Chapter 29 - 29: Crush That Face

Chapter 29 of 50 chapters

Lucifer was inside the room, already walking towards the door of the room when he heard the sound of the main door opening.

A frown appeared on his face as he muttered, "They're here."

He pulled the door open and stepped out of the room.

As soon as Lucifer stepped out of the room, he ended up in the corridor that was straight in front of the main door.

The group of four men saw Lucifer, and their eyes lit up like they had found their prey. Caution also filled their hearts. They had only thought that Lucifer might be here, but to actually see him here was somewhat different and stunning.

"Stop right there!" Zach commanded Lucifer right away. "Don't you dare move, or we'll be forced to kill you!"

Perfecto had already taken his aim as he pointed his gun towards Lucifer.

"Put your hands above your head and lie down on the ground!" Zach further commanded. "If you listen to us, I promise we won't harm you."

Hearing their words, Lucifer gazed at Zach. It was evident that this man was leading the team. This was what he wanted to know in any case.

"You searched my history, right?" Lucifer asked Zach in full seriousness. "You know my name and all other details about me?"

"Shut up and follow my orders!" Zach insisted once again.

"Answer me first!" Lucifer declared, his tone getting a bit louder as his frown deepened.

"Yeah. We know your name. You're Lucifer Azarel, the son of Zale Azarel. Now drop to the ground and stop trying to force us to use force!" Zach told Lucifer.

"Good. So you know about me. Then you should be able to answer the question I wanted to know for so long..." Lucifer muttered as he started taking his black gloves off. He placed the gloves in his pockets.

"This is my third warning! If you don't listen, then don't blame me!" Zach warned Lucifer again.

"Tell me what I want to know first. You know about me. So you must also know the Facility where I stayed," Lucifer asked Zach as he started striding towards him. "Where is it?"

"Lucifer, don't come closer. I know about your abilities. This is your final warning. If you come close, we might be forced to use lethal force!" Zach gave his final warning. It seemed like he was really serious and under some pressure as well.

"I want the name of the Facility and its location. Tell me that, and I'll listen," Lucifer let out, without stopping.

"Enforcer, stop the kid!" Seeing Lucifer not stop, Zach decided to give up. Without looking towards his men, he commanded one of them.

"I guess it won't go as smoothly as I thought. This is the least I can do to take you in without harming you," he muttered as he gazed at Lucifer, who was closing in.

As soon as Zach gave the command, the short chubby man known as Enforcer raised his right hand towards Lucifer. His eyes turned a bit violet as his abilities started acting up.

Lucifer was still closing in to Zach when he felt a strange pressure on top of his body. It was as if something heavy was pressing down on it, which was somewhat confusing.

He didn't understand that it was because of the change in gravity that was forced in his surroundings. It mostly only affected Lucifer, whose speed slowed down somewhat under the pressure that only seemed to be increasing.

"Give up. Under my gravity, let alone walking, you can't even stand for long. If I were to give a number, the gravity affecting you is at least ten times more powerful than the one affecting us," the short chubby man started laughing as he gazed at Lucifer, who was struggling to even walk from what it seemed.

" I don't care what you do here. I'm here for my answer. That's why I waited for you too. I have one purpose in my life now, and that is to crush that face," Lucifer responded as he thought about Doctor Rao's cruel face that he had seen when he was killed.

His tone sounded a lot dark.

The pressure on him had finally stabilized as if it had reached the maximum limit that Enforcer could apply. Lucifer's legs were shaking as he struggled to walk.

He glared at Zach and the others as he clenched his fist.

"If you don't answer me, then I'll force the answers out myself!"

As he spoke, a strange power filled him up—the S-grade Super Strength, which started coursing through his veins that became a bit visible.

The S-Grade Super Strength was an ability that allowed a person to even break through walls with a single punch at ease, let alone resisting ten times gravity.

Even though Lucifer was only able to bring out a fraction of this ability because of a lack of understanding and experience, what he could bring out seemed to be enough.

The shaking of his legs had stopped. His arched back straightened up as he once again started walking towards Zach, but this time his speed was even faster.

It seemed so normal that it was as if the gravity was normal for him.

"What are you doing? Why did you stop your powers?" Zach called out as he glared at Enforcer.

"I-i didn't. He is still under the effect of my ability!" Enforcer responded as a look of disbelief covered his face.

"Hah? Do you mean that is him, under ten times gravity?" Zach exclaimed as his mouth slightly opened.

"Fine. If you can't stop him, then so be it. We don't need to take a conscious kid back home. Perfecto, shoot him," Zach changed his orders.

Perfecto seemed like he was waiting for this moment. His gun was already aiming towards Lucifer. As soon as he was given command, he placed his finger on the trigger to shoot Lucifer.

The gun he was using at the moment had tranquilizer bullets that were enough to make even a horse sleep instantly, let alone a kid.