Volume 1 Chapter 48 - Magic Rice Cooker

Chapter 48 of 100 chapters

In the little building of the magic research lab, Xu Yi, Still, Akali, and Evita were around a small table. Four pairs of eyes were staring at a round thing on the table, not blinking at all.

Faint wisps of white steam was coming out of the top of the round thing. It rose up and hit the faces of the four of them, condensing small beads of water on their hair, but they didn’t care about it at all. They just kept staring at the round thing, like there was something special about this black iron thing.

“I can smell the fragrance!” Akali suddenly said in an excited voice, “Can you smell it too?”

“Un, I can also smell it.” Still also had a look of joy on her face. She turned to look at Xu Yi, “Xu Yi, it should be done now, right?”

Xu Yi took a deep sniff and didn’t reply, rather he turned to Evita, “Evita, you are the best at cooking out of all of us, it should be you who determines if it’s good or not.”

“Ah? But this is different compared to before……” Evita was shocked, softly waving her hand to reject.

“It’s fine, the method has just changed, but the foundations are still the same. Take a sniff, we can test the results if you think it is good.” Xu Yi said.

“Oh…..Alright.” Evita responded. She pushed her hair behind her ears and came over the round thing. She took a deep sniff and closed her eyes to savour the smell before nodding at the three expectant people, “Un, it should be done.”

“Then what are we still waiting for, take the pot off!” Akali cheered and reached out for the outer cover of the round thing.

Xu Yi was shocked seeing this. He quickly grabbed Akali’s outstretched hand and stopped her.

“Do you want to be burned to death?” Xu Yi angrily reprimanded.

Akali only realized what was wrong and awkwardly stuck out her tongue at Xu Yi.

Then she saw her right hand being held in Xu Yi’s large hand and Akali’s face turned a bit red.

Although she had an open personality, even at her age, she had never come in close contact with males other than her family members.

However, Xu Yi didn’t think that much. After stopping Akali, he directly let go of her hand. This made Akali let out a sigh of relief, while also feeling a bit disappointed.

Xu Yi found a cloth to cover his hands and reached out to take the cover off the round thing.

Once it was opened, a thick white fog with a strong fragrance came out, instantly filling the room.

As the fog scattered, the four looked into the round thing and saw that it was filled with white crystal like rice. It looked very enticing.

Still was already holding a spoon that she stuck in to take a small spoonful. After blowing on it twice, she put it into her mouth.

“Un, it’s cooked just right. The taste is very good. Come, Xu Yi, have a taste.”

Still took another spoonful and very naturally put it to Xu Yi’s mouth.

Xu Yi swallowed in one bit and after chewing a bit, he felt that the rice in his mouth was tender and delicious, combining both soft and hard. Just a bite was enough to draw out a person’s appetite and it even made Xu Yi feel that he could eat two whole bowls of only rice.

This kind of delicious rice was something Xu Yi had only eaten when he was young. All the rice he had eaten after that had lost this kind of taste.

“Un, it is indeed quite good.” Xu Yi laughed, “Very good, this also means that our experiment is a success! Come, Akali, Evita, have a taste as well. You have done a lot in helping develop this thing. Come…..I say, why do you have such strange expressions?”

Akali and Evita looked at Xu Yi before looking at Still. They looked at each other and broke out in laughter at the same time. They then found some spoons from the side to have a taste and nodded in satisfaction.

“This is great! Chairman, this…..this…..what was this thing again?” Akali was stuck all of a sudden.

“Magic Rice Cooker.” Xu Yi supplemented.

“Oh, right. Magic Rice Cooker, is this considered a success?”

“Actually this can’t be considered a complete success, there are actually quite a few things that could be changed.” Xu Yi looked at the black round thing on the table. He thought that although the outside looked like an electric rice cooker from earth, there were still many things that were lacking.

At least the electric rice cookers on earth had complete heat insulation, so one wouldn’t need to fear burning their hands when opening it.

But this was a small problem, there would just need to be a small change made when it was being produced.

That’s right, this Magic Rice Cooker was the special product that Xu Yi had prepared for the Magic Fan workshop to continue working.

Back when summer was half over, Xu Yi had already considered the problem Heinz had been worrying about during the past period of time. After he considered it, Xu Yi made long term plans, deciding to turn the Magic Fan Factory into a household magic machine workshop.

As the name suggested, the products the workshop would make from now on were magic machines that normal households would use.

Although the conditions on the Sines Continent were limited and many household electronics from earth couldn’t be recreated, the ones that could be recreated were plenty.

The electric rice cooker was one of them.

Compared to the Magic Fan, the craftsmanship needed to make this Magic Rice Cooker was much simpler. The entire research process only took less than a week and it was already finished.

Also after studying this Magic Rice Cooker, Xu Yi found another advantage of the magic machines. That was that the main power of the Magic Arrays was magic, so it wasn’t the same as the electric appliances on earth where one had to consider how to change electricity, rather one could just use the corresponding power as a direct power source.

For example, with this Magic Rice Cooker, compared to the electric rice cooker that needed to transform electricity into heat, the Magic Rice Cooker could directly use a low level Flame Magic Array. After the switch was pressed, with the support of the Magic Crystal, this Flame Magic Array could directly produce heat that would envelop the pot inside. Not only would it heat up fast, but because of the specialty of the Magic Array, the heat usage efficiency was quite high.

On earth, there would be people who looked to cook with firewood to preserve the original taste, feeling that it tasted better than the rice cooked by the electric rice cooker. This was because the firewood has stronger flames and was more direct, so its effects were better than heat transformed from electricity.

This problem didn’t exist with the Magic Rice Cooker. Because of the careful studying from Akali, Still, and Evita, the Magic Rice Cooker’s internal Flame Magic Array covered the entire pot with heat, evenly heating up the pot and making no mistakes with the rice that was cooked.

Xu Yi ate several more mouthfuls of rice and felt very satisfied.

If he gave this thing to Heinz, he wouldn’t keep looking at him like an aggrieved woman each day.

“Sir chairman, let’s sit down and eat.” Evita had already cleaned up a table and brought out several dishes that had been prepared beforehand.

“Oh, alright.” Xu Yi smiled as he sat down at the table. When he looked over the four finely made dishes and the meat soup that got one’s appetite going just from looking at it, he couldn’t help saying with a smile, “Evita, your cooking really is good. Whoever marries you in the future will truly be filled with happiness.”

Evita’s hand that was currently filling a bowl of rice turned stiff and her face turned slightly red.

“Hey, uncle, this is sexual harassment.” Still tapped the table in front of Xu Yi and said with a cold snort, “Let me tell you, Evita was very well loved when we were in school and there were many male students that professed their love for her. If it was known that there was an uncle like you who was harassing the goddess of their heart, do you believe they will charge over here and take care of you?”

Xu Yi couldn’t help laughing, “It’s this terrifying? Alright, then I’ll obediently eat and won’t speak any nonsense.”

Evita came over with their rice with a red face and put a bowl in front of Xu Yi first.

“Sir chairman, don’t listen to Still’s nonsense. If we talk about admiration, Still was one of the most admired in our Lampuri Royal Magic Academy, I am far from being able to compare to her.”

“That’s right. If it wasn’t for the fact that Still’s heart was taken, if she said a casual word, the male students who wanted to chase her would go from here to Banta City’s gates.” Akali on the side gave an emotional sigh before asking Still, “That’s right, Still, I forgot to ask you the entire time, didn’t you always like that Vincent? What happened now? Didn’t you go look for him after graduation? I thought that you would at least tell him that you liked him, right?”

“Vincent?” Xu Yi’s heart skipped a beat. Could it be that this was the male student Still liked before and then after seeing his true colours, she called a bastard?

“I found him, but he was already engaged. Could it be that I would run over and steal someone’s fiance?” Still gave a casual shrug, looking like she didn’t care at all.

Xu Yi seriously looked at Still’s expression. He found that although she had a casual look, under that, there was a bit of darkness hidden.

It seemed like she couldn’t recover from her wounds in a short period of time.

“Engaged? Why did I never hear about this? Who is he engaged to? That girl shouldn’t be as beautiful as you, right? Still, how about you just steal him away. I feel that you…..”

“Akali.” Seeing that Akali was prepared to keep going, Xu Yi suddenly spoke to cut her off.

“Un? What is it, chairman?” Akali was stunned as she asked this back.

“Un…..Also Evita, are you two interested in doing advertisements?”


Akali and Evita looked at each other in blank dismay, not understanding what Xu Yi meant at all.