Volume 1 Chapter 37 - Setting middle and high class

Chapter 37 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 37 Setting middle and high class

Xu Yi explained many things to Heinz, but he didn’t explain the most important point.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to explain, but rather Heinz wouldn’t understand. To be even more clear, there was perhaps no one on the entire Sines Continent that could understand it.

This was because this point was related to the core of Xu Yi’s plan to establish an industrial system.

In industrial advancement, light industrial equipment was the surface and heavy industrial equipment was the core.

Even if there were ten thousand or a hundred thousand Magic Fans that were made, it was only a product being developed. It could only be considered a small development in light industrial equipment on the Sines Continent.

If this ten thousand or a hundred thousand was changed into manufacturing machines, it was a completely different story.

Xu Yi chose to sell the Magic Punch Press and the Magic Thread Rolling Machine…..these magic machines to chairman Farsak and even giving out the technology for the second generation Magic Fan, other than out of consideration from a business perspective, the most important thing was to spread these magic machines across the Sines Continent.

These represented the powerful productive power of the basic level magic machines, he believed that it would quickly spread across the Sines Continent.

With the popularization of these machines, it would be a very meaningful large step towards the development of industrialization. It would have an important use to Xu Yi in founding the concept of an industrial system on the Sines Continent.

These things, other than an engineering master from earth like him who had transmigrated over, who else would understand it?

But there was something that Xu Yi had to agree with, which was that although heavy industrial equipment was the core of an industrial system, to make money quickly, the best choice was to invent new products. So while Xu Yi researched new magic machines with the dwarves, he didn’t stop researching new products.

That night, Xu Yi went to Viscount Leslie’s manor to see him again.

“Xu Yi, I’ve heard that you’ve been very busy lately, why do you suddenly have free time to come see me?” Viscount Leslie seemed to like the spring in his manor quite a bit. Even though the sun had set and the weather wasn’t too hot, he still received Xu Yi in the log cabin beside the spring.

“Lord Viscount, if I told you that coming to see you is also part of my work, would you believe me?” Xu Yi said with a smile.

“Oh?” Viscount Leslie looked at Xu Yi and his eyes fell onto the strange looking rectangular box beside Xu Yi, “What is this thing?”

“The Lord Viscount’s eyes are sharp.” Xu Yi praised. He at Butler Brunei with his head covered in white hair and shook his head. Xu Yi then turned to Viscount Leslie and said, “Lord Viscount, come and help me. Help me install this thing up there.”

Butler Brunei knit his brows. When he wanted to speak, Viscount Leslie raised his hand to stop him.

Viscount Leslie was very interested as he stood up and looked at Xu Yi, “How do you want me to do it?”

Xu Yi looked around the log cabin and found that there was an iron shelf on one of the walls, so he pointed at it and said, “Help me put this thing on there.”

The two were strong youths, so naturally it was very easy for them to put it up.

After installing it according to Xu Yi’s instructions, Viscount Leslie looked it over and couldn’t help asking, “Xu Yi, you should tell me now. Just what is this thing?”

Xu Yi laughed, “Don’t be anxious, you’ll know after you use this thing.” He pressed the switch under the iron box after he said this and turned to close all the doors and windows of the log cabin.

Viscount Leslie and Butler Brunei saw Xu Yi’s actions and felt it was a bit strange.

“Xu Yi, what are you doing……” When Viscount Leslie wanted to question him, he suddenly felt a weak cool breeze hit him, instantly scattering the heat that came with Xu Yi closing doors and windows.

It was different from the Magic Fan, this slight breeze was clearly a bit cold. Being hit by this breeze did not make people feel hot afterwards like with the breeze from the Magic Fan.

Not long after, the little log cabin’s air turned cold from the cool breeze that kept blowing out, not feeling like the blazing heat of summer at all.

After experiencing this cold feeling for a while, Viscount Leslie looked at Xu Yi with a serious gaze and asked, “Tell me, what is this thing?”

Seeing the serious look on Viscount Leslie’s face, Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. This Lord Viscount really wasn’t an idiot, it seemed like he could already see the abnormal parts of this thing.

“This thing is called the Magic Air Conditioner, what does the Lord Viscount think of that name?”

“Magic Air Conditioner? Air conditioner?” Viscount Leslie thought it over for a bit, “The so called air conditioner, does it mean controlling the air?”

“The Lord Viscount truly isn’t normal, you understood the meaning of this name this quickly.” Xu Yi praised, “That’s right, it means controlling the air. This Magic Air Conditioner can create a cool space even in this kind of burning weather, so don’t you think that this name isn’t exaggerated at all?”

“Of course it’s not exaggerated.” Viscount Leslie’s eyes fell onto the Magic Air Conditioner again and after seriously looking over it for a while, the look of admiration on his face became deeper and deeper, “Xu Yi, this Magic Air Conditioner is the new product you’ve researched?”

“That’s right.”

“Why did you bring it to my place?” Viscount Leslie was a bit confused, “Since you’ve finished researching it, you should immediately start producing it. I can tell that as long as the price of this thing does not surpass the price of laying a large scale Frost Array, it will definitely sell.”

“I brought it here for two reasons. One is because the Lord Viscount is a major shareholder of our company, so if there ever is a new product, I have to bring it over for you to look over first. Second, it is because of a problem with the setting the class of this product.”

“Setting problem? What setting?” Viscount Leslie and Butler Brunei both looked at Xu Yi with a confused look.

“Before a product is sold, we have to first set the class of the product. To put it simply, we must determine what kind of people we will sell this product to.” Xu Yi slowly explained.

Viscount Leslie pointed at himself, “Your meaning is that I am the kind of person you want to sell this Magic Air Conditioner to?”

“That’s right.” Xu Yi nodded with a smile, “For this Magic Air Conditioner, I want to set it as a middle and high class item, which means that it isn’t suited for commoners to use, rather it is suited for people of status like the Lord Viscount. Of course, the most important thing is that it is used by people with economic power. So I brought it here first to see how the Lord Viscount feels about using this thing. Now that you have tested this Magic Air Conditioner, what kind of value do you feel this Magic Air Conditioner has?”

“It’s like this…..” Viscount Leslie stroked his chin and considered it for a bit. He didn’t reply and instead asked, “Then tell me first, how much do I need to spend to buy this thing?”

Xu Yi raised two fingers.

Viscount Leslie knit his brows, “It can’t be two gold coins, then it would have the same price as the Magic Fan. According to what you just said, it should be…..twenty gold coins?”

Xu Yi nodded.

“This price is considered quite good. If it was me, I could definitely accept it.” Viscount Leslie turned back to look at the Magic Air Conditioner on the wall, “There is still another problem, does this thing consume a lot of Magic Crystals? You should be very clear that it isn’t that many families don’t have the money to lay down a large scale Frost Array, rather it is because they can’t support the cost of the large scale Frost Array because that thing uses just too many Magic Crystals.”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “Lord Viscount, this is actually the biggest advantage of the Magic Air Conditioner. For a Magic Air Conditioner like this, although the consumption of Magic Crystals is greater than the Magic Fan, even if you use it for an entire day, it would only take thirteen to fifteen silver coins worth of Magic Crystals each day. Of course, if you want to increase its efficiency, you can use High Grade Magic Crystals, which would increase the consumption.”

Hearing Xu Yi’s response, Viscount Leslie and Butler Brunei to the side both had their eyes pop out.

“It actually has such a low consumption? Fifteen gold coins a day, it would be less than five gold coins each month! This is several times lower than the large scale Frost Array!”

Xu Yi revealed a confident smile, “If the consumption wasn’t several times lower than the large scale Frost Array, what would I have researched this thing for?”

Viscount Leslie looked at Xu Yi for a while before giving a slight nod, “Very good, Xu Yi, I can tell you now that if everything you said is true, I can guarantee that this Magic Air Conditioner will sell! Of course, it is impossible to reach the same quantity as the Magic Fans. However, I think the profit from this thing should be even more than the Magic Fans.”

Xu Yi said while laughing, “The Lord Viscount is wise. The profit for this thing…..is indeed should be several times higher than the Magic Fan. But if we want to sell a large amount, we’ll need the Lord Viscount’s help.”

“Oh? What help do you need from me?” Viscount Leslie looked at Xu Yi with a very interested gaze, “Speak freely. I can be considered a major shareholder, so you don’t need to be polite with things that I should do.”

“Lord Viscount, the matter I’m hoping for you to do is actually very simple……”