Volume 1 Chapter 1 - Applicant

Chapter 1 of 100 chapters

It was early June, the beginning of summer. Banta City was like Beijing in the previous world, they were both sweltering.

Wearing the graduate uniform of the Senkaiser School, Xu Yi who was completely covered from head to toe was already feeling hot after walking a little bit down the road.

If it wasn’t for the fact that he had used his magic to cover his body in a miniature Frost Array, his entire body would be soaked in sweat right now.

“Is it here?”

Xu Yi stopped and looked up at the thirty meter tall building in front of him. The bottom floor was a Magic Tower that surpassed over ten thousand square meters. His eyes finally fell onto the plaque at the door at the front of the Magic Tower.

“Camilla Magic Tower.”

That’s right, it was here.

Seeing the plaque, Xu Yi’s heart was filled with nervousness, even causing him to reveal a smile of self ridicule.

His current mood was as nervous as when he graduated from university five years ago and went to work at his first large mechanical engineering company.

Xu Yi didn’t belong to this world.

Three years ago, he was one of the most important mechanical engineering masters of the largest mechanical engineering company of his country on earth, having an outstanding reputation in the business. He was only twenty four at that time, it could be considered very rare and he had bright prospects for the future.

However, the world was unpredictable. Three years ago, during an engineering survey, he fell into the water and woke up to find that he had transmigrated to another world.

In the beginning, Xu Yi thought that he was like a protagonist in one of those novels, easily becoming a super magician in this magic focused world, reaching the same peak in life.

But it was a pity that reality was very brutal.

It could be said that Xu Yi’s magical talent wasn’t bad and after coming to this world, he had adapted in just six months. With his effort, he spent two years to get into a magical school, completing a course that normal students needed four years or longer to complete. He was called a magical genius by many of the teachers of the school.

The problem was that Xu Yi’s time in this world was too short and the magicians of this world began training in magic since they were young. No matter how much talent Xu Yi had, it was hard to stand out immediately.

Not to mention he didn’t have any foundation in this world, so he could only enter the Senkaiser School which was a very normal magical school in the Lampuri Kingdom. The magic being taught wasn’t especially strong, so even though Xu Yi could far surpass his peers at the Senkaiser School, when placed on the entire continent, it wasn’t worth anything.

Therefore after Xu Yi graduated from the Senkaiser School, he faced the same awkward situation as many university graduates on earth would face, unemployment.

“No matter what, I have to make the interview today a success.” Xu Yi forcefully shook his head, shaking away the nervousness and chaotic memories of his previous life from his mind. After focusing himself, he took a deep breath and walked into the Magic Tower.

Great Magician Camilla was one of the most powerful magicians in Banta City. If he could obtain the opportunity to help with this magician’s research, Xu Yi believed that he could rapidly increase his magical power, thus achieving his value in this world.

What surpassed Xu Yi’s expectations was that the guarding of the Magic Tower was not that strict, as he easily walked through the front door. Although there were people wearing different robes passing by him, they at most gave him a look of curiosity. Most people chose to ignore him.

Looking at the rapid steps of these people and the looks of serious contemplation on their faces, Xu Yi couldn’t help thinking of the mechanical engineering research facility he belonged to back on earth.

The researchers of the facility, including him, would usually have this kind of expression on their faces.

Thinking of this, the nervousness in Xu Yi’s heart disappeared without a trace.

He came to the unlatched front gate of the Magic Tower with a few steps and without any hesitation, Xu Yi pulled open the door. When he had just walked in, he suddenly heard the sounds of rushed footsteps coming from behind. He immediately reached out his hands to stop the doors that were about to automatically closed and kept them open.

Turning around to take a look, Xu Yi was a bit stunned.

The one rushing forward was actually a beautiful young girl with a head of bright yellow hair. Although she was wearing the same simple black magician’s robe, it still revealed her beautiful figure. Matched with her stunning facial features and her slim face, that had a confident smile hanging on it, she was filled with a young vitality.

Back in the research facility, from time to time, there would be beautiful girls like this girl who came as interns.

The girl saw Xu Yi holding the door waiting for her to come over. After being surprised for a bit, she revealed a smile to Xu Yi and nodded in gratitude.

Xu Yi returned the smile and after she came in, he turned to head to the Magic Tower’s affairs department he had just seen behind the door.

The girl behind him saw Xu Yi’s simple departure and was stunned again. She took one deep look at Xu Yi’s back before turning to leave.

She went to the magical ladder at the center of the Magic Tower and directly headed to the highest level of the Magic Tower.

If Xu Yi understood the Magic Tower a bit more, he would know that the peak of the Magic Tower was the personal space of the Magic Tower’s owner, which was the Great Magician Camilla.

But Xu Yi didn’t have time to consider this. After he stated his purpose after arriving at the affairs department, they quickly prepared two people to interview him.

But it wasn’t that smooth.

When the two interviewers heard that Xu Yi had graduated from the Senkaiser School, the expression on their faces changed slightly.

Xu Yi was very familiar with this change because he had seen it many times in the past half a year.

This was clear despising.

The Senkaiser School wasn’t considered famous in the Lampuri Kingdom, so as a Senkaiser School graduate, Xu Yi wasn’t regarded as anything important.

“Eh…..Xu…..Xu Yi, right? Have you participated in the Magicians Guild’s certification testing yet?” The slightly chubby interviewer on the right continued asking him questions.

This question was considered goodwill to Xu Yi, but it was a pity Xu Yi could only awkwardly shake his head.

He had been in this world for less than three years, it was already quite hard for him to graduate the Senkaiser School. When would he have time to take the certification test for the Magicians Guild?

The more important thing was that the fees for the Magicians Guild’s certification tests were not cheap and Xu Yi was already being stretched paying his fees for the Senkaiser School, his living fees, and the occasional consumption for magical research. How could he possibly have spare cash to spend?

Seeing Xu Yi shake his head, the two interviewers looked at each other. The slightly chubby interviewer gave a soft cough and he had an apologetic look on his face.

“It’s like this. Mister Xu Yi, thank you for coming to apply, but I’m very sorry……”

Xu Yi’s face sunk. He was clear on the fact that since the interviewer said this, it meant that this application had ended in failure.

But if he failed this interview, because he didn’t have much money left on him, he could only find some other work to make ends meet.

Like this, he would be separated from magical research for a long time. His magical power would only fall instead of increase, which would have a great influence on his future development.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi raised his hand to cut off the interviewer.

“Mister, I think that it isn’t important which school I graduated from, right? You need an assistant that can help Great Magician Camilla with his magical research, not a graduation certificate from a magic school or a Magicians Guild certification. It’s fine as long as I can show I’m capable enough, right?”

“Oh?” The slightly chubby interviewer looked at Xu Yi like he had seen something funny, “Then young man, what do you have to prove that you have this ability?”

Xu Yi took out a small box from the bag on his back and handed it over.

“What is this?” The two interviewers looked over the box for a while, feeling perplexed.

“It’s this.” Xu Yi reached out a finger to gently tap the box and a bit of magic came out of his finger.

Although the two interviewers weren’t powerful magicians, as assistants to Great Magician Camilla, naturally they wouldn’t be unfamiliar with magic. They could easily feel the trace of magic from Xu Yi, revealing looks of surprise at the same time.

Although Xu Yi’s magic was a bit weak, they could feel the purity of this magic and how stable it was. There were no fluctuations from the magic at all.

Even some powerful magicians would find it hard to do this, not to mention that Xu Yi looked like he was a young man in his twenties.

Because of this trace of magic, the two interviewers looked at Xu Yi differently. They watched as the box in his hand started glowing and became a bit cautious.

After Xu Yi had injected his magic, this square box suddenly split open and a clear music floated out of the box.

The two interviewers looked right at it and found that after the box opened, there was a model of a piano inside.

This model piano was only the size of a person’s hand, but it was actually very finely made. There was even a clear division between each key.

What surprised people even more was that those keys kept falling with the music. It was like an invisible hand was playing the piano, releasing music from it.

The two interviewers looked at the piano for a while before the slightly chubby interviewer placed the box down. He looked at Xu Yi with a frown and asked, “This is only a toy, how can it prove your magic power?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Mister, this is indeed a toy, but the driving force for this toy is the Magic Array that I’ve imprinted on it. As long as a person places a trace of magic in, it will automatically start. Does this not prove my magic power?”

Actually, the core of this toy was indeed the Magic Array inside it, but the decisive factor was Xu Yi’s mechanical engineering knowledge.

This toy was made during his spare time at the Senkaiser School, unifying his mechanical engineering knowledge with the knowledge of magic he learned after coming to this world, while also including Xu Yi’s hobby, playing piano. It could be said that he was combining his original world and this world, so the level of technology contained within was not low.

Those two interviewers looked at piano model, but they shook their head at the same time.

“Young man, I’m very sorry. Although your toy is very novel, it still isn’t able to meet our requirements. You…..”

Xu Yi knit his brows and couldn’t help revealing a bitter smile.

The people of the Sines Continent focused on magic, but they mainly focused on the destructive might of magic, with few focusing on the practical application of magic. Up until now, there had been no magician that had seen through the level of technology in his so-called “toy”, so naturally it was hard for him to prove his magic power.

When the slightly chubby interviewer was about to give Xu Yi his “death sentence”, the door suddenly opened with a squeak.

The slightly chubby interviewer was cut off by this nose. He looked up at the door in dissatisfaction, but said in a surprised voice, “Young Miss Still, why are you here?”

Xu Yi turned his head over curiously and was also surprised.

The Young Miss Still that suddenly came in was actually the young girl that he had met at the gate of the Magic Tower.

After seeing Xu Yi, the girl also revealed a surprised look, but she only nodded at Xu Yi. She came in front of the interviewer table and looked at Xu Yi’s resume on the table. She picked it up to look it over and nodded before looking back at the piano model beside it. She turned back to Xu Yi and asked, “This was made by you?”

Xu Yi nodded in a daze.

Based on Young Miss Still’s casual movements and how the interviewer addressed her when she came in, her status was probably not low.

“Can you let me see it?” Still tapped the model piano.

“Of course.” There was a trace of hope in Xu Yi’s heart, giving a go ahead gesture towards the model piano.

“Very interesting.” After looking it over, Still revealed an interested appearance. She looked back at Xu Yi before saying to the two interviewers, “Just hire him.”

The two interviewers looked at each other and said with difficulty, “Young Miss Still, he has only graduated from the Senkaiser School and hasn’t passed the Magicians Guild’s certification test. This seems to…..not conform to the requirements, right?”

Still just casually waved her hand, “He thinks very actively, this is better than some stiff brained old magicians. Perhaps he will be able to help grandfather.”

Hearing Still say this, the two interviewers helplessly looked at each other. The slightly chubby interviewer gave a cough and said to Xu Yi, “This…..Mister Xu Yi, congratulations on passing the interview. May I ask, when can you report for work?”

Xu Yi was instantly filled with joy. He looked at Still with gratitude, but found that Still wasn’t looking at him at all, rather she was looking at the model piano.

It was like to her, this model piano was more interesting than the creator Xu Yi.

Xu Yi could only turn back to the interviewer and nod with a faint smile.