Chapter 45 - 45: Uprising

Chapter 45 of 50 chapters

"There is another theory that makes things complicated. If we go about it the wrong way, we'll be playing right into the hands of Variant Uprising. Keep that image to yourself. Don't tell anyone."

Xander disconnected the call after telling them to stop and stepped inside the helicopter that was waiting for them.

The helicopter's rotors started moving as it started rising in the air and left.

Flourance sat beside Xander, curious about something.

"What did you talk to Maxwell about? You seem a bit different?"

Gazing back at Flourance, Xander answered.

"There seems to be a chance that the Variant Uprising is involved. We can't conclude that it's actually Lucifer until we get any video evidence or witness that clearly shows him fighting," Xander let out, shaking his head before he started explaining everything General Maxwell said.

"Do you want to go back to base or to the location where we have placed our men?" Flourance asked Xander.

"Sigh, I'm not sure anymore. If the Dark Variant Uprising is involved, it might be a plot to divert our attention from their actual plan. I would need to consult with Ayn."

"Sigh, I never expected that I would need the help of the Beta Team in this mission. At Least now I have an excuse to do what I'm about to do since I asked nicely twice. She can't blame me for what I'll do now," Xander muttered. "For now, take me back to the base."

"Got it."

Flourance walked back to inform the pilot.


In an unknown corner of the country, there existed a mysterious and powerful organization that was known to be one of the most fearsome powers in the country. The main goal of this organization was to topple the natural hierarchy and bring the rule of Variants.

Their Radical Ideology was that the awakening was a gift from the gods, and the Awakened Ones were the chosen ones by the gods.

They believed that the Awakened Ones needed to be treated in such a way that did justice to their position, but the awakened ones were treated as pawns to deal with monsters while the Government ruled everything.

Their goal was to topple the rule of government and establish the Rule of the Dark Variant Uprising. They wanted to bring the Golden Age for the Variants and bring humans under them.

Even though the Dark Variant Uprising was so powerful, it still wasn't able to achieve its goals so far, which they believed was because there was no unity between the Variants.

Some Variants still sided with the government and advocated for equal rights and democracy. That was their biggest problem and their biggest obstruction.

There were mainly two organizations that were made of Variants that stopped the Dark Variant Uprising from getting to their goals.

Even though the Dark Variant Uprising could cause destruction on a massive scale if they wished, it still couldn't topple the government because of these two organizations.

These two righteous organizations were the Awakened Protection Force and the Hunters Association.

While the APF directly opposed the Dark Variant Uprising, so much so that their Alpha Team was always on their trail, the Hunter Association handled the matters related to Dungeons and the Monsters. However, they still came to help the APF whenever Dark Variants executed a large-scale plan.

All three of these organizations were in a stalemate now. The APF and the Hunter Association hadn't been able to destroy the Dark Variant Uprising, whereas the Dark Variant Uprising wasn't able to achieve their goals either.

The Dark Variant Uprising had five levels in their organization for members.

The Level Five members were the strongest and most feared, whereas the Level One members were the weakest in the Organisation.

Even though the Level 1 members were weaker than the higher-level members of the Organisation, they weren't weak enough to be ignored.

Each of these five levels had a leader as well.

Caen was the leader of level one. He wasn't strong when it came to powers, but his power was one of the most unique in the Organisation.

He was a knight that had the Physical Power of Shapeshifting.

He was able to change his body shape and looks to disguise himself as another person. It was nearly impossible to find the difference between the real person and the disguised Caen.

He was able to change his voice. The only limitation to his power was that he couldn't change his fingerprints and that he couldn't stay in one disguise for long.


At the Moment, Caen was walking towards the higher level of the organization. He was called for a meeting between the leaders of the first four levels of the Organisation. The Level Five Leader wasn't going to join the discussion.

He reached the fourth floor of the underground base and entered the meeting room, where he found a long rectangular table placed at the center of the room and a bunch of chairs around it.

There was a white screen in front of the room.

Caen couldn't help but sigh.

He was the first person to come here. He looked at his watch and realized that others were running late.

He chose a chair and sat down casually.

Caen looked like a handsome man. He had long blonde hair and a height of around six feet. He also had an athletic build. He was neither too bulky nor too weak looking. His deep blue eyes gazed around the room with a bored look on his face.

Even though he looked like this, it was not his real face or body. No one knew what Caen actually looked like other than the Level 4 and the Level 5 leaders.

People didn't even know if he was a man or a woman in reality.

Every week he used a different look for himself in the Organisation. Some weeks he came as a woman, while other weeks, he was a guy. His identity was a mystery to most but a few.

Even the APF didn't know what he actually looked like. All they knew about him were his powers and his name.

After some time, the door of the room opened, and a beautiful woman walked inside the room.

"Caen, you again changed your look. Why don't you select one and stick with it? It's so confusing," she asked Caen, frowning.