Chapter 90 - How Can Xia Wanqiu Be So Beautiful (7)_1

Chapter 90 of 299 chapters

Chapter 90 How Can Xia Wanqiu Be So Beautiful (7)_1

After completing the accompaniment music for the entire television series, Lin Jingjing’s impression of Lin Fan completely changed. “Lin Fan, drink some water.”

“You’re really amazing. Your musical talent is so strong. Do you sing very well too?” Lin Jingjing looked at Lin Fan and handed him a bottle of mineral water.

“It’s alright. It’s just so-so.” Lin Fan smiled and took the bottle of water. He had been busy for the past half a month.

“You only know how to be humble. No wonder Qiuqiu likes you so much. In the future, when I hold a concert, you have to come ~” Lin Jingjing looked at Lin Fan and smiled.

“Even if you don’t come, I’ll still invite you. I’ll also invite Xiaoyu and Qiuqiu. No matter what, you have to support me.” Lin Jingjing smiled at Lin Fan.

“Alright, invite me then.” Lin Fan smiled.

Master Mei Lan and Xue Kexin were sitting together.

The two of them felt like they had nothing to live for anymore.

One was a master in the music industry, Mei Lan.

One was the head of the post-production team, Xue Kexin.

The two of them were very good in their respective fields but ever since Lin Fan came, it seemed like things had nothing to do with them anymore. Instead, they had to learn from the side. At most, they could give suggestions.

When they went to make suggestions, Lin Fan could always find a better point that made the two of them exclaim.

“Sigh, what a pity. If Lin Fan took the path of music, he would definitely be famous,” Mei Lan said.

Xue Kexin nodded and said, “If Lin Fan were to specialize in post-production, who knows how many outstanding television dramas and films would be released to change the country’s situation in the television industry. Now, other than handsome hunks and divine dramas, there aren’t many other outstanding works on television.”

The two of them had the same feeling. How could Lin Fan be so outstanding… In two different fields, Lin Fan was a one in a million talent.

“No, I have to think of a way to get Lin Fan to make music. This kind of talent can’t be erased,” Mei Lan said.

Xue Kexin shook her head. “Master Mei Lan, I think there’s no need. Lin Fan doesn’t lack money… and Lin Fan might be richer than all of us.”

Mei Lan was surprised. “Ah? Isn’t he still a newcomer in the entertainment industry?”

Xue Kexin shook her head again and said, “Master Mei Lan, Lin Fan isn’t an ordinary person… His family is very rich. Lin Fan has sports cars worth hundreds of millions and a Lake Heart Villa in Blue Wave Bay. Lin Fan is also a major shareholder of a five-star hotel. He even has the property rights of the technology building worth billions. I’m afraid Lin Fan’s personal assets are no less than tens of billions.”

Mei Lan gasped when she heard that it was worth tens of billions.

Was this… Lin Fan?

If she wasn’t wrong, Lin Fan was only in his twenties. He was still very young.

With such strong abilities and so much money, Lin Fan’s future development would be immeasurable.

“Assets worth tens of billions, Lin Fan is really not ordinary. I suddenly feel a little envious of Lin Fan. I’ve worked for so many years but I’ve only earned more than ten million. But Lin Fan has tens of billions…” Mei Lan said enviously. “Yes.” Xue Kexin nodded. Actually, she wanted to woo Lin Fan a little.

She was afraid that Lin Fan wouldn’t agree and would think that she was a gold digger.

But Lin Fan was so handsome and charming. She couldn’t resist him at all and was too embarrassed to say anything. After all, the girls beside Lin Fan were Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, and Lin Jingjing. All of them were beautiful women. Compared to these celebrities, she didn’t have any advantage.

“Lin Fan, I also want to acknowledge you as my master…” Lin Jingjing looked at Lin Fan quietly and blinked her eyes.

“Move aside. I’m not taking in a disciple. You’re so pretty and you’re also calling me master like Xiaoyu. If word gets out, people will think that I’ve done something bad to you guys.” Lin Fan smiled.

It had to be said that Lin Jingjing was also very pretty and her voice was quite nice. However, Lin Fan still had to keep a distance from Lin Jingjing

If the cat were to find out, he would be in big trouble.

“Hmph, Lin Fan, let’s take a picture together then.” Lin Jingjing picked up her camera and looked at Lin Fan. Unknowingly, her attitude towards Lin Fan had changed. After all, Lin Fan was too outstanding.

“Move aside, I’m busy,” said Lin Fan.

“Why won’t you take a photo with me? You’re so petty. I’m going to tell Qiuqiu,” Lin Jingjing said.

“Speaking of her, Ii’s been a long time since I last spoke to my little piggy.” Lin Fan smiled. He hadn’t seen Xia Wanqiu for more than half a month.


He missed her after not seeing her for half a month.

Although there were many girls here, and many of them were pretty, Lin Fan wasn’t interested.

These girls’ figures were not as pretty as Xia Wanqiu’s. The key was that they were not as cute as Xia Wanqiu.

Xia Wanqiu was usually very busy. She had to take on endorsements, shoot advertisements, and even film the variety show “Keep Running”.

Lin Fan was also going to be in the last episode of Keep Running. He wanted to give Xia Wanqiu a surprise on her birthday.

As for Lin Jingjing saying that Xia Wanqiu liked him so much, Lin Fan didn’t believe that such a detestable woman would like him. Opening WeChat, Lin Fan looked at his chat history with Xia Wanqiu. It was still stuck at half a month ago. Xia Wanqiu hadn’t sent him any WeChat messages for more than half a month. This made Lin Fan very angry.

Lin Fan had been busy with the post-production work for Joy of Life for half a month, so he didn’t have time to send Xia Wanqiu a message. Xia Wanqiu didn’t send Lin Fan a message either.

At the thought of this, Lin Fan got even angrier.

“Come, Jingjing, let’s take a picture together,” said Lin Fan.

“Sure.” Lin Jingjing smiled and took a photo with Lin Fan.

Then, Lin Jingjing sent this photo to Xia Wanqiu. She looked very aggrieved, indicating that Lin Fan took advantage of her absence to take photos with other girls.

Lin Fan was on the first level, and Xia Wanqiu was on the second level. She had wanted Lin Jingjing to look for Lin Fan for a long time.

After all, Lin Fan had been busy with the post-production for the past half a month. It was just that Lin Fan’s musical talent had stunned Lin Jingjing.

Although Lin Jingjing had a good impression of Lin Fan, she would keep her distance from Lin Fan. She took the initiative to ask Lin Fan for a photo with her because of Xia Wanqiu.

For some reason, Lin Fan felt a little guilty after taking a photo with Lin Jingjing.

He seemed to have fallen for Lin Jingjing’s trap.

Lin Fan knew that Lin Jingjing was close to Xu Yang usually. The person she liked was definitely not him.

She took the initiative to find him for a photo. Maybe… Lin Jingjing was a spy sent by Xia Wanqiu.

Lin Fan felt a chill down his spine.

He even took the initiative to take a photo with Lin Jingjing. If Xia Wanqiu found out, Lin Fan felt a cold sensation somewhere in his body, as if it was going to break.

Instead of waiting for death, it was better to confess to the cat.

Lin Fan immediately tried to video call Xia Wanqiu.

When the video call connected, Lin Fan saw her breathtakingly beautiful face. Xia Wanqiu was wearing a long dress and standing by the sea. She had light makeup on and had an outstanding aura, like a true fairy. Seeing such a beautiful Xia Wanqiu, Lin Fan felt a little guilty.

He already had such a beautiful and cute cat, how could he take a photo with other girls because of anger?

Lin Fan felt as though his heart was about to melt.

After not seeing her for half a month, Lin Fan couldn’t help but smile when he saw Xia Wanqiu again.

“Dumbo, what are you laughing at?” Xia Wanqiu looked at Lin Fan and smiled sweetly. She had a face that could topple cities and cities. Her smile was much more beautiful than those photos on the Internet.

Seeing Lin Fan’s strong desire to survive, Xia Wanqiu wasn’t angry anymore.

Who asked Lin Fan to be so handsome? She reluctantly forgave him!