Volume 1 Chapter 42 - Material limitations

Chapter 42 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 42 Material limitations

When Xu Yi walked into the magic machine workshop, all the hundred dwarves in the workshop were working hard.

These hundred dwarves were all responsible for different kinds of work. A part of them was to continue producing Magic Thread Rolling Machines and other magic machines used to produce the Magic Fan. Another part of them was responsible for researching how to forge the new Magic Harvester Xu Yi had assigned them.

At this time, the research emphasis was placed on the Magic Harvester.

After his conversation with Viscount Leslie last time, Xu Yi believed that farming technology had large prospects on the Sines Continent, so he immediately began researching it as soon as he came back.

Also because they were about to enter the fall harvest season, Xu Yi goal right now was to produce a small scale harvester.

The research was divided into two different aspects. One was Xu Yi and Still studying a Magic Array that would be used as the core driving force for the harvester. The other portion was the dwarves researching how to forge the outer structure of the harvester.

The work that Xu Yi was responsible for was the most important, he had to perfectly combine the Magic Array with the structure of the harvester. To do this, he needed large amounts of practical data to support him. For this, he had been running between the research laboratory outside and inside Banta City for the past few days.

Hard work definitely had its payout. After this period of research, the small Magic Harvester had already taken form. In this laboratory, the dwarves responsible for researching magic machines had already made a harvester that was almost the same as one on earth and now they were just fixing all the bugs.

When they saw Xu Yi come in, Camby who had been appointed the manager of the workshop came over.

“Hey, Xu……Oh, no, chairman, did you come here to see the Magic Harvester?” Camby raised his stubby arm to greet Xu Yi,

“Alright, Camby, just call me by my name.” Xu Yi nodded with a smile, “That’s right. Didn’t you see all the wheat in the Lord Viscount’s fields turning yellow? It seems like they’ll begin harvesting it in less than a month. If we don’t hurry up and finish this Magic Harvester by the time the wheat matures, we’Lloyd have to wait at least another half a year.”

“Relax, the brothers have been working hard overtime these past few days. Looks, this thing has already been made, but there are still some small bugs with it, otherwise it could already be used.”

“Finding the problems now is better than problems appearing when using it.”

Xu Yi and Camby went over to the dwarves who were testing out the Magic Harvester. After asking some question, he found that the problem they had now was that after using the machine at high speeds for a while, there would be the situation where it wouldn’t run as smoothly.

There was no need to investigate at all, Xu Yi already knew what it was. It is certainly because of the bearings breaking down.

As expected, once he opened it for a look, there were scratch marks on the line shaft of Magic Harvester, causing several dents to appear in it. This would naturally affect the rotation.

Xu Yi was actually helpless about this because this was completely an issue with the material of the bearing.

Because the iron smelting technology on the Sines Continent was limited, steel alloy that was wear resistant and stretchable hasn’t appeared right now.

Whether it was using white iron or grey iron, it clearly wasn’t enough to build this kind of bearing that needed to withstand this kind of high speed rotation.

Although the Magic Fan from before also needed to withstand high speed rotations, the driving force of the Magic Fan wasn’t that strong, so the pressure wasn’t too strong. Just using simple iron to build it was enough to withstand it. But when it came to the Magic Harvester, it was very easy for problems to occur with this machine that needed a strong driving force.

Xu Yi couldn’t solve this material problem right now. He carefully thought about it and could only come up with a compromise. He had the dwarves install an iron roller on the bearing. This would reduce the effect of the rubbing and allow the bearing to live a bit longer.

Of course, this would also weaken the output power. So, Xu Yi had no choice but to consider changing the Magic Array to allow the Magic Array to release enough power.

“Ai, speaking of this, the industrial system of the continent is just too weak. If it was like on earth where there were ten different kinds of steel alloys, would there be such troubles?” Looking at the dwarves who had begun working hard because of his one little modification, Xu Yi couldn’t help shaking his head and secretly sighing.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi naturally thought about his material research laboratory in the dwarves’ village.

Although he had promised the five hundred gold coins each month in research expenses for the hundred dwarven masters, he still had a trace of hope in his heart.

If the dwarves of the tribe could make a breakthrough in this material research, the five hundred gold coins a month would be worth it.

Of course, as a mechanical engineer specialist, Xu Yi knew that there wouldn’t be sudden progress in researching materials. They could only make improvements bit by bit, they couldn’t rush this matter at all.

“Forget it, the so called engineering master only exists to solve this matter. When you need to solve problems in limited situations, that is where people like me have value.” Thinking of this, Xu Yi psyched himself up according to his habits.

He then considered that because of this small change, he would have to make corresponding changes with the Magic Array. When he thought of the Magic Array, Xu Yi naturally thought of the two girls who were currently working in his office.

“This is bad, I was only focused on the work here, I almost forgot the two of them.” Xu Yi slapped his thigh. He pulled Camby over to say a few things before leaving the workshop and rushing back to the office.

“Sorry, I was busy with other stuff…..” When Xu Yi opened the door to the office, he wanted to apologize, but he found Akali and Evita sprawled over the table, completely focused on making the changes to the Magic Array according to the test he gave them. He immediately stopped talking.

Xu Yi stood by the door for a while. Akali was probably a bit tired, so she stretched herself out and she finally noticed Xu Yi.

“Yi? Sir chairman, when did you come back?” Akali asked in a surprised voice.

Hearing Akali say this, Evita was also surprised and looked over at Xu Yi.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “It’s been a while, but seeing how focused the two of you were, I couldn’t bother you.”

“What bother.” Akali reached out her little fist to tap his head and complained, “Sir chairman, the blueprints you gave us really is troublesome. Evita and I have thought about it for a while and we haven’t even finished a single sheet. Would you think that we are too stupid since we can’t even solve these problems?”

“How could that be?” Xu Yi laughed, “To be honest with you, I spent several days thinking about these problems in the beginning before solving them. If you were able to solve all these problems in such a short amount of time, would you believe that I would use a salary of a hundred gold coins a month to keep you here?”

Akali couldn’t help rolling her eyes at Xu Yi, “You clearly knew we couldn’t do it and you deliberately used this large salary to wet our appetite.”

Evita paid attention to another matter, “Sir chairman, you mean that these designs are already problems that you have solved? Then……Can you let me see the method for solving this?”

Xu Yi shook his head, “I’m afraid I can’t because the final solution is currently a secret for our company. We can’t easily let others see it.”

Evita gave a disappointed sigh and her head went down.

“Of course, if you officially join our company, it won’t be a secret to you anymore.” Xu Yi said with a smile.

Akali said in a dejected voice, “Sir chairman, the designs you gave us are already this difficult, would you even let us join your company even if we wanted to?”

“That is not certain.” Xu Yi shook his head with a faint smile, “Can you let me see your solutions first?”

Taking the sheets from the two of them, Xu Yi seriously looked them over and he couldn’t help nodding in satisfaction.

Even if the two of them didn’t give a complete answer, based on the thoughts they had written on the paper, Xu Yi was certain that they had graduated from the Lampuri Royal Magic Academy. They had a very high understanding of magic and the thoughts they had were already on a very high level, even coming very close to the final solution Xu Yi had.

Based on the thoughts the two had, one could see that there was a difference in personality between the two of them.

When comparing them, Akali’s thoughts were more active, acting in an unconstrained manner. There were some very bold ideas in her method, which could even be considered fantasies.

As for Evita, she was much more traditional, but it could be see that she had a very solid foundation. Every step of her solution was very solid and her overall idea was close to perfection.

If Evita was given enough time, he believed that she would be able to create a real solution in the end.

After looking over these papers, Xu Yi was very happy.

Although these two classmates of Still weren’t powerful magicians, it was as Still said, the two of them were competent enough to finish the work in the lab right now.

If they were recruited and adding in Still, Xu Yi would have three reliable helpers. It would definitely greatly increase the efficiency of his magic research.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi put down the papers and looked into their expectant eyes. He revealed a refreshing smile and said, “I have to say, you two are truly outstanding, completely fulfilling the requirements for working in our Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s magic research lab. I have a serious question for the two of you right now, are you willing to join the Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”