Volume 1 Chapter 35 - Discussing cooperation

Chapter 35 of 100 chapters

Four people came into the restaurant. The one walking in the front was an obese middle aged man that could be described as round. The three people following him was unexpected by Xu Yi. It was actually Cimirot, Rem, and Wella.

What amazed Xu Yi was Cimirot’s attitude.

Because this fellow was ranked second in terms of magic power in the lab, he had always acted very arrogantly, but now in front of this chubby middle aged man, he kept bowing and flattering him with a smile on his face. Although he didn’t act like a servant, he put himself in a very low position that was completely different from the impression he normally gave Xu Yi.

As for Rem behind him, although his attitude wasn’t as clear as Cimirot’s, he did reveal a flattering tone to the middle aged man. He wasn’t as loud and careless as he normally was in the laboratory.

Wella still maintained her normal cold appearance. Xu Yi could even see a trace of disdain on her face.

It was unknown if she disdained this middle aged man, or if it was Cimirot and Rem.

Still saw Xu Yi’s strange reaction and turned to look at the entrance, also being stunned.

This small restaurant wasn’t big and Xu Yi and Still weren’t sitting that far away from the entrance. When the two of them saw Cimirot’s group of four, Wella bringing up the rear also noticed them.

“Xu Yi, Still, what are you guys doing here?” Wella asked in a surprised voice.

Cimirot had been trying to convince the middle aged man to change places for lunch, but hearing Wella suddenly mention Xu Yi and Still’s name, he was instantly stunned.

He looked over and saw Xu Yi and Still sitting across from each other at a table, with no one else around them. His face sunk a bit.

This damn Xu Yi! What was he doing? He was actually having lunch with Young Miss Still in this kind of place alone? Damn!

“Hey, Wella, why did you come here?” Xu Yi raised his hand to greet Wella and Rem, while also ignoring Cimirot, “This place is a bit away from the Magic Tower, you wouldn’t have run all the way here for lunch, right?”

Wella looked at Rem and he replied with an awkward smile, “We…..are here with a guest.”

“Guest?” Xu Yi looked over the middle aged man and found that there was a sharp aura coming from him, not seeming like a magician at all, “This should be a guest for the Magic Tower, right? Can you introduce me to him?”

“Of course we can introduce you, but Xu Yi, do you think you’re qualified?” Cimirot cut in and said with a cold smile, “Let me tell you, this is chairman Farsak from Saltan City. Chairman Farsak has one of the biggest companies in Saltan City, it’s not something a certain small company can compare to.” After saying this, Cimirot deliberately looked at Xu Yi with a clear meaning in his eyes, “Xu Yi, if you want to be introduced, you have to have magic power at my level at least.”

Hearing Cimirot’s response and seeing his arrogant appearance, looking down on him, Xu Yi was not angry at all, rather he found it a bit funny.

This fellow kept saying that he was chasing Still and now in front of her, he made this kind of bad move. Does he hope that Still will like him because he knows this large company’s chairman?

As expected, Still gave a soft snort and her face sunk as she said, “Is a big company’s chairman that amazing? Who is stronger between him and my grandfather? Cimirot, you shouldn’t boast about your magic power in front of Xu Yi! Let me tell you, he has just studied magic for a shorter time than you. As long as you give him enough time, he will definitely be stronger than you!”

Cimirot never would have thought that Still would impolitely refute him like this in front of everyone and would stand up for Xu Yi without any hesitation.

Thinking about the fact that these two were having lunch alone, Cimirot’s heart was filled with depression. His eyes looking at Xu Yi became incomparably sharp.

Xu Yi smiled as he matched his gaze, not looking away at all. There was even a taunting look in his eyes.

“Cimirot, whether I have the qualification to know sir chairman Farsak should be up to chairman Farsak and not you, right?”

Cimirot gave a strong snort, “You think a noble person like chairman Farsak will waste time with a small person like you who hasn’t even passed the Magicians Guild’s certification test?” After saying this, he turned to the chubby middle aged man and changed his expression. He had an inviting look as he said, “Chairman Farsak, let’s change places to have lunch, staying here will ruin the mood. There are still many good restaurants in our Banta City, it won’t be late if we go now.”

It was like chairman Farsak didn’t hear what Cimirot said. He looked over Xu Yi several times before asking in front of everyone’s doubtful gazes, “May I ask……Are you mister Xu Yi from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

When he said this, everyone was stunned.

Based on this, the incomparably noble chairman Farsak as described by Cimirot actually knew Xu Yi?”

Xu Yi was also a bit surprised, but he said with a smile, “That’s right, I am Xu Yi. Does chairman Farsak know me?”

Hearing Xu Yi’s response, chairman Farsak burst out in laughter. He reached his hands out to Xu Yi and said in a very polite voice, “Although I haven’t met you before, I have heard of chairman Xu’s fame and have long known about you. Actually I won’t hide anything, but for my trip to Banta City this time, other than a small matter, the most important matter was to have a proper talk with chairman Xu. I wonder if chairman Xu…..” After saying this, chairman Farsak paused and looked at Still to the side, “I wonder if you have time now, may I invite you to some afternoon tea?”

Chairman Farsak was actually this polite and respectful to Xu Yi, it stunned everyone to the side.

Still, Rem, and Wella looked over Xu Yi and chairman Farsak without stopping, as their eyes filled with curiosity.

Cimirot’s face was the same colour as the dirt. He never would have thought that this chairman Farsak with his large backing would suddenly be this polite to this normal looking Xu Yi.

This was simply giving him a resounding slap to the face!

Moreover, it was in front of Still!

“Chairman Farsak is too polite. I wonder, what do you wish to discuss with me?” Xu Yi was not in a rush to agree, he first asked this question.

“He, he, it’s just to discuss a cooperation. I think chairman Xu will definitely be interested.” Chairman Farsak replied.

“Oh?” Xu Yi looked at chairman Farsak in surprise. He considered it before saying to Still, “Still, it seems like I’m busy and can’t stay with you.”

Still uncaringly waved her hand, “Business is more important, go.”

Xu Yi nodded. He smiled at Rem and Wella after standing up and then he left with chairman Farsak.

When the left, chairman Farsak didn’t even say a word to Cimirot’s group of three.

Still looked at the stunned Cimirot and gave a cold laugh. Then she looked at Rem and Wella, giving them a nod to say goodbye before leaving.

Rem and Wella looked at each other and both gave a sigh before leaving. They left Cimirot in the little restaurant by himself with a face that was like dying embers.


After leaving the little restaurant, chairman Farsak and Xu Yi found a quiet cafe. As soon as they sat down, chairman Farsak said, “Chairman Xu, it’s truly hard to see you. Time is precious, so I’ll be direct. The target of the cooperation I wanted to discuss with you is related to the Magic Fan.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce only had the Magic Fan as a product, so if one was to discuss a cooperation, of course it would be related to the Magic Fan.

“I wonder, what kind of cooperation does chairman Farsak wish to pursue? If you wish to buy large amounts of Magic Fans to take back to Saltan City to sell, that is very easy. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has already formed a complete production line, so you just need to directly buy from there.” Xu Yi said.

Chairman Farsak shook his head, “Of course it isn’t that simple. If it was like this, would I even need to look for you?”

Xu Yi nodded, “Alright, then please tell me what you have in mind chairman Farsak.”

“It’s like this.” Chairman Farsak gave a soft cough, seeming like he was organizing his thoughts, “If we buy large amounts of Magic Fans from the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to resell, although we would earn quite a bit, this is very inefficient. This is because the losses on the road are quite severe and to me, these losses don’t outweigh the gains at all. Therefore, after considering it, I hope to cooperate with your company to directly open up a Magic Fan factory in our Saltan City.”

Xu Yi slightly raised one brow. This chairman Farsak actually thinks in longer terms than normal merchants.

Although this method was quite troublesome, as long as it could be smoothly finished, it was something that was done once and there would be much more profit there.

“Chairman Farsak, if I’m not wrong, your Saltan City already has a company that is producing Magic Fans. Of course, that is not our Frestech Brand Magic Fans. But according to what I know, this company already has a monopoly on selling Magic Fans in Saltan City. How can you ensure that establishing a Magic Fan factory in Saltan City will let us sell our product?” Xu Yi asked.

Chairman Farsak’s chubby face revealed a smile that seemed quite gentle, “If we were to produce the same Magic Fans, of course we couldn’t. But if it’s the Frestech Brand and it was a new generation Frestech Brand Magic Fan, I think there won’t be any problems.”