Volume 1 Chapter 65 - Vivian’s talent

Chapter 65 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 65 Vivian’s talent

Being lost in negotiations with Count Sean, naturally a long time passed. When Xu Yi returned home, the moon was already in the middle of the sky and it was close to midnight.

When he opened the door to his house, Vivian wasn’t waiting at the door like usual. The house was completely dark and silent, not containing a single sound.

“She probably couldn’t wait and went to sleep.” Xu Yi secretly thought.

He took off his shoes and entered the room, but he was surprised to find that there was someone lying on the table in the living room.

Using the moonlight to see, who else would it be if not Vivian?

Looking at the table, the dishes on it hadn’t been touched at all. She must have made the meal a long time ago and had been waiting for Xu Yi to come back to eat, but she must have fallen asleep while waiting.

Looking at Vivian’s little sleeping face, there was an apologetic feeling that passed through Xu Yi’s heart.

Because Viscount Leslie had suddenly contacted him to go to the City Lord Manor for dinner, he didn’t have time to contact Vivian and made this little girl wait for him the entire time.

“I was talking with Leslie and Count Sean about freeing the production forces that I forgot about a little girl like Vivian in a small room like this, I really did go a bit overboard.” Xu Yi sighed as he shook his head. He leaned over to pick up Vivian.

Compare to how thin she was when Xu Yi bought her, although Vivian was still a bit slender, she had gotten a bit heavier, which made it a bit hard for Xu Yi to carry her.

This is because one, Vivian was currently in her growth spurt and two, the conditions in Xu Yi’s place was much better than being a slave under Viscount Leslie. This caused her body to quickly become stronger.

Other than putting on some weight, there were other parts of Vivian’s body that had begun to develop. When Xu Yi picked her up, he could feel the richness of certain parts of her body, causing him to become somewhat distracted.

It was a good thing Xu Yi wasn’t an impulsive young fellow in his teens. Even if he knew that Vivian wouldn’t dare reject him if he raised this request to her, he suppressed his desires and carried Vivian to her room to let her sleep.

Returning back to the living room, Xu Yi lit a candle.

As soon the candle was lit, Xu Yi suddenly seemed to have realized something and he hit his own head.

“Idiot, I always thought that there was a magic machine I should invent, but I had thrown away a premade thing in front of me. Hei, if I were to invent this thing, Heinz would definitely be very satisfied.”

Since he began studying magic machines, there were all kinds of ideas that came into Xu Yi’s head. Some could only be stored in Xu Yi’s head for now since the Sines Continent had a weak industrial system and some could be realized, so Xu Yi recorded them down to find a suitable time to release them.

Now that he had thought of this idea, Xu Yi followed his habit and took out the notebook he carried with him to write it down.

As soon as he sat down at the table, Xu Yi was surprised to find that there were several blueprints where Vivian had just been lying. There were also several pieces of paper scattered on the ground to the side.

Xu Yi took several pieces of paper to look over and he found that there were designs for all kinds of magic machines on them!

Xu Yi’s face sunk. These designs were the ones made occasionally when he was home, he never thought that Vivian’s memory was this outstanding. She had only watched from a side a few times and she could completely draw them.

These designs seemed quite normal, but they were actually the trade secrets of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. If these were to fall in the hands of the Leo Chamber of Commerce who also cared about the magic machines, it would create losses to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce that were greater than losing the sales of several hundred magic machines.

Xu Yi thought about it and quickly ruled out the terrifying thought that Vivian was actually a business spy.

Since she was bought by Xu Yi, Vivian had almost never left his house and the only person she contacted outside was Still.

Still definitely wasn’t any kind of business spy, so even if Vivian wanted to do it, there weren’t enough conditions met to do it.

Moreover, Vivian’s status was only Xu Yi’s slave. According to the laws of the Lampuri Kingdom, no matter how Xu Yi treated her, there were no problems even if he killed her.

With Vivian’s personality, she didn’t have this courage.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi relaxed and seriously looked over the diagrams in his hand.

It had to be said, although Vivian couldn’t even read, she was quite skilled in drawing. These diagrams were no different from the ones Xu Yi drew at all.

Other than these diagrams, Vivian actually drew many complete drawings of magic machines.

Looking at it, it seemed like she had drawn the finished magic machine based on the designs.

Although the magic machines produced by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce were a bit different from these, they weren’t that much different in the end.

Even……Xu Yi had to admit that if it was based purely on physical appearance, the magic machines Vivian drew was actually a bit more beautiful……

“Could it be that this little girl has a natural talent as a designer?” Xu Yi looked at the diagrams and his expression became very strange.

As a talented mechanical engineer from earth, Xu Yi had seen many talented people. He knew more clearly than anyone else that there were geniuses that could make people speechless.

But he had never connected a pitiful little slave like Vivian with the identity of a genius, not to mention combining her and rough machines.

But in front of Xu Yi, even though the Sines Continent didn’t have things like magic machines before, it was unknown how this little girl developed this talent……

For things that he couldn’t understand, Xu Yi could only put things that were very unlikely to the side with his scientific mind. He shook his head and honestly wrote down the idea he just had before tidying up the table. He was too lazy to wash up, so he directly dragged his exhausted body to go to sleep.

When he woke up the next day, Xu Yi woke up to the sounds of Vivian making breakfast.

The first thought Xu Yi had was that he should change houses. Otherwise if Vivian were to wake him up every day when she made breakfast, he wouldn’t be able to sleep in on days he wanted to sleep in.

His second thought were the diagrams he had seen last night.

After being in a daze for a bit, Xu Yi got up and quickly washed his face, waking himself up.

After he finished washing up, Vivian had put the breakfast she had prepared for him on the table.

After living with Xu Yi for two months, Vivian had already formed a tacit understanding with Xu Yi.

Xu Yi picked up a piece of bread and looked Vivian who was waiting for him to eat first. After thinking for a bit, he said, “Vivian, did you not eat dinner yesterday?”

Vivian gave a slight nod, “Un, master didn’t come back and I was waiting for the entire time. Only I fell asleep afterwards, I didn’t even know when you came back. I even troubled master to carry me back to my room.”

“Remember, if I’m ever not back by dinner time, you don’t need to wait for me. I am very busy with work right now and there are many times I’ll be eating outside. If you keep waiting for me each time, you’ll be hungry many times, do you understand?” Xu Yi told her.

“But……But master, you haven’t even eaten, how could I eat by myself?” Vivian’s eyes popped out, looking at Xu Yi in confusion.

“This is an order, you just have to follow it.”

“Oh.” Vivian obediently replied.

“Other than that……” Xu Yi took the diagrams he organized yesterday and waved it in front of Vivian, “Were these drawn by you?”

A look of shame appeared on Vivian’s face and she looked down, “Sorry, master. Without your permission, I shouldn’t have used your pen and paper……”

“That is not important. Come, lift your head and respond to my question.” Xu Yi carefully looked over Vivian’s expression. He only saw some embarrassment on her face and didn’t see any other expressions, so his heart relaxed.

He definitely didn’t believe that a little girl without any background would have such good acting skills, there should be no problem with Vivian.

“Vivian, the reason why you drew these pictures, is it because you are bored at home, so you drew these to kill time?”

Xu Yi took out one of the pictures and there was his image drawn on it.

There was another one that was a portrait of Still and several landscape drawings. After Xu Yi found these, his suspicions about Vivian was even more relieved.

“I must say that your talent isn’t bad. Look, you drew me like this, this is simply like a photo.” Xu Yi pointed at his portrait as he praised it.

“Photo?” Vivian looked at Xu Yi in a daze, “What is that?”

“Eh……It’s a picture printed on a piece of paper, you’ve never seen it before.” Xu Yi waved his hand, “Don’t worry about that. Vivian, answer my question, do you feel bored staying here all day?”

“No, no, I’m not bored. I’m very happy being here, really!” Vivian quickly waved her hand, doing all she could to deny it.

“Tell the truth!” Xu Yi said in a deep voice.

Vivian was scared. After a while, she hesitantly replied, “Yes……I’m a bit bored……There are too few things that need to be done here, I…..I’m a bit not used to it.”

“That is more like it. Since you’re bored, you should have told me earlier. Vivian, you have lived with me for two months now, could it be you don’t know what kind of person I am?”

“Master, you are a good person. I…..I am only a slave, you don’t need to care about me.” Vivian lowered her head, speaking in a timid voice.

“Even if you are a slave, you are still my slave. Let’s do this, Vivian, since you feel like there are too few things to do and you are bored, I can give you some things to do so you aren’t bored anymore.”

Vivian looked up in a daze. She saw Xu Yi reveal an evil smile like he was abducting a little girl and he asked in a soft voice, “Vivian, do you want to go to school?”