Chapter 40 - 40: Mocking Without Control

Chapter 40 of 50 chapters

"Mr. Lark, Can you explain how the god-like couple of Mr. Zale and Ms. Clarisse could die inside a level four dungeon?" the host known as Lucie asked Lark with complete respect.

"I wish I had something concrete to tell you, but I don't. We put all our resources in this investigation, and we did find some clues, but they are not sufficient at this point. The investigation is still going on, and I would like to assure everyone that the truth will come out. The only thing we know is that they are no more," Lark replied, vaguely responding to the question.

"There was a report from the AFP that the Dark Variant Uprising might be involved. Are there any truths to this report? What is the Hunter Association's point of view regarding this?" Lucie asked again, raising a concern.

"There is a chance that it might be possible. Again, there is no concrete evidence of this, but the investigations are going on. We did have reports of some people seeing a shadow leaving the Dungeon at that time. We are following all clues, and we should have answers soon," Lark answered casually.

"Right. The AFP talked about that shadow. They mentioned that the Dark Variant Uprising has a few shadow ability users as well. And a few footprints were also seen there, leaving the dungeon," Lucie chimed in.

" From the general point of view, it does seem like sabotage that caused their deaths. It has been five years since that event, Will the Hunter Association take any action, or are they going to wait until you have everything before you make your move?" she asked as he straightened her back even more while gazing at the clean face of Lark.

"We're working closely with APF regarding this. But at the moment, we have the jurisdiction over it," Lark answered. "In any case, if we did confirm that Dark Variant Uprising has a hand in it, we would instantly hand the jurisdiction of this investigation to APF."

"The AFP is the authority responsible for dealing with the Dark Variant Uprising. So if it's confirmed, they'll take over." he further added. " But for now, we have our own men on the case. We can't put too many resources on it because we need to keep the Monster Index of the Dungeons under control so that the barrier isn't broken. We don't want calamity like 2028 again. Still, I assure you that the truth will be out soon."

Lucifer was listening carefully to what the people on TV talked about when he heard a condescending tone coming from near him.

"Cheh, the dead are dead, is there really a need to repeat that crap on tv, again and again, every year? I'm getting tired of that. What Strongest Warlock, if he can't even defend his wife and dies. They just exaggerate him too much."

As Lucifer looked to his side, he noticed that it was August who was saying this.

"Salazar Lucia is the real strongest Warlock, and he will always be. That's how heroes should be. That Zale Azarel was just a loser and nothing more," August kept talking without knowing when to stop.

Lucifer's expressions changed as he heard the man insult his parents. The only people he loved in the world were his parents, and he didn't like anyone disrespecting them. This man, he was disrespecting his God-like parents that had died for people like him and calling them trash?

After killing so many people, Lucifer had internally changed as well. He had become short-tempered and slightly immune to the thought of killing. That was the thought that came to his mind at the moment as his blood was boiling after hearing all that.

One of his eyes once again changed color, becoming ever so slightly more violet. But it still wasn't noticeable unless one looked exceptionally carefully.

Lucifer stood up from the couch and started walking towards August as he removed the black gloves he was wearing.

"What happened?" August asked as he saw Lucifer looking all weird at him. What happened to this guy?" He wondered.

Lucifer didn't respond and simply extended his hands towards the man's face.

His finger touched the forehead of the boy. The boy's body started deteriorating and getting thinner. Lucifer also utilized his other hand to close the mouth of August.

"You won't speak! You will only listen!" he said as if nothing but darkness was inside him.

August couldn't even scream as he found out that he wasn't able to speak now, even if he wished. His mouth was closed. Moreover, he could feel something strange happening. His body was burning! It was in pain! He was hurt and felt like he was dying! What was happening? He couldn't understand. All he knew was that it had something to do with the boy.

It didn't take him long to die as his body turned to ash.

Lucifer gazed at the ash lying on the couch and the ground blankly.

"My father was not a loser," he muttered calmly. "You are. You can't be like him even if you come back to life a thousand times."

After speaking, he calmly wore the gloves again and sat back on the couch as I'd nothing had happened.

He picked up the remote again.

Previously, August had changed the channel when he started cursing Lucifer's father. Now he wanted to find that channel to know more about his father. What exactly was it that he didn't know about their death?

He kept pressing random buttons on the remote as he tried to find the channel where the interview was coming, but he couldn't find it. He didn't even know which buttons had to be used for that. All he could see was random things happening on TV.

When he was five years old, he was suddenly informed by the government agents that both his parents had died in a dungeon. Other than that, he wasn't told anything. He wanted to see what actually happened, but he didn't find that channel. Why was it so hard?

Ahh! He wanted to scream in anger and throw the remote, but he didn't. He knew that if he did, he would never find that channel.