Chapter 47 - 47: Missions

Chapter 47 of 50 chapters

Caen, Isona, and Dion gazed at the screen, wondering what Vega had to show them when a video started playing.

In the video, a young silver-haired boy could be seen. The boy only looked to be ten or eleven years old at most.

The boy was wearing a basic robe, lying on a bed. Machines were connected to him.

They observed the video and noticed how the boy seemed like he was being tortured. There were three more people in the room that looked like scientists.

The video ended as the boy stopped moving as if he was dead.

The Scientists left the room. Some maids came, wrapped the boy in sheets, and carried him outside.

Vega removed his hand from the screen as the video ended.

Gazing back at his people, he calmly asked, "What did you think about that video?"

"What was that video? Some scientists doing experiments on a kid, or was it torture?" Caen asked.

He continued, "We already know humans are cruel. Nothing new. Why should we care if a kid was killed? Unless... There's something that we're missing."

Isona, on the other hand, was frowning.

"You wouldn't show us that video unless there was something important hidden in there. Was it about the scientists or the boy? Who was that boy actually?" Isona inquired, her voice getting a bit grim.

Dion didn't say anything and just looked at Vega, waiting for his answer. He was too lazy to ask, and he didn't care about answering when he didn't have any idea.

"That boy is actually someone really special," Vega answered as a hint of a smile appeared on his face. "You must remember the Strongest Warlock, Zale Azarel, right?"

"Yeah, who wouldn't. That man was such a pain in the a*s," Caen muttered as he sighed.

Gazing up at Vega, he asked, What about him?"

"This boy is the son of Zale Azarel and Clarise. He is Lucifer Azarel, the son of the strongest Warlock of that time and the most powerful Mage," Vega replied, stunning almost everyone in the room.

None had expected Lucifer's identity to be so unique. That guy, he was their son?

"Could it be that scientists in the video weren't humans but our people?" Isona questioned Vega.

"No, the scientists that tortured him weren't from our organization. As I said before, they were the scientists from a government-run facility."

Isona, Caen, and Dion all looked at Vega in surprise.

"W-why would they kill the son of their savior?" Isona asked Vega.

It didn't make sense. It made more sense to think that it was their people. Why would humans kill him? She wondered.

"That's the humans. They are cruel, and they are evil. They probably didn't want to see another strong Warlock coming into existence. What else can you expect from them? I know how cruel they can be, and that is why I joined this organization in the first place," Caen commented, not surprised that humans killed him.

"We can use that video to show the Variants of the world how the government treats them and their family members. Even if the kid is dead, it can be a good campaign for us. We can definitely create some trouble for the government with that footage."

Dion was the most logical person here as he didn't focus as much on the content and the backstory as he did on how he could use the footage to their advantage.

"We will do that, but there is something even more important for us to focus on," Vega said, shaking his head. "That boy is not dead."

"He's not dead?"

All three said at the same time as their expressions turned severe.

Vega again touched the screen that showed the video of Lucifer walking inside the Legion City. It was the same footage that APF had as well.

"He is alive, and he is free? Did he do all that to fool them and escape? Clever," Isona chuckled as she saw the video. "Not bad for a kid."

"I don't know what he did and if he was actually fooling them, but the reality is that he is free. And not only that, I believe that he hates humans now. He had committed a few large-scale slaughters since he was freed according to the data that I was able to gather."

Vega started talking about how his first kill allegedly occurred in a restaurant, then at a house, and then at another restaurant.

"Incredible. He was able to cause so much destruction without getting caught. I am starting to like him more and more," Isona let out smilingly. "APF must be going crazy by now."

"What is his rank? What power did he awaken?" Dion inquired calmly.

"He is a Triple Awakened Warlock with possibly two S-Rank powers of his parents," Vega explained.

"Triple-Awakened? Two S-Rank?"

Everyone, including Caen, Isona, and Dion, stood up with shock written on their face. It was even more surprising to see Dion's expressions change as he was mostly calm. That only went to show how big of a deal it was.

"That's the most basic assumption from the bodies that he left behind after the slaughter, but my assumption is that there is also a possibility that he is a Quad-Awakened Warlock," Vega let out as he walked closer to a chair and sat on it.

The others sat down as well, still not able to trust. Just how much of a monster was this guy?

"His danger level seems to be even higher than all of us combined if we look at powers; alas, he is still young. He lacks the experience and probably can't fight experienced Variants. AFP must be after him already. Is he captured or still on the run?" Caen inquired.

"Yeah, AFP is after him. Their Delta Team is handling Lucifer's case. Also, he is not caught yet. The AFP Delta members had found him, but Lucifer killed all four of the members that went to capture him and escaped," Vega responded.

"He did? Ahahaha, Awesome. I wish I were there to watch their faces as a kid killed them," Isona started laughing as she heard the news. "If the boy were a little older, I would be so willing to give him a sweet reward; alas, he is too young for me. I can only be his Elder Sister."

Vega looked at Isona weirdly before he shook his head.

"Now, back to the matter, I called you all here. I want you all to do anything you can to find Lucifer and make him join our organization."

" Give him anything he needs, but we can't let AFP catch him. We need to find him and bring him here. It's too big of an opportunity to miss," Vega let out as he gave them all a file. "These files contain your missions that are related to finding Lucifer and bringing him here."

Caen and the others picked up their respective files and started going through them.

"I need to go to Erygas?" Caen inquired with a frown as he read the first page of the file.