Volume 1 Chapter 71 - You want to rebel?

Chapter 71 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 71 You want to rebel?

After thinking about it, the dwarf Murru narrated the process he used to make this iron ball.

In the process he described, Xu Yi kept asking him things to clarify, not even letting go of what temperature he used when he was forging this thing.

“This…..Temperature?” Murru scratched his chaotic hair and was a bit confused, “Chairman Xu, you mean that there are many kinds of flames? I don’t know about this, I can only tell you that the flames were normal when I refined it and it wasn’t that strong.”

Xu Yi felt a bit helpless. The Sines Continent didn’t extensively collect data like on earth. This could become a major flaw in developing an industrial system, so it seemed like he had to think of a way to solve this problem.

Of course, this problem was for later, what was most important was the iron ball in his hand right now.

After questioning Murru several times, Xu Yi didn’t have a way to obtain a satisfactory answer. Finally, he could only ask Murru to repeat the refinement of that day.

Hearing that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s chairman Xu Yi found the iron ball Murru refined interesting, the other dwarves that had been experimenting all came over.

When faced with everyone, Murru thought about it for a while before lighting up a furnace.

The first half followed the normal forging process and Xu Yi didn’t see anything special. Only when the iron liquid in the forge began to bubble, Murru picked up a can filled with silver sparkling dust that he poured in, causing the situation in the forge to change instantly.

When this can of silver leaves was poured in, it instantly fused with the iron liquid inside the forge. After a while, the iron liquid that had been bubbling because of the high temperature began to churn even stronger, as a trace of silver light filled the completely red iron liquid.

The process of forging was rather boring and Siluka was worried that Xu Yi would be bored watching it. But he found that Xu Yi had been staring at the iron liquid inside the forge from the beginning, almost not even blinking. His face looked very focus and his heart was filled with curiosity.

This chairman Xu Yi, why did he care about this strange so called alloy so much?

Xu Yi came to the dwarven tribe in the afternoon and after the molten iron in the forge finished refining, it was already night.

During this time, Xu Yi had been by the forge the entire time. Other than going to the washroom once, he actually hadn’t moved at all.

Other than this, he even took out a notebook. During the entire process, he recorded the order and amount of materials added by Murru one by one.

When the molten iron cooled, it gradually formed a sphere inside a mold. Xu Yi carefully looked over this iron ball and found that this iron ball really wasn’t that much different from the iron ball from before. This confirmed that Murru really followed his process last time.

Seeing that it was late, Siluka wanted to invite Xu Yi back to the tribe for dinner, but was directly rejected by Xu Yi.

They had discovered a new alloy with great difficulty, Xu Yi was currently filled with excitement. His passion as a mechanical engineer had burst forth, naturally he wasn’t willing to leave at this time.

So Siluka called his clansmen to bring dinner here. The dwarves ate with Xu Yi while conducting all kinds of tests on the iron ball based on Xu Yi’s requests.

After a series of tests, Xu Yi had finally confirmed that this strange alloy formed from adding silver leaves wasn’t that good in terms of firmness, but its ductility and plasticity could match normal alloys from earth. It was generally much stronger than the pig iron refined on the Sines Continent.

The more important thing was the alloy with silver leaves had been in the corner for close to two months, but there wasn’t a single trace of rust on it.

Even without having to do any rust treatment, it had the nature of stainless steel!

Xu Yi held the iron ball that had been deformed after his experiments and his heart was filled with excitement.

The reason he came to the dwarven tribe this time was actually to contact other dwarven tribes through chief Siluka, bringing even more dwarves back to his magic machine workshop. He never expected these dwarves had unexpected made this kind of new alloy.

Even without appraising it first, Xu Yi was certain that this new alloy that he had temporarily named the Silver Leaf Alloy could not be used in heavy magic machines because of its hardness, but it would be very useful in producing household magic machines.

For example, for the new Magic Rick Cooker they had been focusing on making, if they used this alloy, the Magic Rice Cooker would be much lighter.

Just based on this, the Magic Rice Cooker would become even more popular.

After completing the tests on the Silver Leaf Alloy, Xu Yi immediately raised a request with chief Siluka. He hoped that he and the other dwarves of their tribe would experiment even more on the Silver Leaf Alloy.

For example, adding in more silver leaf dust, changing the temperature of the flame, or adding in other materials……

At the same time, he used the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s name to give Murru a twenty gold coin reward, as a commendation to him for inventing this new alloy.

With Xu Yi’s understanding of material testing from earth, he believed that even the smallest change would change the final properties of the alloy.

This Silver Leaf Alloy appeared because of an accident. If there were more accidents like this, he would greatly support them.

Other than this Silver Leaf Alloy, Xu Yi looked over the pile of iron balls again and found another special iron ball.

Although this iron ball was not as eye catching as the Silver Leaf Alloy and its properties weren’t that outstanding, after testing it, Xu Yi was surprised to find that this iron ball surpassed pig iron in terms of firmness and resistance.

For heavy machine, especially large production machines, this kind of alloy was very much needed.

Xi Yi gave chief Siluka another request, having the dwarves of the tribe also perform experiments on this alloy.

This time, chief Siluka didn’t agree quickly like before, rather he revealed a difficult look.

“Chairman Xu, we don’t have enough clansmen in the tribe right now. If you didn’t take Camby and the others away, there is no problem researching two things at once. You can see that all the clansmen that can do things are here, there are only these ten people, so we can’t fulfill your request.”

Xu Yi looked around and found that chief Siluka’s words were not exaggerated.

Since he had brought the hundred dwarves led by Camby out of the tribe, most of the people left in the tribe were the elderly or women and children. The ones that could perform forging like this were the ten dwarves left here.

“Let’s do this. Chief Siluka, isn’t the Angola Tribe sending people to talk to me tomorrow? I’ll mention this matter at that time and it’s best if their tribe can be convinced to accept the research for one of these alloys. Of course, it would be best if chief Siluka can connect me to more dwarven brothers. I’m lacking quite a bit of manpower right now and it’s mainly a lack of suitable dwarven craftsmen. I want however many you can give me.” Xu Yi thought about it before speaking.

Siluka didn’t immediately agree, rather he looked at Xu Yi with a frown.

“Chairman Xu, are you planning to fill your factory with only dwarves?”

Xu Yi was stunned, “Of course not, but there are still more dwarves in my factory right now.”

Siluka shook his head, “Chairman Xu, I want to remind you that if your factory has too many dwarves like us, there will be problems.”

Xu Yi was a bit confused, “Problems? What problems? I am just letting the dwarven brothers work for me, what problems could there be?”

Siluka let out a sigh, “Chairman Xu, I know you have good intentions, but not all humans are like you. The more important thing is that your human leaders won’t be able to think like this. There is no problem if a few dwarves appear in human society, but if a large group of dwarves appear, I’m worried it will cause trouble for you and us dwarves.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help knitting his brows, “The race wars are something that happened thousands of years ago, could it be that chief Siluka is worried about this?”

Siluka waved his hand, “It is impossible for the race war to occur again. I am just worried that the human leaders will become worried. When that time comes, we dwarven brothers cannot bring you benefits, rather we will cause trouble for you.”

Xu Yi thought about it and couldn’t help admiring that chief Siluka was right.

Although the Sines Continent was completely ruled by humans and the other races couldn’t even compete with humans, there was still the existence of racial segregation.

Xu Yi recruiting a hundred or several hundred dwarves to work for him was not a problem, but if he recruited a thousand or several thousand dwarves, it would attract the vigilance of the big characters of the Lampuri Kingdom.

With all these foreign race members under him, did he want to rebel?

“Ai, it seems like no matter what world it is, it is impossible for business to avoid politics.” Xu Yi sighed in his heart. He thought about it before nodding to chief Siluka, “Many thanks to the chief for your reminder, I will pay attention to this matter. But I think it won’t be a problem at this stage and my company is just lacking too much manpower right now, so I ask you to pay more attention to this matter still. Actually if things go wrong, it isn’t like I don’t have any preparations.”

Siluka gave a slight nod with his large head, “Alright, chairman Xu is an intelligent human, I believe you have a solution. As for the dwarven brothers of the other tribes……” After saying this, Siluka revealed a bitter smile and had a helpless look on his face, “Their current lives are not much better than our tribe was before.”