Volume 1 Chapter 40 - Strange chairman Xu Yi

Chapter 40 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 40 Strange chairman Xu Yi

A horse carriage quickly moved across the road to the north of Banta City, very quickly approaching Banta City.

The window of the horse carriage suddenly opened and a round young girl’s face was stuck out of the horse carriage. She saw the city wall of Banta City wasn’t considered tall and loudly shouted, “Look, that is Banta City! We’re almost there!”

Another girl’s face appeared behind the glass and looked at the distant Banta City, but her eyes fell somewhere else.

“Yi? What is that?” A delicate looking girl pointed at a high building outside Banta City and asked this question.

The round faced girl pointed in a direction and found that not far outside Banta City, there was a thick pole sticking out of the ground. It was supporting a strange giant rectangular thing high up above the city walls.

The side of the sign facing the road seemed to have something drawn on it. They couldn’t see it clearly at first, but when the horse carriage approached it, the two girls found that there was an iron foundation that was turning left and right.

The center part of this drawing was being turned at high speed by this strange machine, so they could only see a blurry image. They couldn’t see what was inside it at all.

“Is this that Magic Fan thing?” The round faced girl’s large eyes looked at this strange looking machine as she spoke.

“It should be. Look, it’s clearly blowing out wind.” The delicate looking girl replied before she looked to the right of the image. She called out in a surprised voice, “Ya, isn’t that Still?”

“Still? Where?” The round face girl looked over and found that there was a beautiful golden haired girl on the right side of the image.

Although it was only from the side, the golden hair girl’s fine features, incomparably smooth skin, as well as the slightly floating white dress, it made people unwilling to look away.

“It really is Still!” The round face girl quickly recognized her, “Her image is actually on this? Isn’t this too conspicuous?”

“It should be related to the Magic Fan.” The delicate girl said in a thoughtful voice, “Look, there is a name on this sign. It seems say……”

“Frestech Brand Magic Fan, bringing a bit of cold to you in the summer heat. What does that mean?” The round face girl rushed to read it first, but she didn’t understand it.

“I don’t know. But last time Still said that she became the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s spokesperson, could it be that this is a representation of her?” The delicate girl said.

The round face girl tilted her head to think for a bit before shaking her head, “I don’t get it. Forget it, we’ll see her in a bit, we can just ask her then.”

“Un, it seems like we can only do this.” The delicate girl nodded. She said to the horse carriage driver, “Uncle, can you take us to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

The horse carriage driver was a middle aged man of around forty. When he heard this, he asked back, “Frestech Chamber of Commerce? There are two places. One is the exclusive store they’ve opened and the other is the factory outside the city, which one do you want to go to?”

“There is a difference?” The two girls looked at each other in a daze. The delicate looking girl thought about it before asking, “Do you know where their chairman normally is?”

“I don’t know that. But I’ve heard that their exclusive store only has a fellow inside selling things, normally there isn’t anyone else. I think the chairman should normally be in the factory.” The driver guessed.

“That’s good, can you send us directly to the factory?” The delicate looking girl said.

“I can, but they are building roads near the factory during this time, so I can only send you near there. You’ll have to walk the rest of the way yourself.”

“Alright, we’ll do that.”

The delicate looking girl said this and the driver flicked the whip in his hand, making the horse carriage turn right. It directly headed out Banta City in a westward direction.

The small road outside the city was not flat, so the horse carriage kept shaking. The two girls inside the carriage couldn’t help feeling dizzy.

But this kind of situation didn’t last long. After a while, the horse carriage only shook slightly before it became very stable, as if there wasn’t the slightest bit of trembling at all.

The round face girl couldn’t suppress her curiosity and poked her head out the carriage’s window. She found that the path the horse carriage was currently on was very smooth, there wasn’t a single hole to be seen. This road was much better compared to the one from before.

The round face girl’s heart was filled with curiosity and she couldn’t help asking the driver, “Uncle, why is this road so smooth? It would be great if the road we traveled on before was as smooth as this.”

The driver laughed, “This road has been specially paved by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce, it wasn’t easy to travel at all before. I’ve heard that in order to pave this road, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce has spent quite a bit of money.”

“Oh? Their company is even responsible for paving the road? Isn’t this supposed to be managed by the City Lord?”

“Properly speaking, it should be the City Lord who is responsible for this, but the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s what……That’s right, the chairman named Xu Yi wasn’t satisfied, so he was happy to take out his own money to fix the road. The Lord City Lord couldn’t stop him from doing that, right? So the current road you see now is the newly fixed road.”

“Why was chairman Xu Yi not satisfied? Could it be that people couldn’t walk on it?” The round face girl asked in a curious voice.

“How could that be? No matter what, this road is still the main road outside of our Banta City, how could people not walk on it? Although the road before wasn’t that flat, it wasn’t that bad, there was no need to fix it at all. But chairman Xu Yi wasn’t satisfied, so what could he do? I’ve also heard that he’s still not satisfied with this road right now, he said that he would fix it again when the conditions were right…..What……That’s right, he would fix it with concrete. I don’t know what this concrete thing is, but to satisfy chairman Xu Yi, it should be better than this road, right?”

“Even better than this road? How flat would that be?” The round face girl said in a stunned voice, “That chairman Xu Yi wouldn’t be boasting, right? How could there be such a smooth road?”

The driver laughed, “That I don’t know. What those big people are thinking, that is not something a small driver like myself could imagine.”

The round face girl muttered in a low voice before heading back into the carriage. She said to the delicate girl with knit brows, “Hey, Evita, do you think that chairman Xu Yi will make us research how to repair roads?”

The delicate girl laughed and reached out a finger to tap the round face girl’s forehead, “Akali, you only know how to speak nonsense! We are magicians, even if we agree to stay with chairman Xu Yi, we would be researching Magic Arrays! How is this related to fixing roads?”

The round face girl named Akali shook her head in a confused manner, “I don’t know. But I feel that this chairman Xu Yi is a strange person. He’s not satisfied with this road that is clearly smooth and has to fix it again. Do you think he has too much money?”

Evita helplessly shook her head. Akali really liked to guess randomly, when will she be able to fix this problem.

Although she didn’t randomly guess like Akali, her heart was also filled with curiosity towards this chairman Xu Yi.

Why was the road this important to him? Clearly how good this road was was completely unrelated to him.

Could it be that this road had some relationship with the things their company produced? But this also wasn’t convincing.

Could it be that this chairman Xu Yi had very strict requirements, not letting any problems appear in the road near his factory?

If it was like this, this chairman Xu Yi might not be easy to get along with. When they see him later, she should be a bit more careful.

While Evita and Akali’s minds were filled with random thoughts, the horse carriage had already traveled a bit. It suddenly slowed down before stopping.

“Two young misses, the road ahead is being fixed, so no horse carriages other than the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s horse carriages are allowed over. So, I’ll have to trouble the two misses to walk the rest of the way.” The driver’s voice rang out.

Evita and Akali looked at each other before opening the curtain to the horse carriage. Akali directly jumped out while Evita slowly came down while holding the reins of the carriage.

The two looked up and found that the path in front of them really was being fixed. There was only a less than three meter wide path left for people to travel on.

Based on the scale of the construction, after this road was finished, it would be over ten meters wide which was very shocking.

It had to be known that in the Lampuri Kingdom, only the two main roads of the Lampuri Kingdom were only around ten meters wide.

Looking into the distance, there was a river flowing by and beside the river on a large piece of empty land, there were several buildings put together. From time to time, one could see people moving between the buildings.

Whether it was the buildings or the road work, it was a very lively scene. It was like they weren’t affected by the blistering heat at all.

Seeing this kind of bustling scene, the two girls couldn’t help looking at it for a while. After a while, they finally remembered their goal in coming here.

Akali looked over and walked over to the people fixing the road. She was about to pat the person to get their attention, but seeing that that person was covered in dirt, she put her hand down and raised her voice, “Hey, hello. Can I ask you if this is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

That person looked over and scared Akali.

That person’s face was also covered in dirt and there were several lines left by his sweat dripping down, which made him look quite fierce.

But after seeing the little girl in front of him, that person revealed a smile and that fierce look disappeared without a trace.

“That’s right, this is the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Are you looking for someone?”

That person’s smile was very bright and his was quite refreshing, instantly melting the nervousness in Akali’s heart.

“That’s right, we are looking for chairman Xu Yi. Can you help us inform him? Just say that we were called over by Still.” Akali said in a loud voice.

Hearing this, that person was a bit surprised. He looked over Akali before looking at Evita not far to the side and saying in a dazed voice, “You are Still’s classmates?”

This response stunned Akali and Evita. Akali couldn’t help asking, “How do you know that we are Still’s classmates? Could it be that you are close to chairman Xu Yi? Did he tell you?”

That person revealed a grin that showed his white teeth.

“That’s right, I am very close to Xu Yi. I dare promise that there is no one closer to him than me. That is because……I am Xu Yi.”