Volume 1 Chapter 53 - Recruitment

Chapter 53 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 53 Recruitment

Xu Yi’s worry only lasted a few seconds before he suddenly realized something.

“Oh, I remember now. Today is the day we’re recruiting workers.”

Many days ago, Xu Yi had already told Heinz that in order to increase their production line and their production capacity, they needed to recruit more workers.

But during this time, whether it was the second generation Magic Fans or the miniature Magic Harvester of the magic machine workshop, both workshops had been operating at full. Because of this, Heinz didn’t have time for this matter.

Now that summer was over, the orders for the Magic Fans had greatly decreased, so Heinz had some free time. After a period of preparation, he was finally prepared to officially begin recruiting workers today.

Heinz had reported this matter to Xu Yi yesterday, but because Xu Yi had suddenly achieved his cooperation with Great Magician Camilla and a single word from Great Magician Camilla had opened up his world, he was too excited and had completely forgotten about this matter.

“I never thought that there would be this many people who would come, could it be that this many people in Banta City have nothing to do? But this isn’t right either…..” Xu Yi looked at the sky and found that the sky was already slightly leaning towards the west, “It’s already the afternoon, so why are there still this many people? Could it be that Heinz has been wasting time all morning?”

Xu Yi moved over towards the factory in curiosity, but he found that the entire area in front of the workshop was filled with people. He couldn’t even reach the door of the workshop at all.

Feeling helpless, Xu Yi could only pat the person in front of him. He wanted to let the person move aside, but that person who seemed to be in his early twenties glared right at him.

“What are you doing! Line up properly!”

Xu Yi could only reveal a bitter smile. It was good that Heinz could make these people line up, but why couldn’t he have these people line up in an orderly manner?

Looking around, Xu Yi found Alex who was on site keeping order and quickly walked over.

“Chairman, you’re back?” Seeing Xu Yi suddenly appeared, Alex called out in a pleasantly surprised voice.

Xu Yi knew this was bad immediately.

As soon as they heard Alex call out “chairman”, the surrounding people who came for interviews all looked over.

After those eyes fell onto Xu Yi, there were many of them that were filled with doubt.

Xu Yi looked to be around twenty years old, so how could he be the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman?

While these people were still filled with doubt, Xu Yi took Alex’s arm and moved through the crowd.

Those people recognized Alex and seeing him lead the way, although their hearts were filled with doubt, they still opened a path. In the end, Xu Yi still smoothly made his way into the household magic machine workshop.

The situation inside was better than outside, but it was also filled with people.

Other than the people who worked in the workshop, there were twenty strangers who were currently working on the Magic Fan production line. It seemed like they were currently taking their practical test.

When Xu Yi and Alex came in, they were spotted by Heinz who was watching the test from a corner. He came up in a stunned manner and asked in a low voice, “Why are you here? Didn’t you say that you were running the final test on the Magic Rice Cooker today?”

Xu Yi looked at Heinz and couldn’t help laughing.

Since the Magic Fan stopped production, Heinz had been paying special attention to the new Magic Rice Cooker that Xu Yi promised him. When Xu Yi told him that he would do the final test today, he even said that he would handle the recruitment alone to let Xu Yi focus on his research.

“Relax, the Magic Rice Cooker is a success. It can enter the experimental production phase tomorrow and it’ll be officially produced in less than weak.” Xu Yi patted Heinz’s shoulder and said this with a smile.

As expected, when he heard Xu Yi’s words, Heinz immediately nodded with a smile.

“That’s good, that’s good. I was just thinking that after you made me recruit a hundred workers, what would I do if there was no work for them when the time came.”

Xu Yi helplessly rolled his eyes as he wondered when Heinz would change his mentality of only caring about his own profits.

Of course he knew that a personality problem was very hard to change, so he gave up considering this question. He pointed at the strangers on the production line and asked, “Heinz, it can’t be that you are testing each person on their abilities to see if you hire them or not, right?”

Heinz looked at Xu Yi with a confused look, “I shouldn’t do that? If we don’t let them test it, how could we know that they will be able to do it after they are hired? If they can’t, they still have to resign and that is a waste of time.”

“It can’t be right? This is the simplest kind of work, shouldn’t they be able to learn it as long as they aren’t idiots?” Xu Yi was stunned, “Look at how fast the hundred slaves Viscount Leslie gave me learned how to do it, could it be that these people can’t even compare to those slaves?”

Heinz knit his brows and looked at Xu Yi with a confused look.

“I say, Xu Yi, I feel like you’re looking down on those slaves, aren’t you? Let me tell you, you might not believe it, but although those slaves have low statuses, since they are slaves used by Viscount Leslie, of course they aren’t fools, so they can learn fast. As for these people who come here for the interviews, there are quite a few slaves among them. Just this morning, there were quite a few people who couldn’t learn how to work on the production line and there were even two people who were injured while learning how to use the Magic Thread Rolling Machine. Tell me, compared to the slaves, who are the fools?”

Xu Yi was instantly speechless. He looked at the people operating the incomparably simple magic machines and working at the even simpler assembly line. If this kind of work was placed on earth, even the most common of common workers would be able to grasp this kind of work. Unless that person was a true fool, how could they not understand it?

After a while, he finally reacted.

There was another important difference between the Sines Continent and earth, which was the level of education for normal people.

The continent operated under a slave and feudal society, so their production capacity was low. Normal people already found it hard to fill their stomachs, so there was no need to mention if they had the energy and finances to be educated, so the average education level of normal people was relatively low.

On earth, most countries had implemented a basic education system, so the average person had more chances to be educated than on the Sines Continent.

People who had been educated normally had better learning abilities than people who hadn’t been educated. Once they entered the factory, they could master the foundational skills much easier.

If one used the slang of earth, earth had an advantage over the Sines Continent in terms of human resources.

Something that was very natural for Xu Yi on earth became a different matter when it came to the Sines Continent.

Thinking about the change in ideas he received from Great Magician Camilla, Xu Yi understood. He gave a slight nod and seriously said, “Un, you’re right. I’ll leave this matter to you, everything will be as you say. But Heinz, it’s best if you speed this up, there are still many people waiting outside. Then again, we only need to recruit a hundred people for now, it shouldn’t be that difficult, right?”

“It indeed isn’t hard……” Heinz’s face suddenly became a bit unnatural. After pausing for a second, he lowered his voice as he said to Xu Yi, “This…..Xu Yi, I’ll be honest with you and don’t be angry. Hearing that our factory was recruiting, there are many acquaintances from before who want me to introduce their people in. I have known those acquaintances for a long time and it isn’t good for me to reject them……”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile as he patted Heinz’s shoulder and said, “I’ve forgot to mention this to you, but of the hundred people being recruited this time, ten spots are up to you to decide, I won’t care. Of course, you have to ensure that those people can complete the work and won’t affect the speed of the workshop, understand?”

Heinz’s eyes instantly lit up and he kept nodding, “I understand, I understand! Sir chairman, you are truly…..amazing!”

Xu Yi accepted Heinz’s unskilled flattery. With how stingy Heinz was, if this was a company on earth and with how big a shareholder Heinz was, not to mention a tenth of the quotas, he would have swallowed all the quotas.

Xu Yi didn’t mind this request from Heinz. Interpersonal relationship, whether it was the Sines Continent or earth, it was always very important.