Volume 1 Chapter 46 - Magic Harvester being released

Chapter 46 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 46 Magic Harvester being released

Perhaps it had been suppressed for too long, but the rain either didn’t fall or it continued to rain for half a month before stopping.

When the weather finally cleared, the sun showed itself in its full glory, burning bright for an entire day. Everyone was stunned to find that the weather wasn’t as hot as before where it made people want to lay down all day.

After all, it was already the end of August and the final bit of summer.

There has been an excessive bit of rainwater in this period of time, so the wheat on the farms underwent a wild period of growth. After the weather had been clear for two days, all the green from the farms before had turned a golden yellow. Looking at it, with the golden waves rippling in the wind, it looked quite magnificent.

For a Sines Continent that didn’t have a developed production system, a world which couldn’t even guarantee that every person could be warm and fed, the harvest of each year was very important. No matter what country it was, everyone would put down everything on the important harvest day and focus completely on the harvest.

The Lampuri Kingdom was in the southwest of the Sines Continent, having two harvest seasons each year, with the fall harvest being the most important. So when the wheat fields matured, the entire kingdom became a scene of harvest and naturally Banta City was not an exception.

But this year, there were some places that weren’t the same as before.

To the west of Banta City, in a large piece of land that belonged to Viscount Leslie, because he had planted his crops a bit early, over half the field of wheat had already matured. It was now time to rush and harvest all of this.

According to traditions, Viscount Leslie would send out all the slaves under his name and even send all his guards to help with the harvest. There were many times when even children had to participate.

After all, the harvest completely depended on manpower. If a single extra person was sent, it would mean that the harvest would end a bit earlier.

Often times, everyone hoped that the sky wouldn’t suddenly be filled with a large rainstorm like before, otherwise that would mean that the year’s harvest would be over.

But it was different this year. Although Viscount Leslie did the same thing as last year, leading all the servants of the viscount manor to hold a sacrificial ceremony to the gods, he didn’t announce for all the slaves and servants to begin harvesting. After he cut the first ear of wheat for symbolic purposes, he directly moved to the side and adopted a look of watching the fun.

This filled the hearts of all the Banta City nobles on the side with wonder.

It was already very strange that Viscount Leslie would invite them all here to watch the sacrificial ceremony, but now that Viscount Leslie was like this……Just what kind of tricks was Viscount Leslie up to?

While everyone was filled with doubt, there was suddenly a large sound from behind Viscount Leslie that instantly attracted everyone’s gaze.

In front of everyone, a strange machine being pushed by a large men came out from behind Viscount Leslie.

This machine looked very strange. There was a giant rectangular iron box in the front and the front of the box was open, revealing a line of iron plows that kept turning, looking very fierce.

There was a giant iron stand in the middle of the machine that was covered in iron, that was constantly releasing a sound from inside, as if there was something there that kept shaking.

At the bottom of the stand were two giant iron wheels that were half the size of a normal person. Looking at it, this wheel had clearly been specially made. Not only was the wheel as thick as half a child’s arm, there were also grooves on it that seemed like it would be used to stabilize the machine in the dirt.

But to many people, this was clearly unnecessary.

Based on the fact that the cart could easily dig into the dirt, this machine was at least several hundred pounds.

The end of the machine was quite simple, there were only two handles. It allowed the man to tightly hold them and control this machine as he wished, as he moved forward.

“Viscount Leslie, what is this thing for?” A noble standing beside Viscount Leslie couldn’t help asking him.

Viscount Leslie revealed a faint smile, “There’s no meaning in saying it, you’ll know if you just watch.”

Hearing this response, the nobles that wanted to know the answer could only helplessly focus back onto the machine itself.

That large man was carefully pushing the strange machine onto the fields. He turned back to look at Viscount Leslie and seeing him give a nod, he pulled out a white cloth to place over his mouth and nose before putting a cloth bag over the opening of the machine. Then he pushed down on the switch with his hand and the machine made a large sound as he slowly pushed towards the field.

The surrounding nobles were all shocked. This machine looked this fierce, if it charged over like this, wouldn’t it flatten the wheat that was so hard to grow?

Even if Viscount Leslie had a large territory, he could only grow this much wheat. To waste it like this, this definitely was something he shouldn’t do.

In front of everyone’s confused and shocked gazes, the front of this machine had already reached the first outer row of wheat.

The iron plows rotating at high speeds easily swallowed the grains and it disappeared into the machine.

Strange sounds came from the giant box and after a while, several nobles with sharp eyes found that something seemed to be spurting out of the opening of the machine. The empty cloth sacked was filled up a bit.

The machine continued to advance through the field and something kept being spurted out the opening in the back, causing the sack to fill up bit by bit.

When the large men went around the field twice, the cloth bag was already filled and the man stopped the machine.

Viscount Leslie waved his hand and two slaves came from behind him, changing out the cloth bag of the machine and putting in a new bag.

The large man continued to push the machine over the field to harvest the wheat while the two slaves brought the full cloth bag in front of Viscount Leslie.

Without waiting for Viscount Leslie’s agreement, some nobles on the side had already come over.

A noble looked down and called out in surprise. He reached out to grab a handful and he had grabbed a handful of small red wheat grains!

Seeing this scene, the other nobles couldn’t hold it in anymore and reached their hand in. There wasn’t a single person who didn’t grab a handful of wheat grains.

Seeing the wheat grains without any shells in their hands, the nobles simply didn’t dare believe their eyes.

“This……How is it possible? It was clearly stalks of grain in the field, how could it suddenly turn into grains of wheat?” A noble said to himself in a confused voice.

“That’s right, how was this done? Viscount Leslie, you wouldn’t have already filled the bag with wheat grains to fool us, right?” Another noble clearly didn’t dare believe it.

Viscount Leslie was too lazy to explain it to them and pointed at the machine that was still harvesting in the field.

Everyone looked over and found that the bag that had just been changed had already been filled again.

The two slaves brought the bag over and in front of everyone’s gaze, they found that this bag was also filled with small grains of wheat.

If someone said that Viscount Leslie was fooling them, no one would believe it.

First, Viscount Leslie had no need to do this. Second, the nobles at least had some understanding of farming and naturally they could see that the wheat grains in the cloth bags had been newly harvested. It was impossible for Viscount Leslie to put in wheat that had been harvested before to fool them.

But…..Just how was this done?

Clearly the wheat had been growing in the field, but once the strange machine swallowed it, it turned into grains of wheat?

“I say…..Viscount Leslie, this wouldn’t be made with some kind of magic, right?” A noble couldn’t help asking.

Viscount Leslie laughed, “You’re not wrong, this really is a bit related to magic. But it’s wrong if you want to say that it was completely made with magic. Have you ever heard of such convenient magic?”

Everyone shook their heads.

“Alright, I’ll tell you all. This thing is called a Magic Harvester and it is used to harvest wheat. What about it? After you have seen it, what kind of thoughts do you have?” Viscount Leslie excitedly looked at everyone around him.

Everyone looked at each other before they looked back and gathered around Viscount Leslie with smiles, as one person asked, “Viscount Leslie, we’re all old friends. Tell me, do you have many of these machines? Can you lend me two to use?”

Hearing this person say this, the other nobles all reacted.

“That’s right, lend me one as well. It’s time to harvest the wheat on my territory. Your machine is this amazing, it is simply too easy to use!”

“That’s right, we’re all old friends, can you lend me some to use as well?”

“What is called borrow? You bunch of greedy fellows. Viscount Leslie, I don’t need to borrow. If you have many of these, directly give me a price and I’ll buy two of them.”

“That’s right, I can also buy them. With this thing, it’ll be much easier harvesting the wheat. Look at this speed, wouldn’t you be able to harvest a large patch in just an hour?”

“I think you won’t even need an hour. It has to be said, this thing is just too easy to use. Viscount Leslie, if you have extras, sell them all to me, I’ll buy as many as you have!”

“Baron Rover, you have such a small territory, what are you buying all those machines for? Then again, this machine is so amazing, I can tell there definitely aren’t many of them. Viscount Leslie, you have to sell to me first! Don’t forget, in the spring harvest last time, I lent you a hundred slaves to help.”


Seeing the excited appearances of the surrounding nobles, Viscount Leslie laughed as he turned to point at a person behind him.

“It’s fine if you want to buy this machine, but you should look for him, not me. This machine of mine was bought from him.”

The nobles turned their heads in a stunned manner to see a smiling Xu Yi.

That smile, it was like a tiger that had been starved for three days suddenly being sent a large piece of meat to its mouth.