Chapter 39 - 39: Hunter Association

Chapter 39 of 50 chapters

Lucifer was told to stay behind, have dinner, and rest.

He couldn't help but wonder what he could do. He was a bit shaken up after seeing a woman with his mother's face, but she was also a human, and he had learned not to trust humans.

Inside his head, many thoughts floated. Was this a scheme from someone? Were they trying to trap him? Some of his questions were even a bit naive as he wondered if someone used his mother's face?

He could see a bit of truth on the faces of these women, but then again, that was the same for the restaurant owners. He had also misunderstood them and thought them to be a nice couple. That only worked to prove that even the nicest looking people could easily be beasts inside.

But then again, he also realized that he was hungry. In any case, he needed to find food, and here he was being given. In any case, he could only eat and leave before any scheme was hatched against him.

What could they even do? He couldn't die. He also had faith that his healing was going to work on poison.

He was a young child who had started falling for a bit of overconfidence and overreliance on his abilities which he couldn't even use to their full potential. He didn't know how dangerous overconfidence could be for even the strongest of people.

Unfortunately, there was none to teach him. It was unclear if he was ever going to have a companion, but at the moment, he didn't want one.

He gazed at the two women but didn't trust them. In the end, he decided to use them to feed himself. They had food. He wanted food. Their daughter tried to kill him.

He didn't kill their daughter for trying to kill him. That was already a thing worthy of getting food. They weren't doing any good for him. That was just an exchange. He gave them their daughter's life which he might have taken, and they gave him food.

He tried to justify staying behind even though he was still suspicious.

Ultimately, he nodded his head. Unfortunately, his stomach also growled at the same time, saying yes simultaneously in its own way.

The middle-aged woman saw Lucifer's reaction and smiled.

"Good. Follow us," she told Lucifer as she walked inside the house while supporting her daughter.

The young man also did the same. Lucifer also walked inside behind them.

Everyone entered the living room that wasn't very large. It was only a middle-sized room with a wall-mounted TV

There also happened to be a grey 5 Seater couch placed right before the TV.

The walls of this room were filled with family pictures which Lucifer started observing.

As he went through the pictures, he realized that the silver-haired woman wasn't her mother. He could see her picture with the family from the moment she was going to recently. She grew up in the house. It was obvious. At Least they weren't lying about that.

He also noticed one more thing. The family pictures had a man in them who seemed like the middle-aged woman's husband. The man was in most of the pictures, but he was missing in the pictures in which Emily looked older than 15.

The woman noticed Lucifer looking at the man in the pictures.

"That's my husband. He died when Emily was just 15 years old," She told Lucifer. "Sit anywhere you like. I'll give my daughter some treatment, and then I'll serve the food."

Without reaction, Lucifer walked over to the couch and sat on it.

The young man also sat near him.

"I'm August. What's your name?" he asked Lucifer lazily.

Lucifer completely ignored the man and simply closed his eyes. This man didn't deserve his attention.

August didn't get a reply, but he didn't mind. He knew that some people didn't like talking unless it was for important reasons. In any case, a kid ignoring him didn't matter. He didn't even care for the kid. He had just casually asked not to seem like a douche.

August picked up the remote from nearby and turned on the TV.


As soon as the TV was turned on, music started playing. Apparently, a music channel was on. Without waiting, August switched the channels to the news channel.

"Hello and welcome to TV68. Today, it has been five years since the disaster of Malia Island occurred. In it, we lost many of our great heroes. It feels like it was just yesterday when such a tragic event happened."

"Today, we will talk about the greatest loss of humanity during that black day. The Strongest Warlock, Zale Azarel, and the Strongest Mage Clarisse Agnor died in that disaster along with a lot of the greatest heroes of our time. We lost tens of the greatest heroes of humanity that day,"

Lucifer was lying calmly, not even looking at the TV, but when he heard the name of his parents, his eyes raised to look at the TV. He could feel his hand starting to shake.

"They went to the Level four dungeon for the sake of humanity, but they never returned. What happened to them? Were they eaten by the monsters? How is it possible that such a strong team was wiped out that easily?"

" Today, we will try to get all the answers we can. We have the Vice President of the American Hunters Union with us today, Mr. Lark," the news reporter greeted the red-haired man who was sitting on the sofa beside her.

"Thanks for having me, Lucie." Lark calmly nodded his head.