Chapter 32 - 32: United

Chapter 32 of 50 chapters

"Sigh, I only had one of those new prototype bullets given to us by the lab. What a waste to use it on a kid," Perfecto muttered in disappointment as he gazed at the gun in his hand.

The APF lab had created a new type of bullets while keeping the Variants in mind.

Some of the Variants were strong and were able to survive for longer even after being shot before actually dying because of their adrenaline and Variant Genes.

These bullets worked to kill them right away without giving them even a moment to stand. It was said to work like that because it was made with a mixture of the normal bullet with some more special materials that worked to send extreme pain in the nerves of the variants right away to make them instantly incapable.

None of these worked as well separately, but as they were made into one, they were able to kill anyone as soon as the bullet entered their body, no matter how big their size was.

Only the Variants of the APF who used the guns were given these bullet prototypes as it was still being worked on.

"I wonder if I'll ever get this bullet again. How long before it's completed?" he wondered.

As he has used the special bullet already, only normal bullets were with him now.


Zoom reached out his hand to touch Lucifer's arms to drag him, but before he could do it, he saw Lucifer's hands jerk a bit.

Taken aback by the sudden movement, he stepped back instantly but stopped as he saw that it was only a little movement. Lucifer didn't move after that. Maybe it was just his last struggle before he actually died.

In any case, he has seen Lucifer being shot in the eye. His survival was impossible.

He still waited for a bit to actually make sure that he was right.

After making sure that Lucifer didn't move again, he once again strode forward as he reached out his hand towards the motionless boy.

His hand was about to touch Lucifer when he saw Lucifer raise his head abruptly. A face without the right eye gazed at Zoom, who looked like he had suddenly seen a ghost.

He instantly stepped back in such haste that he even fell down.

"He is alive!" Zoom screamed with his full strength.

Only after he had screamed did he realize how embarrassing it was. He was screaming because of a kid.

His scream managed to attract the attention of Zach and the others, who also looked towards him.


Lucifer placed both his palms on the ground as he pushed himself up.

He only had one eye at the moment, but his second eye also seemed to be healing. At Least a see-through hole wasn't there anymore. Some nerves could be seen twisted and turned to connect to the right places as his head healed.

Zoom remained shocked as his mouth opened wide with what he saw. He couldn't believe it. This kid was actually healing.

It wasn't that he was facing some excess adrenaline or that he was struggling to stand even after being shot, but he was freaking healing right before their eyes.

Not only him, but Zach and the others couldn't believe it either. They had never heard about anything like this being possible.

As for Lucifer, all they knew about him was that he had Strength and Decay. That's why they had decided to keep their distance and focus on that.

Strength and Decay were useless as long as Lucifer couldn't close in to use that. But to see him heal was a different experience entirely.

"Ahh, are you guys seeing what I see as well?" Enforcer's lips moved as he asked in disbelief.

"If you see his eye freaking heal, then yeah. I'm seeing what you're seeing," Perfecto muttered, not knowing if he should be amazed to see such a unique thing or be upset that this was with their enemy.

The person they were supposed to capture could heal himself even after being shot by the prototype bullet. That wasn't good news.

"That wasn't a normal bullet, was it?" Lucifer asked, gazing towards Perfecto in the distance, ignoring Zoom. "It felt different than last time."

"Zoom! Run back to us now!" Zach roared, commanding as loud as he could.

Zoom was the closest to Lucifer. That wasn't right. He needed to create some distance right now before Lucifer went after him.

He didn't stop just with commanding; instead, he ran inside the house towards Zoom.

Zoom didn't delay this time. He had already learned his lesson last time, and he was willing to listen to commands now.

It wasn't the time to go on alone, and Lucifer wasn't the enemy he wanted to stay close to. The ten-eleven-year-old child looked like a monster to him that he couldn't handle alone.

The only option that remained was to listen to the commands and fight together.

He hastily turned back and started running, using his ability to its fullest.

Perfecto didn't answer Lucifer, but Lucifer didn't care. His attention was shifted to Zoom, who was running away.

He started running after Zoom as well, not actually trying to catch him. His actual aim remained Zach, who was running in his direction, supposedly to save Zoom.

Zach was the leader and also the one who had the answers he wanted.

"Why are you running to him! What happened to staying away from him?!" Zoom roared at Zach as he passed by him.

Zach himself had told them to stay away from Lucifer, and now he was running towards the guy himself?

Zoom also stopped as he turned back. Zach had already reached closer to Lucifer by then.