Chapter 28 - 28: They're Here

Chapter 28 of 50 chapters

A black SUV stopped before Lucifer's house. Inside the SUV, four men were sitting, including the one who was at the steering wheel.

After the car stopped, the four stepped out of it.

The man in the lead supported a black leather jacket that had a flaming symbol on the chest portion. His long blonde hair came down to his shoulder and matched his beautiful eyes that seemed slowly golden.

The man was part of the Delta Squad, known as Zach Kaven. He wasn't a high-ranking member in the Delta Squad and was only a sorcerer who had a B-Rank elemental ability.

Fortunately, the power was not weak at all despite being B-Rank. He was also able to control flames like Xander Blake, who was an S-Rank Pyromaniac.

Even though he had similar powers to the Delta Squad leaders, their strength was completely different.

While Xander was the strongest in the Delta Squad, Zach was much lower on the spectrum of strength. The strength and intensity of his flames couldn't be compared to Xander, who was able to burn anything.

Despite being one of the weakest members of the Delta Squad, he was one of the strongest amongst the four men team that had come here.

These four happened to be situated in Legion City when they heard about the murders in the restaurant that could have a potential Variant link. They had gone there and realized that the murder pattern matched the reports that had heard of the suspect Delta Squad was after.

As soon as they confirmed it, Zach called Xander to inform him.

Zach had B-Rank powers similar to the others that had come here. It just happened to be luck that his team was here.

Moreover, Xander didn't think that Lucifer could be very strong. It was true that Lucifer had S-Rank powers, but it was also true that he had recently awakened them.

He was also a kid, so Xander had assumed that Lucifer couldn't even bring out even a fraction of the S-Rank ability in strength.

As for the mass murders, they were all normal humans. That didn't mean Lucifer was the strongest Variant. Even Variants with D-Rank abilities could cause mass murders if they went astray after all.

Xander was still treating Lucifer as a kid, so he didn't think twice before sending Zach and the others to come and capture Lucifer without waiting for him.

He was far away from the city. Coming here was going to take time. He didn't wish to waste that much time and risk letting Lucifer leave if he was actually in the house. Thus Zach and his team were sent.

Behind Zach stood another man. The man looked much more handsome than Zach. In fact, he looked no less than a model. He has a well-chiseled face with well-built muscles. His dark black hair was short but not too short and matched his dark eyes.

The man was called Sanders Blankin, who had the nickname 'Perfecto.'

He was a Warrior class Variant who had the B-Rank Physical ability of Weapon Mastery. He was able to use almost all small-scale weapons. He was also knowledgeable about all the weapons in existence.

Moreover, there was another part of his ability that made him even more lethal. The Weapon Mastery also gave him perfect aim. That was why he was considered a dangerous Variant who never missed.

The third person was also a man, but unlike the first two, he was a little short and chubby.

He was known as Quinny Garland, also known as Enforcer by his team. He was a B-Rank Sorcerer who had the ability of Gravity Manipulation. He was able to change the gravity in the surroundings of his enemies and force them down to their knees.

Unfortunately, his ability came with a few limitations. It only affected a single target when used. Moreover, he could only use it when the enemy was within a certain distance to him.

The last person on the team was a silver-haired man with an athletic body.

He was someone with a unique ability that made him quite well known within the Delta Squad.

He was Zoomi Lancaster, also known as Zoom.

He had the B-Rank physical ability of Speed. He could affect his body such that he was able to attain movement, which was many times faster than the speed of a normal human.

Except for Perfecto, none of the four were carrying a weapon.

"Everyone, I've been told that Lucifer Azarel is here. He is a Variant of concern, but he is also a child. As long as we are careful, we should be able to take him down," Zach said as he gazed towards the door of Lucifer's house.

"One more thing. Even though you all know, I should remind you again. According to our reports, he has the Super Strength of Zale Azarel and the Decay of Sorcerer Clarisse. I don't think I need to tell you how dangerous he can be in close range. Always keep your distance from him and don't let him close in," he added.

"Can't believe a kid is causing all this. It would be somewhat amusing if this weren't so tragic. The son of Zale Azarel... Sigh, that guy used to be my idol at one time. And here is his son, sending the name of his father down the drain by choosing such a dark path," Enforcer let out as he sighed.

"Don't think too much. For us, Lucifer Azarel is only a killer and nothing else. Leave all the respect you have for his parents out of this mission. I don't want any mistakes. This is the time to show the Delta Squad big shots how useful we can be. No mistake can be accepted," Zach muttered as he frowned.

"I understand," Enforcer muttered as he nodded.

"That's better. Let's get going. The faster we finish, the better," Zach muttered as he gestured for the other three to follow after him.

He started walking towards the door.

Zach reached the door and tried opening it.

"The lock is broken already. I guess he is actually inside. Stay alert," Zach said in a low voice.


Lucifer was inside a room when he heard the creaking sound of the door. He gazed towards the door.

... to be continued.