Chapter 46 - 46: Footage

Chapter 46 of 50 chapters

A woman entered the room where Caen was already sitting.

Seeming like a woman in her late twenties, the woman gazed at Caen, who once again looked different.

Even though Caen was different, the bracelet on his hand was exposing his identity.

The woman was only slightly shorter than Caen, having a height of 5 feet 10 inches.

Her beautiful maroon hair was only long enough to come down to her chest. Her dress was already revealing a lot of her cleavage that could have easily attracted many manly gazes, but Caen didn't seem to care for her.

"Nice to meet you too, Isona. Good to see that you're on time and not at all late," Caen commented sarcastically as he gazed at Isona's beautiful blue eyes.

"A girl needs her time to get ready. The others are even more late than me, so save your sarcasm for them," Isona chuckled as she replied. Stepping forward, she sat in the seat, which was right next to Caen.

Isona was the leader of Level 2 here. She was an S-Rank mage with the ability to rule over gravity.

Her powers seemed a bit similar to Enforcer from APF that Lucifer killed, but because her ability was S-Rank, she was a bit too powerful.

Caen didn't like her for reasons unknown, but Isona enjoyed talking to Caen and annoying him.

"Do you know what this meeting is about?" Isona glanced towards Caen before she asked.

"Isona, You are higher than me in position. Do you really think that I will know about it when you don't?" Caen snorted lazily.

"Come on; You're the favorite person of Vega. He's also the one that called for this meeting. You have a higher chance of knowing insider information. Let me know. I won't tell anyone, I promise," Isona cheekily said as she placed her hand on Caen's shoulder and started shaking him.

"Can you act your age and be less annoying? I told you that I don't know anything. Also, we would be briefed shortly. Just stay patient," Caen replied as he glared at Isona. "Moreover, take off your hands from my shoulder. You know that I don't like when someone touches me."

"Hmph, you're always grumpy," Isona chuckled as she took her hands off. Instead of annoying the guy, she started looking at funny videos on her phone.

The door opened once again, and another person walked inside.

This time, it was a man who had a brooding look on his face as if he was dead. His pale skin gave the feeling as if he was a vampire that hadn't drunk blood for a long time. His dark hair and beautiful golden eyes made him look charming as well.

The man, dressed in a black coat, stepped forward and sat on one of the chairs, not saying a word.

"Dion, You're the third to come. I guess Vega is going to be the last one again. Sigh, that man calls for meetings and never comes on time," Isona let out with a wry smile on her face.

Dion was the level 3 leader in Variant Uprising. He was an S-Rank Elemental Mage who had the ability of 'Weather Control.' It was said that he could use weather to his advantage, bring whirlwinds, use storms, and many more. But no one had actually seen him use his abilities. He was one of the most low-profile leaders here.

He was a long-ranged warrior, according to the APF data, but he was also a master of many hand-to-hand fighting arts that made him even more frightening.

"He will be here soon," Dion muttered before he folded his arms and closed his eyes.

Time kept passing slowly, seconds turned to minutes, but the door didn't open again.

It had been over 20 minutes since everyone had arrived in the room, but the one that called for the meeting wasn't here yet.

"Is he even coming or not? I have more things to attend to," Isona let out as she stood up. She was getting tired of waiting.

Caen also stood up. He wanted to go and see what was actually happening.

It was at that moment when the door opened.

A young man walked inside the room. He looked to be in his early twenties. He was wearing a beautiful long black dress that came down to his ankles while also donning a long grey scarf.

His grey hair seemed to have a tint of green, such that they gave him a scholarly look. The circular glasses on his face only further boosted this look. Despite the glasses, the man seemed to be one of the most charming men here.

He seemed to be carrying two books in his hand, one blue and one red.

No one actually knew the reason for it, but whenever they saw this man, he always had these two books with him. A few people previously tried asking him for the cause, but he simply responded with a smile and didn't answer.

"Sorry to keep you waiting, guys. The meeting at level five stretched out longer than I expected. Thanks for waiting," The man said before he walked to the main chair.

This man was called Vega. He was the leader of level four of Variant Uprising. He was also in the top five in the Most Wanted List of the APF.

Vega was a Warlock. Other than him, no one in this room was a Warlock. He was a Variant with multiple powers— physical and elemental.

It was said that Vega was a triple-awakened warlock, but not many people could verify these claims.

Most people only knew about one of his powers. The other two, if they existed, were still a mystery.

As for what made Vega, so threatening was the only power of his that was actually known.

His known power was the A-rank physical ability called Cyber Mind.

This power made him able to read any information available on the internet just from his mind without any equipment. He was also able to get secret information from the encrypted transfer. This was what made him a big threat in the eyes of APF, as he was able to hack a lot of information.

Although APF had upgraded their system in such a way that Vega wasn't able to access them, Vega was still a big threat to them because of his powers that they didn't understand properly.


"We don't need to know what delayed you. Can you please start the meeting and tell us why we are here? I was working on something, and I had to leave that behind just to wait here."

Caen was the first one to comment as he insisted that Vega start the meeting instead of wasting time.

"Hehehe, You're really a stuck-up. Learn to relax, Caen. We have our whole life to work," Isona responded to Caen as she chuckled.

Vega ignored them as he walked towards the screen in the front and placed his finger behind it.

"Silence. I'm starting this meeting, but before I tell you anything, I need you to watch something," Vega said as he attracted everyone's attention. "It's something I recently found in the servers of a place called Dilion Research Facility."

"I think this has the potential to tip the balance of power in our favor," he added as he gazed at the others.

Caen, Isona, and Dion started looking towards the screen, wondering what Vega had to show them.