Volume 1 Chapter 6 - Shopping frenzy

Chapter 6 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 6 Shopping frenzy

It was already the middle of July, it was the hottest time of the year. Even though it was early morning, when the sun came out, the streets of Banta City became quite hot and dry.

Banta City seemed like it had been weakened by the burning sun and the entire city didn’t have any strength at all. Not to mention streams of people, it was rare to even hear a voice.

However, in the business street to the city’s west, it was a completely different scene.

There were over a hundred small and large stores gathered on this business street and there were several hundred people gathered here before the sun had even risen. What was even more shocking was that these several hundred people were gathered in front of a single store, like they had an appointment.

“Yi? Joseph, why are you also here?”

“Nonsense, I can’t come if you can? That’s right, Ike, you’re also buying a Magic Fan?”

“That’s right. You said ‘also’? Could it be you’re also here to buy a Magic Fan?”

“Of course. I preordered one a week ago!”


Similar conversations sounded occasionally from the crowd.

After chatting to each other, everyone found that the hundreds of people gathered in front of this normal looking “Heinz General Store” were actually all here to buy Magic Fans!

There was a small group of people who had preordered one a week ago and were here to pick it up today. The other several hundred people had heard about the Magic Fans from other sources and had rushed here to get one.

“I say, with this many people, what if the story doesn’t have enough Magic Fans to sell?” A person suddenly asked this question.

He asked this question and the people chatting with each other suddenly became silent. After a while, it was like they were of one mind as they charged towards the door of the general store.

“Don’t push! I have to buy a Magic Fan today! Otherwise, my wife will scold me to death!”

“Damn! You think that only your wife knows how to scold people? Mine told me that if I don’t bring back a Magic Fan tonight, she would bring our kid to sleep on the streets!”

“Alright, all of you stop pushing! I already preordered one!”

“Scram! Why are fellows who have already preordered pushing with us!”


Xu Yi had already sent the five hundred Magic Fans to Heinz’s General Store last night and was currently taking stock with Heinz. They suddenly heard the noise from outside the store and after looking at Heinz, they came to the front of the store together.

When they opened the door, the two were scared by the scene in front of them.

A dense crowd of people charged into the store like a flood, instantly filling this little store.

“Heinz, where is the Magic Fan I ordered?”

“Hey, boss, I didn’t preorder one, but I want two right now! No! Three!”

“Me too! Heinz, I am an old customer here, you have to sell me two Magic Fans!”

“Damn, so what if you’re an old customer? You have to sell me one if I give you money, I also want one!”

“What are you pushing so fiercely for if you’re only buying one? Get to the back for me!”


It was already very hot, but when the crowd charged it, it became even hotter. Adding in the fact that this was Xu Yi first time dealing with this situation, he instantly broke out in a sweat.

It was also Heinz’s first time seeing such a wild crowd, but he had opened this store for many years, so he was much better at dealing with this situation compared to Xu Yi who always studied inside. He quickly calmed himself down and loudly shouted, “Everyone, calm down! Calm down! We have prepared five hundred Magic Fans this time, we guarantee we can sell to all of you!”

Hearing that there were five hundred of them, everyone calmed down a bit.

But this calm only lasted for the blink of an eye as everyone thought of something. There were several hundred people outside the store and even if each person only bought one, it would be barely enough. But there were many people who didn’t just stop at one just now, so like this, five hundred wasn’t enough at all.

Thinking this through, the crowd actually became wilder than before.

Seeing this, Heinz knew that there was nothing he could say. He quickly looked at Xu Yi to have him and his nephew Alex who he called back two days ago to head to the backyard and bring out the merchandise.

A single Magic Fan weighed less than three kilograms, so Xu Yi and Alex could bring out ten together. However, as soon as these ten had appeared, they were instantly taken by the crowd camping outside the store. The two of them could only head back and get some more.

As Xu Yi and Alex moved back between the store and the warehouse in the backyard, all four hundred and eighty seven Magic Fans were quickly sold.

After a while, the people in the store couldn’t wait any longer and they directly charged to the warehouse in the backyard with Xu Yi and Alex.

Heinz also took advantage of this to change the sales location to the warehouse. So in less than an hour, all the Magic Fans in the warehouse had been sold.

There were still over a hundred people outside the store that hadn’t bought anything yet. When they heard that all the Magic Fans had been sold, they were instantly disappointed and some of the more impatient people couldn’t help complaining.

“Not even preparing enough things, what kind of broken store is this?”

To this kind of mindless complaint, Xu Yi and Heinz could only reveal bitter smiles.

But in their bitter smiles, there was a clear satisfaction and relaxation.

They thought it would take quite a while for them to sell over four hundred Magic Fans, but they never thought that they would all be sold in less than an hour. This really surprised the two of them.

For the remaining hundred people who hadn’t bought the Magic Fans, Heinz naturally wouldn’t give up on them that easily. After obtaining a nod of affirmation from Xu Yi, he told everyone that there would be large amounts of Magic Fans in the future. If they needed them, they could order in advance.

This time, no one hesitated and they all ordered in advance.

After another half an hour, the people gradually scattered and the store returned to its normal calm.

After sending off the last customer, Heinz immediately pulled Xu Yi into the back room.

“Ding, ding, dang, dang——”

Heinz shook the money bag in his hand and a large amount of gold coins flowed out like water. It came down and formed a small mountain of gold coins on the table in front of the two of them.

Seeing this little mountain letting out a golden glow, Heinz swallowed a mouthful of saliva with great difficulty.

Too much!

It took Heinz a while before he could calm down his excited heart and took inventory of the money in front of Xu Yi.

There were a total of four hundred and eight seven Magic Fans sold and with a price of two gold coins per Magic Fan, it should have been a total of nine hundred and seventy four gold coins. However, one hundred and thirty seven of those fans had a deposit of one gold coin on them, so after taking away one hundred and thirty seven, the total was eight hundred and fifty seven gold coins.

After Heinz took inventory, there was nothing missing at all.

“Xu…..Xu Yi, we’ve become rich today!” Even if his heart was prepared for this number, but seeing over eight hundred gold coins in front of him, Heinz felt a bit dizzy.

Opening a general store in Banta City, his entire year’s revenue wouldn’t be more than three hundred gold coins. Not in just a single morning, he had earned over eight hundred gold coins!

He simply didn’t dare believe it was true!

Although Xu Yi was calmer than Heinz on the surface, he was also a bit excited deep within.

After coming to this world for three years now, his lifestyle could not be considered abundant. Although he wasn’t very sensitive towards money, with this kind of income now, there was no doubt he could be much more relaxed.

The two were silent for a bit. Xu Yi calmed his mind and took out four hundred gold coins from the pile and moved it towards Heinz.

Heinz was stunned, “This isn’t correct, right?”

According to the agreement between him and Heinz, he should have paid Heinz 10% which should have been a commission of ninety seven gold coins. Other than that, when he was making the five hundred Magic Fans, Xu Yi didn’t have enough money for the material, so he borrowed two hundred gold coins from Heinz. He might as well return it all at once.

Properly speaking, Xu Yi should have given Hienz three hundred gold coins. The remaining hundred gold coins was what Heinz was surprised about.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile, “There’s nothing wrong. The extra hundred gold coins is for you to help me find a bigger place to rent in the city, making it more convenient for me to mass produce Magic Fans. Otherwise, if I keep doing from my home, it would be very inconvenient.”

Heinz gave a slight nod. Xu Yi’s little room was less than ten square meters, it was quite inconvenient.

Xu Yi wanted to give more detail to Heinz when Alex who was watching over the store suddenly charged in.

“Uncle Heinz, Xu…..Mister Xu Yi……There’s a big customer here!”

“Big customer?” Xu Yi and Heinz looked at each other with surprised gazed, “What is considered a big customer?”

The two came to the front together and instantly understood what Alex meant by “big customer”.

The person who came was a middle aged man in his forties, with an average height and normal looks, but there was an astuteness to him from head to toe. When he narrowed his eyes to look over people, it was like he was looking at them like a product.

“One thousand.” After seeing Heinz and Xu Yi, that middle aged man named Lexis directly gave his reason for coming here, “I want to order one thousand Magic Fans in advance.”