Volume 1 Chapter 61 - Paparazzi

Chapter 61 of 100 chapters

“You were introduced by Lewis?” Xu Yi looked at this young noble that Viscount Leslie had attracted in front of him. He never thought that he would hear a name that he hadn’t heard in a long time from him.

Baron Hannas gave a slight nod before saying with a faint smile, “That’s right. When he heard that I was coming to Banta City, uncle Lewis told me that I had to contact the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. Uncle Lewis also said that he is very regretful that he couldn’t obtain the chance to work with you on the Magic Fan before. If your company has any other new products, he would definitely cooperate with you if there was another chance.”

Lewis’ normal looking face with an astute feeling passed through Xu Yi’s mind again.

To a large client who ordered a thousand Magic Fans right away, Xu Yi had a profound impression of him.

When the Frestech Chamber of Commerce had just been made and the Magic Fan had just been researched, they didn’t enjoy the same fame as they did in Banta City and they didn’t have any fame in the surrounding cities.

Even in this situation, Lewis dared to immediately order such a large number. It could be seen that his eyes looked quite far and he was quite bold.

What Xu Yi never imagined was that he still remembered their small company after several months and even sent someone to specially contact them.

Xu Yi looked over Baron Hannas and thought that although this fellow was young, he was still a baron no matter what. Moreover, he went through Viscount Leslie to look for him, which meant that he had some status in Anvilmar City.

For such a person to call Lewis uncle, it could be seen that Lewis was indeed an important person.

“Lewis…..How was mister Lewis certain that we would have new products?” Xu Yi asked curiously.

Baron Hannas revealed a smile, “I also asked uncle Lewis this and he responded that although he had only met chairman Xu Yi once, he could tell that you were a driven person. You definitely wouldn’t be satisfied with just one product like the Magic Fan.”

Xu Yi awkwardly touched his nose and his face became somewhat embarrassed.

“Am I that easily seen through by others?”

Viscount Leslie who was accompanying them broke out in laughter, “Xu Yi, if I couldn’t see the ambition in you, do you think I would be willing to work with you?”

Xu Yi helplessly spread his hands, “Is the word ambition written all over my face?”

Baron Hannas also broke out in laughter, “Chairman Xu is truly interesting. Having ambition isn’t a bad thing, right? Since you have set up such a unique company, if you didn’t have ambition……Un, I like the word driven uncle Lewis said. If you didn’t have drive, how could this company have lasted this long?”

“Alright, I admit it, I have ambi…..I have a lot of drive. Un, I also like this word. Our Frestech Chamber of Commerce has just been established, but I will make it the best company in all of the Lampuri Kingdom and even the Sines Continent!” Xu Yi said with a firm nod.

“I believe that.” Baron Hannas nodded with a faint smile, “But chairman Xu, I am also very curious. I’ve heard that you are an exceptional magician and based on the small Magic Plowing Machine from earlier, I can at least tell that the level of your Earth Magic Array is quite high. Since it’s like this, why didn’t you choose to continue studying magic and become a powerful magician? Why did you choose to study magic machines? I think you should be very clear that even if the Frestech Chamber of Commerce becomes the largest company on the Sines Continent, as a merchant, your status still won’t be as high as a powerful magic, right?”

“You are not the first person to ask me this.” Xu Yi looked over at Viscount Leslie. Just a month ago, Viscount Leslie had asked him this same question, “This question is not easy to answer. I can only tell you that this is my personal interest.”

Baron Hannas knit his brows and was very unsatisfied with this answer.

“Chairman Xu, based on personal interest, it has urged you to give up a promising future as a magician and become a merchant instead?”

Xu Yi gave a shrug. He couldn’t just tell him his thoughts about creating a complete industrial system on the Sines Continent, right?

Even when Viscount Leslie asked him, Xu Yi only told him that compared to studying magic, he rather liked studying magic machines.

This kind of response about personal interest was not something others could understand or be satisfied with, but it was not something they could refute.

So far, Xu Yi had only disclosed a trace of his true thoughts to Great Magician Camilla and Still.

As for Baron Hannas? Their relationship was just too lacking.

“Baron Hannas, I think you should give this question to mister Lewis, perhaps he will have a better time understanding this than you. That’s right, you said that mister Lewis wants to cooperate with our Frestech Chamber of Commerce, I wonder, what are the specifics of the cooperation?” Xu Yi quickly changed the topic.

“There aren’t any.” Baron Hannas was still young and it was easy for Xu Yi to change his focus. He shook his head and said, “Uncle Lewis just wanted me to take a look first and meet you if it was possible to raise this idea. As for what the specifics are…..I’m not familiar with this. Does chairman Xu Yi have any methods of cooperation?”

Xu Yi knit his brows, “Me? Actually I know nothing about mister Lewis and don’t even know what he does, so how could I know about any cooperation?”

Baron Hannas’ eyes popped out in shock, “You actually don’t know uncle Lewis’ identity? Could it be that he didn’t tell you last time?”

Xu Yi shook his head, “He only gave me a name card. There is only a name and an address on the name card, I don’t know anything else.”

“There was an address on the name card uncle Lewis gave you? What was the address?”

“I think it was Anvilmar City’s Sloan Street Number Twenty Three……Or was it Number Twenty Four? I’m sorry, I didn’t bring the name card with me and I can’t remember it too clearly.”

As soon as his voice fell, Xu Yi found that Viscount Leslie and Baron Hannas both had strange expressions.

There was only a look of shock in Viscount Leslie’s eyes while Baron Hannas looked at Xu Yi like he was a freak.

“Uncle Lewis actually gave you his personal name card! My god! I never thought that uncle Lewis treated you this importantly! No wonder he specially had me come find you.”

Although Xu Yi was a bit surprised, he could guess from the reaction of the two that the name card Lewis gave him back then was not something that is easily obtained.

This was even more strange. Lewis had clearly only met him once, so why did he treat him this importantly?

Could it be that this fellow is a prophet, knowing that he would invent even more magic machines and would change the continent?

“Chairman Xu, I think I need to learn more about you.” After Baron Hannas got over his shock, he revealed a serious expression, “Uncle Lewis is famous for his judge of character and since he has put such importance on you, I think there should be something worth this on your body. Eh…..How about this? I will stay in Banta City for half a month and in this half a month, chairman Xu, can I learn more about you and your Frestech Chamber of Commerce?”

Xu Yi couldn’t help being stunned, “How do you want to learn?”

“For example, I can stay by your side all day and watch over your actions. I could also go to you factory and watch how you operate. I can also ask around Banta City and see what kind of evaluation people have towards your company……”

Xu Yi felt a chill run through him.

The thoughts of this Baron Hannas, why was it similar to that of paparazzi on earth?

“I’m afraid this……” Xu Yi wanted to reject him, but seeing Viscount Leslie give him a nod from the side, he swallowed his words.

“Afraid what?” Baron Hannas asked with an expectant look.

Xu Yi looked at Viscount Leslie’s expression and considered it before saying with a smile, “I’m afraid you’ll be wasting your time?”

“No, no, no, I’m very interested in your Frestech Chamber of Commerce right now. This will allow me to understand you better and when I return to Anvilmar, I can explain in greater detail when uncle Lewis asks me about this.”

“It’s like this……” Xu Yi hesitated for a while before nodding, “Alright then. Since Baron Hannas has this idea, I will represent myself and the Frestech Chamber of Commerce to warmly welcome you.”