Chapter 34 - 34: Overdrive

Chapter 34 of 50 chapters

The flames kept scorching Lucifer's skin which kept healing just as quickly now that the flames were less fierce.

"Tell me the name of the facility I was kept in for years," Lucifer commanded Zach as he opened his mouth that looked bizarre as its tissues were burning and healing simultaneously.

"What the heck are you talking about! I don't know where it is. All I got is the information to catch you," Zach answered back. "My seniors will know more about it, though. If you surrender, I'll help you find all the information you need."

He continued stepping back as the surrounding temperature kept rising due to his flames while continuing to try to maintain his distance.

Lucifer stepped towards Zach, letting himself get injured to help his healing when he noticed Enforcer bringing his phone out.

As he saw Enforcer taking out the phone, he slowly raised his right hand and pointed towards Enforcer.

Zach wondered why Lucifer was pointing towards Enforcer when his face suddenly turned pale.

He noticed a pitch-black bolt of lightning leaving Lucifer's fingers and moving towards Enforcer.

The black bolt drilled Enforcer's head, killing him instantly. He dropped to the ground, lifelessly. The phone in his hand also fell simultaneously.

"Enforcer!" All three of the men bellowed as they watched him die with an impossible look on their faces.

"He's a Quad- Awakened! Impossible! How?" Zach finally lost all his composure.

He had thought that as long as they remained away from Lucifer, they were safe, but he also had an ability like that? Moreover, someone with four abilities, that was unheard of.

"We can't take him on. I'll keep him busy; you take Perfecto and escape!" Zach told Zoom who was closest to him.

Perfecto was a bit injured, but Zoom was someone who could carry him. They needed to get out of this place. The information they had received was wrong.

Zach had decided to sacrifice himself to let the other two escape.

"I'm not leaving! I will never leave you behind. If we're going to be killed, we'll die together!" Perfecto insisted, not agreeing to the suggestion.

"You idiot, leave! Someone needs to stay alive to inform the others about what happened here!" Zach said to Perfecto. "It's clear that we didn't have accurate information about him. We need to make sure everyone knows!"

The wind was flowing at its peak, making everyone's clothes flutter with the wind. Sparks of flames also flew around, seemingly useless.

Zoom's eyes got slightly wet as he thought about Zach sacrificing himself for them.

"Don't worry, I'll take him!" Zoom declared as he ran towards Perfecto.

Unfortunately, Lucifer had also heard their plan. He once again raised his right hand, shooting out another lightning bolt.

"Watch out!" Zach bellowed at the top of his lungs.

The lightning bolt once again struck, taking another life. There was a reason Black Lightning was known as one of the strongest abilities.

Zoom had been running when the bolt struck him. Even after he fell down, his body kept sliding due to the forward momentum.

Lucifer didn't stop with that; instead, he started running towards Perfecto, finally coming out of the storm of flames.

Moving with the winds, he appeared before Perfecto, who was finding it difficult even to stand.

Perfecto had already known that he couldn't live anymore as he saw a hand coming towards his face.

Within the blink of an eye, he found himself lying on the concrete road with a cold hand covering his face. His body started decaying, and within seconds, he turned to dust.

Zach couldn't move. He was frozen in place. It took him quite some time to come to terms with what had happened.

"You bastard! I'll send you to hell!" Zach roared as if he had almost gone mad. "I don't care if I live anymore!"

Flames around him appeared, much more intense than anything before.

His muscles started bulging as his body increased in size.

"I will die after using this, but at least I can take a monster with me," Zach muttered as he closed his eyes.


A weak voice left his lips.

He opened his eyes which were blazing red now. His body also turned reddish, making him less like a human and more like something else.

"Die for me!" He laughed like mad as he raised his right hand towards Lucifer.

A wave of flames came out of his hands, shooting towards Lucifer.

His flames were as red as the flames of hell now and much more potent than before. His body clearly couldn't handle this kind of power, and it started breaking apart, but Zach didn't care.

"Overdrive?" Lucifer was confused.

What was Overdrive? Even though he didn't understand what it was, he could clearly see that it made Zach stronger.


The hell flame moved towards Lucifer and burned him apart; his body burned so fast that for a moment, some of his skull became exposed.

Even though his Healing tried to help him, the situation seemed worse as the destruction was much faster than the healing this time.

Fortunately, the flames didn't last for long.

Lucifer had suffered heavy burns when the fire stopped as Zach fell to the ground.

His body remained on the ground, lifeless.

He had died. The last thing he saw before dying was a terribly burnt person whose body healed right before his eyes, slowly.

'Monster' was the last word that escaped his mouth before his breath stopped.

It took Lucifer a few minutes before he healed.

A sigh escaped his lips as he watched the dead body of Zach.

"I thought I could keep him alive for information, but I guess I'll have to wait for longer," he muttered in disappointment.

The only reason he hadn't attacked Zach, in the end, was to get information about the facility from him. But he was also gone.

Lucifer looked towards the house and started walking towards it to get some clothes while also noticing a pair of black gloves lying in the distance.

As his clothes were burned, the gloves had fallen down while also surviving the flames because of being made of fireproof material.

He picked up the gloves and wore them as he walked towards the house.

Ring! Ring!

As he walked towards the house, he heard the sound that felt like a phone ringing.

He turned back to realize that the sound was coming from Zach's body. He started striding over to Zach's body.

He brought out the phone.