Chapter 97 - Breaking The Doubt With The Truth! (14) _1

Chapter 97 of 299 chapters

Chapter 97 Breaking The Doubt With The Truth! (14) _1

After hearing Lin Fan, Xu Yang, Lu Benkai, and Liu Mou all gave him a thumbs up.

Lin Fan was right. No matter how much the Internet criticized him, it was useless.

These haters were just paid keyboard warriors who were spreading rumors.

Just using haters and keyboard warriors would only make Joy of Life more popular.

No matter how many rumors the keyboard warriors spread, it was all an illusion. Without concrete evidence, it could not form a true trend.

Therefore, Yuehua only needed one move to completely disintegrate the haters and allow Yuehua to achieve the final reversal.

This move was to use the truth to fight back.

Using facts to break these people’s doubts about the television series Joy of Life.

CEO Li also walked out and looked at everyone. He smiled and said, “Lin Fan is indeed different from the rest. He hit the nail on the head.”

“Everyone, you have to have confidence in this television series we’re filming. There are extremely good-looking male and female leads with good acting skills. There are also great beauties like Su Xiaoyu and Lin Jingjing. There are also actors like Xu Yang and veteran actors. Almost every detail of the television series will not be inferior to any opponent. Including the choice of script, I believe in my choice.”

“The script for General and I was written by an old screenwriter from Joy Media. Their ability is equally good. Since Joy Media wants to fight with Yuehua, let’s fight with them!”

“Everyone, let’s get to work!” CEO Li said.

Joy Media wasn’t weak after all. In just two days, they had already started to defame Lin Fan on the Internet.

These haters even started hating on Xia Wanqiu and Su Xiaoyu too.

U loo.

Anyway, as long as something could be hated on, they would hate on it.

There were even people who criticized Su Xiaoyu for often holding cucumbers and bananas. They wondered if she was too thirsty and did those things alone.

There were all sorts of haters on the Internet.

Lin Fan didn’t look at these Weibo posts. He didn’t care how the haters on the Internet scolded him.

Right now, Lin Fan was writing a new script.

No matter how the people on the Internet defamed him, Lin Fan was very confident.


“Joy of Life” was only the beginning.

After working for so many days, Lin Fan had many ideas for scripts in his mind.

Exciting stories appeared on the paper.

Although the new script wasn’t finished, Lin Fan had already thought of a name.

This name… was “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”!

Lin Fan was also in the midst of creating “The Legend of Sword and Fairy”.

At the same time, Joy of Life was about to begin broadcasting.

On this day, Producer Liu Mou, as well as Director Lu Benkai, were discussing an agreement with four companies regarding the premiering rights.

The companies decided to let Joy of Life premiere on the Internet.

There were a total of four video companies. They were iQiyi, Tencent Arts, Happy Fruit, and MangoTV.

These four video websites had many audiences.

These four companies were extremely competitive. Both Happy Fruit and MangoTV had already paid a high price to sign the premiere rights for the drama “General and I”. “Pleasure doing business with you,” said Wang Lele, the manager of the Happy Fruit.

“Pleasure doing business with you.” Zhao Rui smiled.

The MangoTV staff, Li Mangmang, also spent a huge sum of money. This was because the popularity of “General and I” was higher, and the actors inside were all popular celebrities.

When Lu Benkai spoke to the two companies, he encountered some problems. Happy Fruit’s Wang Lele said, “It’s not that we don’t want to buy your premiere rights. If your male lead is Xu Yang, we can still buy it. But your male lead is Lin Fan. Look at how much he’s being hated on the Internet now. We don’t know how much money we’ll have to lose if we buy the premiere rights for ‘Joy of Life’.”

MangoTV’s Li Mangmang nodded. “Your male lead’s popularity is too low, and he has been criticized by the entire Internet. I’m sorry, but I’m afraid we can’t work with you on this drama. We can still buy your premiere rights, but our company can only bid 10 million at most.”

When Lu Benkai heard that, he glared at Li Mangmang and said, “You’re bidding 10 million? Don’t we have popular celebrities in Joy of Life too?”

Li Mangmang smiled and said, “Xia Wanqiu, Xu Yang and Su Xiaoyu? That’s right, they are indeed very popular, but you chose the wrong male lead for this drama. Also, I want to tell you that Xia Wanqiu, Xu Yang and Su Xiaoyu’s popularity cannot compare to that of Wang Menghan and Zhao Ziyue of Joy Media.”

Happy Fruit and MangoTV had spent 60 million RMB to buy the premiere rights of “General and I”. They naturally could not afford to buy the premiere rights of “Joy of Life” as well.

The two video companies chose the latter when it came to the choice between “Joy of Life” and “General and I”.

In terms of popularity, Wang Menghan and Zhao Ziyue were indeed more popular than Xia Wanqiu.

After all, Xia Wanqiu had not filmed in a year. Her only work was the variety show Keep Running, but works were the core of an actor’s soul.

Only works could make the audience remember an actor.

Lu Benkai and Liu Mou left angrily.

Happy Fruit and MangoTV looked down on Lu Benkai.

It was time to negotiate with Tencent Arts and iQiyi.

Both companies looked troubled.

They also felt that it was better to choose “General and I”.

However, there were also a lot of seasoned actors and actresses acting in the drama “Joy of Life”. Therefore, these two companies were a little tempted but also a little hesitant.

“Director Lu, can we take a look at the sample before deciding?” Tencent Arts’ staff asked.

“Same for us.” The staff member of iQiyi nodded.

“Of course. The sample shows the first three episodes. You can take a look. As for the rumors on the Internet, the quality of his acting skills will have to be determined by the work, right?” Lu Benkai said.

“Of course,” the staff from both companies said.

Hence, after the staff members of iQiyi and Tencent Arts watched the three episodes of the sample,

The staff from both companies were stunned.

“Holy sh*t… the male lead of this drama, how can Lin Fan be so handsome? He’s even more handsome than Xu Yang.”

“Also, I’m really stunned by Lin Fan’s acting skills. His acting skills are really good. Why is everyone online defaming Lin Fan?”


“Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu’s acting together was simply amazing. I suddenly understand why Lin Fan could be the male lead of this television series. Such a handsome male lead with such good acting skills. Everyone would want Lin Fan to be the male lead.”

“There are really a lot of haters on the Internet. Are the plot of this television drama, the filming methods, post-production works, and even the dubbing so top-notch as well?”

“With such a method of filming, the scenes presented are simply at the peak of perfection. Especially the acting skills of the male lead Lin Fan, they have far exceeded our imagination!”

“Director Lu, our company wants to buy your premiere broadcast rights. Let’s sign the contract now. Once such a work is broadcasted, it will definitely not lose to any television drama!”