Chapter 37 - 37: Return

Chapter 37 of 50 chapters

The whole city of Legion was barricaded, and everyone leaving the city was being checked thoroughly. Unfortunately the person they were trying to find had already left the city before Xander even gave the order to block the city.

In any case, even Xander hadn't expected him to be in the city even though it was blocked.


At the moment, Lucifer was already 300 kilometers away from Legion City. His speed was much faster as he was using his Wind to move and keep his speed fast, but it also started to consume his energy and made him hungry.

He didn't have any food on him, and his stomach was starting to growl.

Throughout the day, he hadn't eaten anything, and it was already evening now.

He had slowed down his speed considerably as he thought about finding a place to rest.

Looking around, he saw a tree nearby. He walked towards the tree and sat under it as he rested his back against it.

"The food is becoming a problem. I can't cook, and I can't carry much food with me at once either. I need to learn how to do it," Lucifer muttered as he closed his eyes.

His stomach kept growling, but he ignored it and continued his rest.

He rested for six hours and stood up in the middle of the night before continuing his journey once again, trying to ignore his hunger.

As far as his eyes could see, there was only forest. No town was at sight.


It was nine o'clock in the morning when Lucifer finally saw a town. It was a small town with only a few houses like many previous towns. It also looked mostly empty and void of people.

Lucifer slowed down his speed as he entered the town.

Walking through the town searching for a restaurant, he soon realized that there was no such place. At Least not something he could outright recognize as a restaurant.

He ultimately decided to ask someone if there was even something like that in this town.

As he walked through the empty streets searching for someone to ask, he soon saw a person.

It was a young man who seemed like he was in his early twenties. The dark-haired man had a slim body as if he didn't eat much. The dark circles around his eyes were visible even from a distance.

Lucifer walked towards the man in calm steps. Not in any haste.

Stopping before the man, he asked, " Is there a hotel or a restaurant nearby?"

The man lazily shook his head.

"There is no place like that here, sorry," he said.

Lucifer started thinking about what he could do next when he heard the screeching sound of tires.

As he looked back, he saw a car speeding towards him at rapid speed.

A beautiful red car raced towards Lucifer, seemingly intending to crush him as he was right before the car, and the car didn't seem to slow down.

It also didn't seem like it was in control. The car didn't slow down in the least, even when it got dangerously close to Lucifer.

The man who was standing right beside Lucifer was scared. His feet were stuck in place, refusing to move as his mind turned blank. It was as if he could see the grim reaper approaching him with a scythe in his hand to take his life.

Fortunately for him; From the way the car was coming towards them, it didn't seem like it was going to hit the boy, but Lucifer was definitely going to be hit.

The car reached Lucifer, but instead of worrying, his mind was perfectly calm. He had been through worse than this. Something like this wasn't going to give him a brain freeze or fear.

He stepped sideways using his Wind and got out of the range of the car.

The car went past him and crashed straight on the tree right in front of the house before stopping ultimately.

Lucifer calmly stepped towards the driver's side of the car. Without thinking anything, he punched the glass of the window, breaking it, and caught the collar of the driver from the back. The driver's head was bleeding.

It seemed like a woman whose head was lying on the steering wheel, making Lucifer not see her face.

He pulled the woman out of the car and threw her behind him without caring, but soon his facial expressions changed as he saw the face of the woman. It happened right after he had released her.

His pale face was as if he had seen a ghost. Without thinking anything, he ran after the woman only to catch her just a second before she could fall to the ground.

It seemed like a woman looked barely twenty years old. The woman's forehead was bleeding, but she was still conscious.

She gazed at Lucifer with her beautiful blue eyes. Her silver hair was long enough to come down to her waist.

"I-i'm sorry. Is everyone alright?" The woman asked as she looked towards Lucifer.

Even though she was hurt, she still seemed to be concerned about the safety of others.

Lucifer looked at the woman without being able to reply. His lips kept trembling as he tried to speak, but no word came out of his mouth.

"I... I know you might be angry but believe me. It wasn't my fault. My steering wheel jammed, and I lost control of my car. I'm extremely sorry. I'll take full responsibility, though," the woman told Lucifer as she apologized.

Droplets of blood kept trickling down her face. She was really injured, it seemed.

Lucifer raised his right hand and brought it to the face of the woman as he tried to wipe the blood.

The woman gazed back at Lucifer with an intrigued look on her face.

Lucifer slowly opened his lips as he blurted out a single word, "Mother?"

... to be continued.