Chapter 98 - The Battle Begins For The Two Major Television Dramas! (15) _1

Chapter 98 of 299 chapters

Chapter 98 The Battle Begins For The Two Major Television Dramas! (15) _1

The staff members of Tencent Arts and iQiyi were all stunned.

Previously, when so many people were defaming Lin Fan on the Internet, these video website companies had some doubts. They wanted to buy the premiere rights of the television series. If this television series did not become popular, then their video websites would lose everything. Premiere broadcasting rights would cost them 100-200 million, or even 300-400 million, and that was still low.

The copyright fees would be very high.

Now, the staff of the two video companies had seen the acting skills of the male and female leads in Joy of Life.

This was especially so for Lin Fan’s acting skills. They were extremely outstanding.

It was completely different from the one-sided comments on the Internet.

Lin Fan’s looks and acting skills were enough for him to be the male lead.

“Director Lu, Tencent Arts is willing to buy your premiere broadcast rights for 70 million yuan, plus the corresponding dividends. What do you think?” Tencent Arts’ staff asked.

“Director Lu, iQiyi is also willing to pay 70 million yuan for the premiere rights. However, there is a condition. The premiere rights can only be in the hands of iQiyi and Tencent Arts. We will then add on the corresponding dividends of the television drama. We believe that the television drama Joy of Life will be extremely popular.” the iQiyi staff said.

The bids from the staff of the two companies were very high.

This price was even higher than that of Joy Media.

It was originally impossible to get such a high price. Most importantly, these two companies had seen the sample and seen Lin Fan’s acting skills.

This television drama was made too well, so both companies offered 70 million yuan.

Buying such a television drama for 70 million was enough to prove how much importance these two companies placed on “Joy of Life”. “Sure.” Lu Benkai nodded and signed the agreement.

Both companies took out 70 million yuan, which was 140 million yuan in total.

This was only the beginning. If this television drama could really become popular, the subsequent income and commercial value it would generate would be immeasurable!

The television series “Joy of Life” had a total of 46 episodes. Yuehua and the two companies had agreed that they would broadcast eight episodes a week.

They only needed a month to finish broadcasting Joy of Life.

And the premiere of “Joy of Life” was scheduled for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8 pm.

Every Friday and Saturday, three episodes would be added while two episodes would be added on Sunday. The eight episodes every week would all be added during prime time.

After signing the contract, the official Weibo account of “Joy of Life” officially released the first broadcast notice.

(Joy of Life will be officially broadcasted on Friday, July 24th, at 8pm, with eight episodes added per week. The premiere broadcasting platforms are iQiyi and Tencent Arts.]

[Male Lead: Lin Fan, Female Lead: Xia Wanqiu)

At the same time, Joy Media’s official Weibo account also sent out the first broadcast notice of “General and I”.

As a television drama of Joy Media, “General and I” would premiere on the two video websites, Happy Fruit and MangoTV.

“Joy of Life” and “General and I” were like mortal enemies clashing with each other. They announced their premiere timings one after another. Even the broadcast timing and dates were the same.

Joy Media wanted to crush Yuehua directly.

After the two companies released the first broadcast notice, Lin Fan, Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, Xu Yang, Lin Jingjing, Teacher Chen, Teacher Wu, Director Lu Benkai, and producer Liu Mou all reposted the Weibo post.

At once, “Joy of Life” became a trending topic.

The atmosphere was still the same as before. Now, there was no need for keyboard warriors. The people on the Internet had a unified style.

These people all supported “General and I” and not “Joy of Life”.

After Lin Fan reposted the Weibo post as well, hundreds of thousands of haters went to his Weibo and started scolding him. “Trash, get lost, quit the entertainment industry!”

“People like you who take the back door lead television series astray. You filmed all sorts of lousy dramas and even became the male lead. Do you really think you can act? No way, right?”

“Just you wait. If the television drama doesn’t look good on Friday, your entire family will die!”

“Our Qiuqiu’s first relationship scene was destroyed by you. It would have been great if Xu Yang had been the male lead.”

All sorts of comments filled Lin Fan’s Weibo.

Furthermore, because there were too many haters, some irrational haters even smashed Lin Fan’s restaurant.

At once, everyone was furious.

Of course, most people were led astray.

These people who fanned the flames were very scary. There were also all sorts of marketing accounts. There was an overwhelming amount of hate towards Lin Fan and the television drama “Joy of Life”.

At the same time, a famous blogger with the nickname “Liu Dada” posted on Weibo.

(Lin Fan is a rich man who doesn’t know how to act. Don’t dirty the entertainment industry!]

There were more than 2000 words in it. They were all about boycotting Lin Fan. Furthermore, the famous blogger Liu Dada, usually liked to scold celebrities. He had scolded some handsome hunks before and now, he was scolding Lin Fan.

Many marketing accounts also started reposting Liu Dada’s Weibo post.

The denouncement on the Internet was getting more and more heated.

What was Lin Fan doing?

He was in the Lake Heart Villa. There was a barbecue rack with all sorts of lamb skewers, mushrooms, eggplants, steak, etc. Xia Wanqiu, Su Xiaoyu, Lin Jingjing, Xu Yang, Lu Benkai, and the others were all in Lin Fan’s house.

It was a large gathering.

As for the news on Weibo, Lin Fan wouldn’t look at it.

These news would only affect Lin Fan’s mood. However, it didn’t change the fact that Lin Fan could still live such a comfortable life.

It was peaceful, and happy, and there was a lot to eat.

Most importantly, with the cat around, Lin Fan wouldn’t get angry easily.

When he was angry, he would look at Xia Wanqiu and not be angry.

Two days later, Friday arrived. “Joy of Life” and “General and I” were officially premiering!

On this day, Xia Wanqiu was sitting at Lin Fan’s house.

There was no one else at home but Lin Fan and Xia Wanqiu.

The two of them sat together and waited for the drama to air. During this period of time, Lin Fan had nothing to do. Occasionally, he would write a new script.

Finally, it was time.

Four episodes of “Joy of Life” were officially updated on iQiyi and Tencent Arts.

MangoTV and Happy Fruit also uploaded four episodes of “General and I”.

The official battle between the two companies’ television dramas began now!

At Joy Media, Zhao Rui was sitting on a chair, her eyes filled with confidence.

“After so many days of fermenting public opinion, I want to see how this television drama Joy of Life will fight with General and


“Without a doubt, the final winner will be General and I!”

“Yuehua, prepare to pay the price for choosing Lin Fan as the male lead!”