Volume 1 Chapter 54 - Second generation replica

Chapter 54 of 100 chapters

After watching the recruitment process from the side, Xu Yi silently left and went to the magic machine workshop.

Since there needed to be a whole new design for the Magic Plowing Machine, naturally he had to discuss this with the dwarves who were responsible for the forging.

Unlike the household magic machine workshop led by Heinz that was close to closing, the dwarves led by Camby were incomparably busy during this period of time.

After seeing the power of the Magic Harvesters, any noble with territory in Banta City would submit an order to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Although the initial seventeen orders had already been finished, it was quickly followed by thirty one orders that the dwarves needed to finish quickly.

Even if the dwarves slowly increased their production efficiency, to complete this batch of orders, they actually needed to step up their work time.

In the past half a month, with Camby leading them, all the dwarves of the magic machine workshop had been working overtime until late into the night.

Xu Yi proposed overtime pay to these dwarves, but Camby sternly rejected this.

This was because to the dwarves, completing these orders was their work. Even if time was short and they had no choice but to work overtime, work was still work in the end. If they weren’t able to finish it in the allotted time, that would mean their abilities weren’t good enough. Therefore, for the company to specifically pay them overtime, it was an embarrassment to them.

Xu Yi was unable to understand the logic of these dwarves, but with Camby foaming from rage at this idea, he couldn’t keep insisting on it at all. He could only let go of this idea and help them order some fine wine from the Sachi Manor as compensation.

This idea was greatly welcomed by the dwarves, only under Camby’s strict supervision, the dwarves had no choice but to control their desire for wine. Only after finishing the orders could they allow themselves to enjoy the wine.

Thinking of how disappointed the dwarves looked after hearing Camby’s decision, Xu Yi couldn’t help finding this funny.

It had to be said, these dwarves were a bit too honest.

If all dwarves had this kind of disposition, it wasn’t strange at all that they were defeated in the war against humans thousands of years ago.

Of course, as the company’s chairman, Xu Yi mainly had to consider another problem.

Not only did Heinz’s household magic machine workshop need to recruit more workers, the magic machine workshop also needed to recruit some more people.

With the situation of the magic machine workshop, the newly recruited people could only be dwarves.

After these dwarves have lived here longer and the barrier with humans gradually disappeared, it would be possible to recruit humans into the workshop.

While Xu Yi was considering this issue, he had already walked into the magic machine workshop.

When he had just entered the doors to the workshop, he heard Camby’s loud sound booming out.

“Hei, look, this is the new Magic Harvester that we’ve made during this time. Let me tell you, this thing is simply too easy to use! I’ve personally seen it, this thing doesn’t even need an hour to finish harvesting an entire field of wheat. Don’t you think this is fast?”

Xu Yi was curious. Camby was completely correct, but which dwarf in this workshop didn’t participate in building this Magic Harvester? Who was he explaining this to?

Looking up, Xu Yi found that beside Camby short and stocky figure, there was a fat middle aged man that could be described as round standing there.

“Chairman Farsak? When did you get here?” Xu Yi looked over and spoke in a surprised voice.

Hearing Xu Yi’s voice, all the dwarves and chairman Farsak all looked over.

As soon as he saw Xu Yi, chairman Farsak’s round face immediately revealed an exaggerated smile and he stretched out his arms to welcome him.

“Ha, ha, chairman Xu, I was prepared to head to Banta City to look for you, but I never thought that you would be here. This is truly great.”

Xu Yi gave him a hug and after letting go, he looked over chairman Farsak. He found that he had become a bit thinner. He asked in a curious voice, “Chairman Farsak, since you wanted to come, why didn’t you tell me ahead of time? I would have gone outside the city to welcome you.”

Chairman Farsak laughed, “Chairman Xu is too polite. With the current relationship between us, is there a need for such conventions?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. This chairman Farsak really knew how to pull people in.

Current relationship between us? Strictly speaking, it was just a cooperation relationship.

Last time, Xu Yi sold him five machines and then sent a few skilled people to Saltan City, helping the Farsak Chamber of Commerce set up a production line for the second generation Variable Speed Magic Fan. They had had several exchanges during this time, so if one had to talk about their relationship, it was quite harmonious.

But other than this, could it be considered intimate? That was not certain.

When Xu Yi sold those five machines to the Farsak Chamber of Commerce, he had written in the contract that all repair services and part changes need to go through the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, there needed to be a fee that was paid each time and that fee wasn’t cheap.

If it was said that chairman Farsak didn’t see that Xu Yi earned a large amount of profit from this, it was something impossible.

Only right now only the Frestech Chamber of Commerce could perform these services. So even if chairman Farsak knew that Xu Yi was earning large amounts from him, he could only accept it and even try to create a good relationship with Xu Yi.

After all, the Magic Fan was very popular in Saltan City. Just based on the second generation Magic Fan production line, after the Farsak Chamber of Commerce promoted the second generation Magic Fan in Saltan City, it had completely pushed out the first generation Magic Fan. They seized the market in one fell swoop and in less than a month, they had earned a net profit of over five thousand gold coins.

After Xu Yi and chairman Farsak spoke a few polite words, chairman Farsak’s smiling face suddenly became overcast and he said with a soft sigh, “Chairman Xu, actually I have some important matters coming to see you this time.”

“What would you come for no reason?” This thought passed in Xu Yi’s mind, but he said, “Chairman Farsak, you are too polite. With the good relationship between us, is there a need to use the word “request”? Please speak if you need something. As long as it is something I can help with, I will not reject it.”

“Chairman Xu really is straightforward.” Come, let me show you something first.”

Chairman Farsak brought Xu Yi to the corner of the workshop and dug around in a giant bag before taking out a Magic Fan.

“Please take a look.”

Xu Yi took it in a surprised manner. He looked it over before shaking his head, “Isn’t this just a second generation Magic Fan? Chairman Farsak, what do you want me to look at?”

Chairman Farsak pointed at the symbol at the base of the Magic Fan, “Pay attention to this.”

Xu Yi looked over and found that the Magic Fan also had a symbol, but the symbol was a golden glowing lion and not the Frestech Brand.

“Chairman Farsak, if I remember correctly, your Farsak Chamber of Commerce’s symbol should be an eagle, right?”

Chairman Farsak gave a slight nod, “That’s right, so all the Magic Fans that we produce has an eagle symbol on it.”

Xu Yi instantly understood. He raised the second generation Magic Fan in his hand and asked, “This means that this Magic Fan was not produced by your company and is an imitation from someone else?” After that, he knit his brows, “That is strange. In Saltan City, other than your Farsak Chamber of Commerce, there is another company that can produce the second generation Magic Fan?”

“That’s right. This lion mark represents the Leo Chamber of Commerce, which is the largest company in our Saltan City.” Chairman Farsak replied in a deep voice.

Xu Yi thought it over.

There seemed to be no problem with this Magic Fan. It was only a normal second generation Variable Speed Magic Fan and other than the different symbol, it was no different from the Magic Fan the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the Farsak Chamber of Commerce produced.

And that was the problem.

The Magic Fan the Farsak Chamber of Commerce produced was the same as the one the Frestech Chamber of Commerce produced. This was because the Farsak Chamber of Commerce used the same production line as the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which they purchased from them and they had the Frestech Chamber of Commerce helping them produce them. It could be considered from the same source, so one would imagine there would be no problems.

But Xu Yi was very clear on the fact that he had never come into contact with any Leo Chamber of Commerce. Naturally he didn’t sell a single production line to the Leo Chamber of Commerce.

Since it was like this, how could this Leo Chamber of Commerce produce a Magic Fan that was exactly the same?