Chapter 38 - 38: Sister

Chapter 38 of 50 chapters

"Mother?" Lucifer finally let out one word with trembling lips.

The woman before him. That was his mother. But how? How was she alive? Moreover, why did she never come to take him from that place if she was alive?

"Why didn't you come before?" Lucifer said a few more words as a single droplet of tear trickled down his right cheek.

"Mother? Eh, what are you talking about" the silver-haired woman asked, seemingly confused. "Oh wait, I heard about this. The trauma of an accident can make it happen. Your memories are jumbled. I'm so sorry. I really didn't intend it. I'll get you the best medical help I can."

"This voice..."

Previously Lucifer was more immersed in seeing his mother, so he hadn't noticed, but her voice was different. It wasn't what he remembered. Her looks might be the same, but her voice didn't match.

Lucifer couldn't understand what was happening? Why was her voice different? Moreover, why didn't she recognize him?

It had been five years indeed, and his face changed a bit but still. Something didn't make sense.

Just as he was lost in his thoughts, he heard a shout from behind.

"Hey! Stay away from my sister!"

Looking back, Lucifer saw a young man screaming at him. Usually, Lucifer might be angry, but he wasn't in his right mind now. He was too confused.

"I'm really sorry. I never wished for anything like this to happen. I just came back to my town after staying in the city for four years. I'm honest. I didn't know my brakes would fail as well. I swear I'll find the best help for you," the woman told Lucifer as she again apologized.

"Do you have your parents' number? So I can call and apologize to them as well."

Lucifer didn't reply, though. As if he couldn't hear her.

Hearing the words of the young man previously, he understood that the woman wasn't his mother. She just looked the same. But still, to see his mother again... This feeling was somewhat special. Even though she wasn't his actual mother, he still touched her face gently.

"Hey, I told you! Stay away from my sister!" the young man again scolded Lucifer. "Keep your dirty hands to yourself!*

"Brother, don't talk nonsense. It's my fault. His head is a bit... Shaken because of the trauma. Don't scold him," the silver-haired woman told the young man, who was once again screaming at Lucifer. "Anyway, Do you know his parents? It's a small town. You should know."

"How should I know? I never saw him in the town. He is probably new here," the young man answered as he shook his head. "He was asking me about a restaurant here before you came."

"Fine. The first thing we need to do is to have him rest. His head needs rest so he can remember more," the woman nodded.

It sounded somewhat ironic coming from the girl who herself was bleeding.

The woman looked towards Lucifer again as she smiled gently.

She pointed towards the house which her car would have crashed into if the tree hadn't stopped the car.

"That's my house. I would never try to do anything to destroy my house. It was an accident. I think you can understand. But please, come and rest in our home for a little."

Lucifer observed the woman briefly. From her expressions, it didn't seem like she was lying. He still wasn't sure, though. Was it actually not his mother? Or was something else going on here?

He was about to speak something when the door of the red house opened. A middle-aged woman stepped out of the house. She had come out after hearing the commotion.

Shock covered her face as she saw the car that had collided with the tree. She didn't recognize the car, but it was apparent that someone was probably injured. She looked around and saw Lucifer and the others nearby.

As soon as she saw the injured woman, her face went pale. She started running towards her.

"Emily, What happened? Are you alright?"

As she got near her, she saw her forehead bleeding.

"You're hurt! Was that your car? You little girl, you came back after four years, and that too like this?"

She dropped down to her knees before the woman she called Emily and started checking her wounds.

"I'm fine, mother. Just some minor injury," Emily smiled innocently as she replied to her mother.

"It doesn't look fine to me. Come inside the house. Let me treat that," the middle-aged woman said, sighing. She helped Emily stand up and took her towards the house.

"Wait, Mother, Take him as well. My car almost struck him. He might be injured as well. Also, he's in shock and trauma.  He needs help more," Emily told her mother as she pointed toward Lucifer, who was standing in the back, still looking at her.

The middle-aged woman looked towards Lucifer and agreed. Even though he didn't seem hurt, if her daughter was saying, it must be right. In any case, it didn't cost her anything to help him.

"Oh, I'm sorry for what you went through because of my daughter. Come with me. Let's get in the house. I'll see your wounds as well," she told Lucifer

'She has a mother as well. And a brother. She's not her.' Lucifer thought, seemingly disappointed. He had become happy for no reason.

He clenched his fist tightly and shook his head. He couldn't bear the thought of seeing her face anymore. It was too painful now.

"I'm not hurt," he said as he turned back and started walking away.

"Wait!" Emily called out, stopping Lucifer.

She gazed at her mother after making sure that Lucifer stopped. "Mother, he was asking for a restaurant. He might be hungry. Do we have any food left?"

"Oh? Is that so? Come on inside. I just prepared some food. You can have as much as you want. Treat it as an apology from our family," the middle-aged woman said, smiling gently. "Also, I can give you first aid and help you."

She even bent forward politely as she asked Lucifer.

"Please stop. I'll always feel apologetic if you don't stop," Emily also chimed in.

Seeing Emily asking him with his mother's face, he felt something. He wanted to stay. He was hungry as well, but more importantly, he still wanted to test something here.