Volume 1 Chapter 55 - Difference in quality

Chapter 55 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 55 Difference in quality

“I’ve already investigated this. In the Magic Fan factory of the Leo Chamber of Commerce, they also have five similar magic machines……” Seeing Xu Yi being lost in thought, chairman Farsak added these words that had implied meaning.

Xu Yi looked at him and calmly said, “Chairman Farsak, please speak if you have something to say.”

Chairman Farsak’s round face didn’t have the same incomparably kind smile from before. His little eyes stared right at Xu Yi and shot out two beams.

“Chairman Xu, although it wasn’t stated clearly in the contract you signed with my company, if your company does sell magic machines to other companies in Saltan City, shouldn’t you have informed me first?”

Xu Yi slightly knit his brows. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce sells magic machines to begin with, do I need your permission to sell them?

Of course, Xu Yi was very clear on the fact that while this was a very common business practice on earth, it was not the same on the Sines Continent.

After thinking for a bit, Xu Yi pushed down on chairman Farsak’s hand, signaling him to be patient. Then he reached out and rubbed the foundation of the Magic Fan.

After a while, Xu Yi revealed an understanding smile that was already expected.

“Chairman Farsak, first I need to strictly remind you, the magic machines are magic machines that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has independently studied. As long as others give us a price, we have the right to sell to anyone……” Seeing that chairman Farsak’s face sunk, Xu Yi continued with a smile, “Of course, since we are in a cooperation, then as a partner, I naturally have to consider the benefits of your Farsak Chamber of Commerce. So, in a normal situation, we would not sell the magic machines needed to produce the Magic Fan to any other companies in Saltan City.”

“Then what is the deal with this Magic Fan?” Chairman Farsak pointed at the Magic Fan in Xu Yi’s hand with a frown, “If it was made purely from manual labour, each Magic Fan would take a very long time to make and have a very high cost. But the price of the Leo Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Fan is actually ten silver coins lower than the ones from our Farsak Chamber of Commerce. If they didn’t make them with the magic machines, I can guarantee that the Leo Chamber of Commerce will bleed themselves to death. Of course, I don’t believe those fellows at the Leo Chamber of Commerce would be so foolish.”

“Chairman Farsak, I think you have neglected something.” Xu Yi said with a smile, “Since the Magic Fans can be imitated, then the magic machines can also be imitated.”

“Imitations of the magic machines?” Chairman Farsak’s small eyes suddenly popped out, “That is impossible! Those five magic machines are very complicated, how could it be possible they were copied?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug, “Although I don’t want to admit it, this is the truth if my guesses aren’t wrong. The five magic machines the Leo Chamber of Commerce you mentioned had, it should be imitations made by them.”

“But……But are the magic machines that easy to imitate?” Chairman Farsak looked at Xu Yi, as if he didn’t believe him.

“Of course it’s not easy, but that doesn’t mean that it is impossible.”

Xu Yi casually picked up a tool and very easily dismantled the Magic Fan in his hands into components.

It was like he had expected, this Magic Fan not only had the same outer shell as the Frestech Brand Magic Fan, but even the inner components were basically the same.

In other words, this Magic Fan was a complete knockoff of the Frestech Brand Magic Fan.

“Can you see any problems?” Seeing Xu Yi’s actions, chairman Farsak couldn’t help asking.

Xu Yi picked up an axle that supported the fan blades to look over before laughing, “I can see many problems. Chairman Farsak, this Leo Chamber of Commerce shouldn’t have sold this Magic Fan for more than half a month, right?”

Chairman Farsak was stunned. After thinking about it, he said with a nod, “That’s right, it hasn’t passed half a month yet. How did you know?”

Xu Yi pointed at the components on the ground, “They told me.”

“They?” Chairman Farsak looked at the components scattered on the ground and didn’t understand.

Xu Yi looked over at chairman Farsak, “You should have brought the Magic Fan your company produced on your trip this time, right?”

“I did.” Chairman Farsak took out another Magic Fan from his giant bag.

Xu Yi looked it over and suddenly knit his brows, “Chairman Farsak, when your company made this Magic Fan, did it strictly follow the standard that I set?”

Chairman Farsak was stunned before saying in an aggrieved voice, “Of course! Chairman Xu, this thing was developed by your Frestech Chamber of Commerce, how could I not follow the standard you set?”

“I can’t see it?” Xu Yi gave a snort. Looking around, he saw a Frestech Brand Magic Fan that was spinning in the corner and he brought it over. He put it beside the Magic Fan chairman Farsak brought and filled them both with a Magic Crystal of the same size and quality, pressing the switch at the same time.

Two blue lights appeared and the blades of the two Magic Fans began moving, making the same weng, weng sound.

Xu Yi brought chairman Farsak in front of the Magic Fan to test the wind being blown out before suddenly looking over and asking, “Can you see it?”

Chairman Farsak’s round face already had an ugly expression on it.

Although these two Magic Fans looked exactly the same from the outside, once they were activated, there were some visible differences.

First was the toggle speed.

As soon as the switch for the Frestech Brand Magic Fan was pressed, it only took the blink of an eye for the fan blades to begin moving, blowing out its cool breeze.

As for the Magic Fan the Farsak Chamber of Commerce made, it took a whole five seconds before the fan blades started moving. It took a while before one could feel the cool breeze.

Next was the stability of the fan.

The fan blade speed of the Frestech Brand Magic Fan was set and the naked eye couldn’t see any fluctuations.

As for the Farsak Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Fan, it slowed down from time to time, like something was hindering the movement of the fan blades.

Other than these two points, for the Frestech Brand Magic Fan, it only made a faint weng, weng sound while it spun. As for the Farsak Chamber of Commerce’s Magic Fan, not only did the blades make a large sound, there was also a ka, ka sound that rang out from time to time. After the blades spun for a while, the noises would become even louder and the entire Magic Fan would shake, making people believe that the blades would fall out of its frame.

“Chairman Farsak, if you were a customer and these two Magic Fans were in front of you, which one would you choose to buy?” Xu Yi asked.

Chairman Farsak’s face had sunken and the fat on his face twitched. He finally revealed a bitter smile and replied, “Of course I would choose your Frestech Brand Magic Fan.” Without waiting for Xu Yi to speak, he then asked, “But chairman Xu, why is this? I have been very strict with the Magic Fan and have strictly followed the guidelines you have set during the manufacturing process. Even the five component making magic machines were bought from you, so why is there such a difference in the end?”

“It’s very simple. The difference lies in two points. One is material and the other is workers.” Xu Yi stretched out two fingers which he shook and suddenly asked, “Chairman Farsak, the skilled workers that I sent you, you haven’t placed any importance on them at all, right?”

“How could that be! Those five people you’ve sent are there to teach the manufacturing process, how could they not be important?” Chairman Farsak raised his voice, “Since they came, I have fed them good food and drinks all day, not treating them like slaves at all.”

Xu Yi shook his head, “Can you guarantee that the people under you didn’t treat them as slaves?”

“This……” Chairman Farsak’s voice stopped before he said in an uncertain voice, “I have strictly told them before, so they shouldn’t……Ke, chairman Xu, you also said material, right? I don’t understand, isn’t it just iron being used to make the Magic Fans, is there a difference?”

Xu Yi gave a sigh. If this fellow were to know that there were over ten kinds of different pig iron alone, how many chunks of fat would fall off his face from shock?

Of course, for this Sines Continent that had an incomparably weak industrial system, even if Xu Yi said all this, no one would be able to understand him.

Feeling helpless, he could only slowly explain it in words that chairman Farsak would be able to understand.

“Even with the same kind of iron, there are still differences……”