Chapter 7 - 7: Search

Chapter 7 of 50 chapters

Lucifer heard the man's words who threatened him about some APF, but he didn't pay any heed to them. He neither knew about APF nor cared for them.

He continued walking towards the man at the same pace that he had followed while massacring all the other people.

The moment the man's sentence ended, Lucifer stood only a few inches away from the man.

Gently placing his hands around the man's face, Lucifer observed carefully as the man's skin deteriorated rapidly. The man grew old right before his eyes.

His weak body kept struggling, unable to free itself from his grasp.

"And you are the ones I lived and died for?" Lucifer sneered under his breath. "No more."

Lucifer threw away the shriveled-up body to the side without letting it turn to ash. The man was already dead, though.

If he had held onto the body for even a few seconds longer, that body would have turned to ash as well, but Lucifer didn't feel like it was worth the wait when the man was already dead. His time was more precious to spend on people like these.

His gaze roamed around the entire interior of the Restaurant. As far as he could see, there were only ashes and dead bodies left. Only red and gray could be seen everywhere his eyes followed.

He lowered his head and noticed the robe he was wearing. It was the same one that he had received in the facility. The only difference was that the mostly white robe was now covered with holes and bloodstains.

Gazing at the bodies lying all around the room, Lucifer's eyes filled with the same blank, emotionless expression. Not even an ounce of regret flashed through them as he held that empty stare.

Even after sweeping his gaze around the whole place, he couldn't see any clothes there that he could wear. A sudden realization sank in him at the moment. It was that he needed to find fresh clothes.

He couldn't wear these clothes that belonged to that damn Facility. He didn't want anything given by that monstrous Facility; it didn't matter if they were his only clothes.

He wished to change clothes right there, right then. But the clothes on the dead bodies were also covered in blood and too big for him. For some reason, he didn't like the idea of taking dirty clothes from the bodies.

Sweeping his gaze all around the restaurant once again, he noticed a small blue-colored gate. Hoping that it would lead him to a location that might have some clothes, he started walking in that direction.

He tried pushing the door open only to find it locked. Instead, the place on the door which he touched started decaying.

Irritation and frustration surged up inside his heart as he bawled his fist in rage.

Raising his right feet, he kicked the door as hard as he could. As he failed to control his strength in anger, the door did not only break apart but also flew back. It only stopped flying after it crashed on the wall in the other end of the small room.

Lucifer stepped inside the room and looked around, only to realize that it was only a small kitchen adjacent to the restaurant. Vegetables were lying in baskets in rows that were placed over the countertops. There was also a knife set on the table near the baskets.

The kitchen was more like a family kitchen that people had in their homes. It was only a hundred square feet in size, so it wasn't huge or gigantic as anyone would expect a restaurant's kitchen to be.

He walked over to the corner of the room where the dishwasher was placed. Turning the tap on, he let the water fall freely. For a few seconds, he didn't move at all as his gaze lingered on the running water.

He fell in a daze as he watched the water falling, which came with a lot of old memories.

He shook his head to come out of daze before he stepped forward and soaked his hands under the tap.

Filling the water in between his palms, he splashed it over his face to wash the blood stains that covered his skin. He repeated the process a few times.

His face was covered in blood, but not a single drop of it belonged to someone else. The blood on his body was mostly his own, which was spilled before his wounds had healed. He washed his body with the help of water and cleaned his face before he took off the blood-covered robe and tossed it to the side.

Soon, his search for new clothes began again. He walked through the kitchen completely bare while his eyes searched like a hawk.

He walked over to the cupboard on the other end of the room and opened it.

The bottom half of the cupboard had kitchen utensils, while the top half had something he was looking for.

Lucifer's eyes twinkled as they landed on the folded pair of clothing. He had found a shirt and a pair of pants, adequately folded.

He brought the clothes out of the cupboard before donning them.

The new clothes seemed like they belonged to an adult. They were too big to fit his small physique, but he didn't care. He had no other choice. The clothes also deteriorated a little as he held them but he donned them faster before freeing them.

As his power of decay was only in his hands, the clothes stopped decaying as soon as he wore and stopped touching them.

Lucifer wore the loose clothes, looking all funny, before turning back to search for food. He was hungry. This was the entire reason he had come in here.

Only if he were given food would he not have had to fight and cause havoc as he did back there. Now that he had killed everyone, no one could stop him from eating or mock him; he felt satisfied.

He removed the lid from the food container lying near the burner, only to find pancakes inside.

Lucifer picked up one and started eating; however, he had only managed to take one bite before the pancake disappeared, turning into dust because of his power of decay.

He had no control over that power which prevented him from eating as well since he couldn't hold things for long.

He gazed at the other pancakes blankly as he chewed the one bite that he had managed to take.

He realized that it would be a big waste if he only ate one bite from each of them before they were destroyed.

"One bite of them all? It wouldn't be enough," he muttered as he gazed at the pancakes in confusion.

Lucifer fell into deep thoughts but realized that he couldn't do anything else either. He had no way to control this power that was stopping him from eating to his heart's content.

He placed his finger on his chin as he stared at the pancakes. His eyebrows creased a little as if he was in deep thought.

He decided to look around the room in search of something that might help his situation.

He walked around the kitchen as his fingers grazed over the items, testing them.

"This should be it…" he muttered as he touched a polythene. It was decaying much slower than other items. As it wasn't solid, Lucifer could use it to his advantage as well.

He took as many polythenes as he could find and stuffed them in his pocket before wrapping one around his right hand.

He walked back to the pancakes and picked another one up.

As the polythene acted as a wall between his fingers and the pancake, separating any direct contact with them.

Lucifer was finally able to eat the pancake without destroying it in the process. As his stomach received some intake, he finally felt satisfied, but his hunger still wasn't satiated.

The polythene vanished just as he gulped down the second pancake. So, he had to grab another polythene.

He kept repeating the process while he ate pancakes one after another. He only stopped when he finally had his fill.

Packing the remaining food that he could find in the kitchen, he decided to leave.

However, before he stepped out of the room, an idea clicked in his head as his eyes landed on a pair of scissors on the shelf.

He took his time to cut his shirt's long sleeves and the edge of his pants to make it more comfortable for him. Because of the polythene, he was able to achieve that without decaying the scissor.

Only after being all satisfied with his work did he leave the kitchen.

He pushed the table that was blocking the main exit to one side before pushing the door open. Once he was out, he closed the door behind him and left with a normal stoic expression.

It was as if he didn't just commit a crime inside and wrecked half of the place. T

Other people in the town were still oblivious about the massacre that had just occurred in their neighborhood restaurant.

The people that spent their time inside the restaurant were already there. The rest didn't go to the restaurant that often, so it was uncertain how long people were going to take to find out about what had happened there...


Standing in the middle of the road, Lucifer looked around. He had no idea where to go now. He did know where he wanted to go, but he didn't know the direction. It was the first time he was all by himself in the real world outside the facility.

His destination was the Legion City— the place where his family used to live. It was also the place where his parent's house was. He still remembered the last time he saw his home, it was a few years ago, but he felt like it had been ages.

He was five years old and was staying with the babysitter in his house. Lucifer knew his parents had left for a mission; it was not new to him.

He was used to them leaving him at home with his babysitter. A young eighteen-nineteen-year-old girl was left behind to take care of him.

The girl was his neighbor who used to work as his babysitter whenever his parents were away for work. Lucifer had a great time playing with her, but he always looked forward to his parent's return.

He still remembered that day when everything changed, when the officers in military uniform pressed the doorbell instead of his parents.

It was still fresh in his memory as if it was just yesterday.