Chapter 18 - 18: The Start

Chapter 18 of 50 chapters

Lucifer had caught the gun of Paolo with his bare hands, closing the opening of the Gun. Paolo kept firing, unable to think clearly. The bullets kept passing through Lucifer's palm, leaving a big hole.

Simultaneously, the gun also started decaying. The gun ran out of bullets first before it could turn to ash. Unfortunately, all those bullets that Paolo had managed to prevent from going to waste didn't do him much good.

Except for a hole in Lucifer's hand, no wound on his body could be seen.

"N-no, stay away from me!" Paolo stuttered as his face lost all its blood in fear.

He couldn't help but step back like a frightened bunny. His heart thumped like crazy, and he could feel his health getting worse.

Paolo's head also started spinning as he started feeling sick.

This was a nightmare. It wasn't a Variant but a grim reaper. He knew about a few Variants. None of them were this frightening, though.

Or was it his knowledge about Variants that was wrong? Many questions floated through his head as Paolo kept dragging his body back.

In the end, he only saw one option.

"Stop him!"

He hastily commanded his men. He needed a bait that could attract Lucifer's attention. When that happened, Paolo could run away and survive.

Unfortunately, his plan didn't work. His men were even more frightened than him. Let alone moving to stop Lucifer, they didn't even dare breathe loudly.

The display of brutal strength, which Lucifer demonstrated, had managed to scare everyone thoroughly.

The men left Paolo behind and started running towards the door. This managed to attract Lucifer's attention, though.

He looked towards the men that were running away. These men had seen him. Even though he didn't care about people knowing about him, there were others who weren't as fortunate as him.

He was here to save some people. If these men were left alive, they were only going to create trouble later for this couple.

Anyone would think that Lucifer knew them. Revenge was incomprehensible. Anything was possible later. He didn't wish to save people only to have them be killed later.

He moved from his position as he zoomed towards the door.

His speed helped him get to the door faster than the men. The men had thought they would be able to run only to attract the dark gaze of the god of death who was standing in front of them now.

Lucifer raised his right finger towards the man that was closest to him.

A dark lightning bolt left his finger and shot straight to the head of the first person to run.

Without wasting even a second, Lucifer punched another man. The man flew back like a stone, hitting the others who were behind him. The impact of Lucifer's punch proved to be so powerful that even the men who were in the back were tossed back like toys.

He soon picked up a nearby table and tossed it before the door, blocking the exit. It was the same trick he has used previously.

After blocking the path that led out of here, he went into action.

One after another, he kept appearing in front of others, killing them all slowly. Some were killed because of his decaying abilities, while others were killed because they couldn't bear his brutal strength.

Within three minutes, another slaughter finished. Every single one of the intruders was killed brutally except for Paolo, who was still alive.

Paolo kept shivering in fear. The exit was blocked, and Lucifer was standing between the blocked exit and him. There was no path that led out of here as this place only had one exit. He could see no path of survival

Soon, his gaze fell on the dark-haired woman. An idea popped up in his head as he saw a glimpse of light at the end of a dark tunnel.

Paolo jumped towards the woman and grabbed her by the neck while he simultaneously placed a knife on her neck.

"I-if you don't let me go, I'll kill her!" Paolo warned Lucifer. "I promise I'll kill her! If you want to save her, clear the path for me to leave now!"

He had guessed that Lucifer was here to save the couple, and the couple was his only option to escape. If it was Lucifer's weakness, he wanted to use it to survive.

Lucifer gazed at the knife that was placed on the neck of the woman.

He pointed his finger towards the man but didn't move.

The man had seen the powers of Lucifer and knew that he did have an ability that could harm people from a distance. He had seen the Black Lightning bolt that Lucifer had previously used to kill his men.

Even though he knew Lucifer's Power of Lightning seemed similar to the Power that the Strongest Warlock, Zale Azarel, used to have, he didn't realize that it was the exact same power.

It was the S-Class ability of Black Lightning that made his father famous.

Counting this ability, he had five abilities. Two from his father— S-Class Dark Lightning and S-Class Super Strength. The other two abilities were from his mother— S-class Decay and A-class Wind Control. As for the last ability, it was Mystical Healing which was unranked.

Now, Lucifer had inherited all the powers his parents possessed. His parents had no other power. What he didn't know was if it was all or was he going to get more abilities like Healing that seemed to come out of nowhere.

As Lucifer was walking on barren lands while coming towards the legion city, he had practiced his Black Lightning. It gave him some level of control over it.

"Don't you dare use that lightning! Before you can even shoot, my knife wil-"

Paolo started warning Lucifer as he closed the distance between the knife and the woman's neck to make his threat more effective. Unfortunately, his threat proved to be useless as Lucifer didn't even let him finish.

A lightning bolt left Lucifer's finger. It passed through Paolo's neck, leaving a big hole behind.

Paolo's eyes remained wide open as he lost his life. He didn't even have enough strength in his body to push the knife to kill the woman as he dropped to the ground.

Watching the man die without harming the woman, Lucifer nodded his head in satisfaction. He had thought that it was over.

Unfortunately, he didn't know that this was just the start of another painful event that was going to leave him even more broken very soon.

.... To be continued.