Chapter 96 - Lin Fan’s Weibo Exploded, Joy Media Evenly Matched with Yuehua (13)

Chapter 96 of 299 chapters

Chapter 96 Lin Fan’s Weibo Exploded, Joy Media Evenly Matched with Yuehua (13)

Zhao Rui continued, “Of course, we shouldn’t underestimate ‘Joy of Life’ too much. They have a lot of celebrities and have the ability to fight with us.”

“Therefore, during this period of time, we have to make use of the public’s opinion to attack Lin Fan online.”

“It’s useless to attack people like Xia Wanqiu and Xu Yang on the Internet. They don’t have many dark spots on them, but Lin Fan is a weak point.”

“A restaurant owner who also has a considerable net worth. In the end, he pulled strings to be the male lead of Joy of Life. By making use of these details, we can directly reduce the audience’s anticipation for Joy of Life, causing Joy of Life’s reputation to plummet.”

“At the same time, contact the broadcasting company. General and I and Joy of Life will premiere at the same time. We must crush Joy of Life completely!”

“This way, the investors will pay more attention to Joy Media in the future. This is also a good opportunity to attack Yuehua.” Zhao Rui smiled with strong confidence.

The goal of Joy Media was to crush Yuehua!

And Lin Fan, who had no acting skills, became Yuehua’s biggest weak point!

At the same time, all sorts of news about Lin Fan went viral.

The entire Internet was criticizing Lin Fan. All sorts of haters and keyboard warriors appeared out of nowhere.

“Lin Fan isn’t suitable to be the male lead of Joy of Life. Lin Fan is just a restaurant owner. I suspect that he pulled strings to become the male lead!”

“Lin Fan is a little handsome, but can he compare to the handsomeness of the male lead of General and I? Lin Fan, who has no acting skills. Urgh, whoever watches Joy of Life is a moron?”

“It seems like there’s something between Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu? They might have been in a relationship since high school. No matter what, this television series must not be good.”

“Lin Fan is really f*cking trash. His acting skills aren’t good and he only knows how to cook. What right does he have to be the male lead? Doesn’t that mean that I can be the male lead too?”

“Shocking. I’ve found the reason why Lin Fan was the male lead. Lin Fan is a tycoon. He drives a Rolls-Royce and a Bugatti. He really took the back door. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Yuehua really can do anything for money.”

At that moment, the entire Internet was denouncing Lin Fan.

Some people even found Lin Fan’s Weibo and started commenting fervently.

“Trash backdoor dog, get out of the entertainment industry!”

“What right do you have to be the male lead? You even acted with our Qiuqiu. What right do you have to be the male lead through connections?”

“Yuehua looks so disgusting doing anything for money. I won’t watch Yuehua’s dramas in the future.”

Joy Media was indeed a big company and negative public opinion was spreading quite fast.

They had fabricated news about Lin Fan’s acting skills, abilities, and going through a back door and started to fan the flames.

Lin Fan didn’t have a fanbase and not many people believed him.

Even if there were, they would be beaten by the keyboard warriors. This was the power of an entertainment company. If they wanted to mess with Lin Fan, it would be easy. The most important thing in the battle between the two dramas was public opinion.

Some passers-by who didn’t know the truth also criticized Lin Fan on Weibo.

In an instant, Lin Fan’s Weibo was attacked by the public.

There were even people who said that with so many celebrities speaking up for Lin Fan previously, it meant that Lin Fan had gotten in through the back door.

Countless torrents attacked at the same time, as if they wanted to crush Joy of Life.

Yuehua Entertainment.

Su Xiaoyu was very angry. “These despicable keyboard warriors are bullying Master again. I really want to scold these people back.”

Xia Wanqiu was also looking at Weibo. Her beautiful eyes were cold. She had seen so many people attacking Lin Fan again.

Xu Yang slammed the table in anger. “Damn it, how dare someone bully my brother! Which company did it? Who did it? Investigate!”

CEO Li’s expression was also volatile. This was clearly someone who wanted to destroy the reputation of “Joy of Life” and even Yuehua.

If the quality of Joy of Life was really poor, then all of Yuehua’s celebrities would probably be affected.

Even all the actors acting in Joy of Life would be affected.

Once this television drama was defined as a lousy film, it would be very difficult for the celebrities in this drama to make a comeback in the future. They would forever be labeled as having acted in a lousy film.

At this moment, Lin Fan walked into Yuehua.

When everyone looked at Lin Fan, they were surprised to see that he wasn’t angry at all. “Master, people are scolding you. I want to scold them back. What should I do?” Su Xiaoyu ran over. Looking at so many Weibo messages, she got angrier and angrier. They were really infuriating.

“I’m very angry!” Xia Wanqiu nodded as well, her face fierce.

Director Lu Benkai and producer Liu Mou were even angrier for Lin Fan.

After all, Lin Fan’s acting was so good. But before these people could see it, they started to defame Lin Fan online. “You don’t have to be angry. Only one company would do such a thing. Joy Media.” “In the beginning, Joy Media wanted to buy my script for the cheapest price but I rejected them. Now, Joy Media’s television drama,” General and I”, is about to premiere. It will probably be at the same time as Joy of Life. Therefore, Joy Media will seize this weakness of mine and attack me directly,” said Lin Fan with a smile.

When everyone heard Lin Fan’s words, they nodded their heads.

Although Lin Fan didn’t have much status or works in the entertainment industry, among Yuehua’s people, Lin Fan would forever be a god and had some prestige. Even Xu Yang was very polite to Lin Fan. He even called him brother. It was obvious how well Yuehua’s people interacted with Lin Fan.

However, some passers-by who didn’t know the truth on the Internet were led astray and started to scold Lin Fan.

“Lin Fan, how do you think we should fight back? What Joy Media is doing now will only affect the reputation of Joy of Life.” Xu Yang looked at Lin Fan and asked.

Lin Fan was very calm. He said, “We don’t need to do anything, nor do we need to prove ourselves. We don’t need to join this scolding battle on the Internet either. It’ll make us seem low-level.”

“The opponent wants to destroy us. Basically, the opponent is afraid that our drama will become popular.” “In reality, Joy Media has walked into a mistake. They used a large number of keyboard warriors to attack me, which will only make Joy of Life even more popular. It will become popular almost before it even broadcasts.”

“For example, previously, there were many people on the Internet who hated on Battle Through The Heavens for transforming their chi into horses. The more haters there were, the more people there were who wanted to see what transforming chi into horses was. When they watch the television drama, they will realize that this television drama was actually filmed so beautifully…”

“The audience are not fools. Everything is determined by the works. The more people criticizing us now, the more the rumors will collapse on their own when the television drama is released. On the other hand, the reputation of our television drama will experience a reversal!”

“The final victors will be us!!!”