. Lin Fan!!