Volume 1 Chapter 21 - Bonus

Chapter 21 of 100 chapters

On the land rented from Viscount Leslie, the factory that had been built just three days ago was already in full swing.

Actually, saying this place was a factory was being too nice because the so called factory was only a building. It was nothing more than a simple wooden log that took less than five hundred square meters of space.

To call it something, it was just a small workshop.

But of course, there was no other choice, time was very tight. They had only rented this land from Viscount Leslie for less than ten days and Heinz being able to find enough people to build such a large cabin could already be considered quite talented.”

“If his thoughts could be more flexible and he had some more foresight, he could be considered a very good CEO.” Xu Yi looked at Heinz who was busy supervising the production and his heart filled with a trace of regret.

Talented people were hard to find, that didn’t just apply to research staff, but also management staff.

Xu Yi currently could only rely on Heinz right now, so he basically gave all the management work to Heinz.

It should be said that Heinz was quite good. Whether it was production or sales channels, he did everything properly. It allowed the process to suffer no setbacks and proceed smoothly.

But that was all there was.

Heinz had only been a normal general store owner before, his realm was limited. He was very outstanding in doing some mundane things, but he didn’t have any form of higher cognition that would allow him to make changes and react to things.

Many times, Xu Yi had to supervise the general situation and give pointers to him. It also took quite a bit of mental concentration away from Xu Yi.

If there was someone who was even more talented than Heinz in terms of management, not only would Xu Yi be freed, he could focus on research and his long term plan. At the same time, it would also free up Heinz, allowing him to focus on managing production and sales channels. This would greatly increase their productivity.

“Where can I find this kind of talent?” Xu Yi was a bit worried.

“Chairman, can I discuss something with you?” A young voice suddenly came from beside him, breaking Xu Yi’s train of thought.

Xu Yi turned over to look and was a bit surprised, “Orin, you already finished your work?”

This slightly chubby kid was one of the thirty students he recruited from Baron Rickto Magic Academy, but he was different from the other twenty nine kids who came from normal or poor families. This student called Orin Zetaman was the biological son of Viscount Zetaman in Banta City, he was a true noble.

When he saw this fellow’s background at first, Xu Yi was very surprised. This fellow with his background, why did he need to run here and work for him?

Orin’s reply had made Xu Yi a bit speechless. He said that he was here for life experience and was very interested in the Magic Fan, so he came here to study it.

Xu Yi thought back then that this kind was just applying because he wanted to have fun. Once he realized how boring it was working in the factory, he probably wouldn’t remain.

Xu Yi wanted to reject him, but there wasn’t a suitable reason to reject him. This was because he was from the first batch of students recruited from Baron Rickto Magic Academy and Orin was known as a magic genius in the school, so if he couldn’t bring out any reason to reject him, it would affect his recruitment in the future.

Not to mention that a student like Orin with a rich family and was talented in magic was willing to work for him, this was a kind of stimulation for the other students of the school.

Look, even Orin is willing, is there anything the others could be dissatisfied with?

So Xu Yi recruited Orin with a trace of worry.

He never thought that after working for a week, Orin not only persisted in this job, he also meticulously finished all the work he was given. Because of his outstanding magical talent, he could make arrays that were better than the other students, which had better effects.

This performance made Xu Yi see him in a new light.

“I’ve already finished the morning’s work.” Orin loudly replied.

Xu Yi looked in the direction of the other students working. He found that there were some others who had finished their morning work and were currently resting, so he gave a nod, “Un, very good. What do you want to discuss with me? Is it a request for work? Speak freely, as long as it is a reasonable request, I will agree to them all.”

“If it is work requests, there are. For example, this place is too hot, so I strongly request that you lay down a large scale Frost Array, otherwise it will affect our work efficiency and enthusiasm.”

Xu Yi revealed a bitter smile and said while shaking his head, “I’m afraid I can’t agree to this. You have a large scale Frost Array in your home, so you should know how much it costs to set one and maintain it, right? I can’t afford that right now. But just bear with it for now, wait until I make the Magic Air Conditioner and everything will be much better.”

“Magic Air Conditioner?” Orin’s eyes lit up and excitedly asked, “What is that thing? Is it a new magic machine? Chairman, can you tell me the details? I am very interested!”

Xu Yi realized that he had been careless and quickly waved his hand, “This thing is just a thought right now, I haven’t started studying it yet. It won’t be finished for this summer at least, so you shouldn’t ask about it.”

“Oh……It seems like it’s a secret still.” Orin nodded in a disappointed manner, but he obediently didn’t keep asking.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this. Based on your tone, you aren’t here to make a request, so what did you want to discuss?” Xu Yi quickly changed the topic.

Hearing this question, Orin revealed a look of excitement and dug out a blueprint from his chest.

“Chairman, look, this is the Revolving Wind Array I developed last night. What do you think?”

“Revolving Wind Array?” Xu Yi looked at Orin curiously. He thought, kid, you are working on drawing the Revolving Wind Array right now, why are you still researching this thing?

Of course he wasn’t stupid enough to attack Orin’s enthusiasm. Looking over the blueprint, he suddenly made a yi sound and honestly looked it over.

After a while, Xu Yi raised his head and looked at Orin in a daze, “This Revolving Wind Array was developed by you alone?”

Orin stuck out his chest and proudly said, “It was me alone, no one helped.”

It was like meeting Orin for the first time for Xu Yi. He looked him over before patting him on the shoulder and praising him, “Good kid, no wonder Director Shearer said you were a rare magic talent for Baron Rickto Magic Academy and for me to properly look out for you.”

Orin laughed before pointing at the blueprint in Xu Yi’s hands, “Chairman, what do you think about this Magic Array? If feel that if this change is made, it should be a bit better than the previous Revolving Wind Array, but I’m not certain on this.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Don’t you see how much I’m praising you? The answer is of course yes. Let me tell you, although I haven’t tested your change yet, I can tell that just with this change, it can decrease the consumption of the Magic Fan by a bit.”

“Ah? It’s only a bit?” Orin was very disappointed, “Chairman, one can only say the Magic Array you designed was too outstanding, there is almost no flaws at all. I did everything I could and I only made this small change.”

Xu Yi slapped Orin’s shoulder and seriously said, “You mustn’t look down on this small change. I can honestly tell you that for magic machinery, any small change, no, more accurately speaking it’s an improvement, will all be very important. Don’t look down on your modification because it can slightly reduce the Magic Crystal consumption rate of the Magic Fan by a little. This will allow the people who buy the Magic Fans from us to save more money. For us, this makes people more willing to buy the Magic Fan. The more important thing is that it will increase the quality of our Frestech Magic Fan. The meaning of that is not something you can understand right now.”

Orin was stunned by what Xu Yi said. He thought that he had only made a small change, but why did it sound like it was very important when the chairman said this?

Thinking about it, he became happy again.

He had only altered the Revolving Wind Array out of interest, he didn’t think that much about it at all. To obtain Xu Yi’s acknowledgement was already enough to satisfy him.

Xu Yi suddenly pulled Orin by the arm and brought him to where the other students were working.

He was met with the curious gazes of the twenty nine students and Heinz. Xu Yi raised Orin’s arm high up and loudly said, “Everyone listen up, Orin has just proposed a modification of the Revolving Wind Array with me and after my confirmation, this change will have a positive effect on the Magic Fan. So I will now announce that because Orin made this modification, he will receive a special research bonus from the company. The amount is…..ten gold coins!”