Volume 1 Chapter 72 - Angola Tribe

Chapter 72 of 100 chapters

Volume 1 Chapter 72 Angola Tribe

The Angola Dwarf Tribe was less than a hundred kilometers away from the Norma Tribe led by chief Siluka. Receiving the news that Xu Yi had arrived, the next morning, the representative from the Angola Tribe had already come.

To Xu Yi’s surprise, the one leading the Angola Tribe representative was their chief Monto. As for the two representatives that followed chief Monto’s side, they were the two elders with the highest positions.

Seeing this lineup, Xu Yi naturally understood that the Angola Tribe viewed this negotiation with the greatest importance. So, he also became more serious.

However, the process of the negotiations had surprised him again.

The entire process was quite simple. Xu Yi gave chief Monto and the two elder the conditions he had already prepared and the three of them hid nothing as they revealed looks of excitement. They didn’t even think as they agreed to him, making him feel that his starting conditions were just too good.

But these conditions were based on the conditions Xu Yi offered chief Siluka from before. Other than an extra beneficial condition of building a road from here to the Angola Tribe, there wasn’t anything else added.

This was Xu Yi trying to understand the thoughts of a dwarf with the mindset of a human., The dwarves could be considered a rough or even straightforward race, their way of handling matters was different from humans.

Xu Yi had used human negotiations as a reference, so he thought that chief Monto would bargain back and forth before both sides would take a step back and reach a settlement.

Who would have thought that chief Monto and the two elders would be satisfied with these conditions, not even having the mind to bargain back and forth.

Of course, there was a reason why chief Monto and the two elders would agree so quickly.

The Angola Tribe was not far from here and as dwarven brothers, both sides would frequently communicate with each other, so they had a clear understanding of the situation in the Norma Tribe.

The Norma Tribe and the Angola Tribe were comrades in suffering, both sides’ living conditions weren’t that good.

But since two months ago, after a human had made a trip here, the dwarves of the Angola Tribe had found that the lives of the dwarves of the Norma Tribe had suddenly become much better.

When the hundred adult dwarves of the Norma Tribe were taken by Xu Yi, the Angola Tribe thought that the Norma Tribe couldn’t support them anymore, so they were selling their clansmen to this human to work heavy labour. But they realized that was not the case.

They learned after asking that the dwarves who had left were now working in a human factory. Not only did they have enough food and places to sleep, they had a high salary of eight gold coins a month!

The most important thing was that they even had good wine in the factory to drink! It was even the famous Sachi Manor wine!

They silently watched as the lives of their compatriots in the Norma Tribe became better. Not only did they have enough to eat, they also received brand new clothes, and could even repair their houses. The dwarves of the Angola Tribe naturally couldn’t sit still.

After learning that all these changes were from a human named Xu Yi, chief Monto had formed the idea of seeing Xu Yi.

If this human named Xu Yi could help the Angola Tribe like he helped the Norma Tribe, changing the lives of their clansmen, his role as the chief would have been fulfilled.

Who would have thought that when chief Monto made up his mind, Siluka would come find him and directly tell him Xu Yi’s request.

Hearing that Xu Yi was recruiting dwarven craftsmen, chief Monto didn’t even think as he instantly agreed.

Compared to the Norma Tribe, the Angola Tribe was a bit bigger, having almost twice the population.

The Norma Tribe could produce a hundred dwarven craftsmen, but the Angola Tribe could produce two hundred.

Chief Monto even gritted his teeth and directly proposed that he could send three hundred adults to the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s factory for work.

Chief Siluka on the side was shocked, “Monto, are you crazy? Just how many adults do you have in your tribe? If you let three hundred people leave the tribe, how will the rest of the tribe keep living?”

Chief Monto and the two elders looked at each other before laughing, “It’s no problem, it isn’t like the ones left in the tribe can’t move at all, at worst they will just have to suffer a bit. Then again, chairman Xu has already reached an agreement with us for the salary of our clansmen working in the factory. As long as they can endure for a while and wait for the salary of our clansmen, naturally it will be much easier. Don’t you think so, chairman Xu?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile as he said with a nod, “Chief Monto can be assured that our Frestech Chamber of Commerce is looking for a happy cooperation with the dwarves, so we definitely will not skimp on our salaries. But chief Siluka does make a lot of sense. Chief Monto, if you suddenly send out three hundred people, the lives of the ones left in the tribe will be greatly affected……”

Seeing that Xu Yi wanted to reject him, chief Monto quickly waved his hand, “No, no, no, it won’t, there is no problem. Really, it’s no problem! I am more clear on the situation in the tribe compared to chairman Xu, there is no problem even if we send three hundred people.”

Seeing how anxious chief Monto and the two elders were, Xu Yi couldn’t help sighing inside.

Last time he came to the Norma Tribe with Master Lanus to negotiate with chief Siluka, he found that the living conditions of the dwarves were quite poor. He was even able to easily move chief Siluka with a promise of five hundred gold coins. Now based on the reactions from chief Norma and the two elders, it seemed like the problems of the Norma Tribe was a common problem for the dwarves.

“Chief Monto, don’t be anxious and listen to me first.” Xu Yi slowly said, “Actually, I have other things to consider. Although our company needs large amounts of outstanding dwarven craftsmen to help us with our work, if we were to receive three hundred dwarves at once, it would be hard for our company to settle them right now. Temporarily, we could only take around a hundred.”

“Only a hundred? That is too little…..” Chief Monto and the two elders revealed looks of disappointment.

“Let me finish.” Xu Yi revealed a smile as he continued, “Other than the hundred dwarven craftsmen working in our company’s factory, I also need a large amount of experienced dwarven craftsmen to perform experiments with material. I wonder if chief Monto is interested in this?”

“Material experiments? What is that?” Chief Monto and the two elders were bewildered.

Xu Yi looked at chief Siluka and he immediately understood. With a cough, he began to explain it to the three of them.

After half an hour, chief Monto and the two elders revealed looks of enlightenment.

“That means…..this so called material research is just testing methods of forging iron?” Chief Monto asked.

“It has this general meaning, but there are more requirements for the concrete details.” Xu Yi said with a nod.

Chief Monto thought about it before asking, “Chairman Xu, your meaning is to have our clansmen and the dwarven brothers here help your Frestech Chamber of Commerce perform this…..material research?”

“Yes. The material research requires a lot of experiments and although chief Siluka has some people here, I feel it is far from enough, so I want to find some more dwarven brothers to help him with this research. I wonder if chief Monto is interested?”

Chief Monto asked with knit brows, “But this thing……what benefits does it bring to our tribe?”

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. He knew that it would be a waste of words to explain to them how important this research was to the Sines Continent, so he directly sent out a slap.

“Any research results that I approve of will have a reward of five hundred gold coins.”

“Five hundred gold coins?” Chief Monto and the two elders had their eyes shrink as shock filled their faces.

When they were discussing the salaries for their clansmen working in the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s factory, they only received eight gold coins a month. Although there were many people, the amount wasn’t much, so it didn’t seem that special.

Now that Xu Yi immediately said five hundred gold coins, it had stunned the three dwarves.

Chief Monto couldn’t help looking at chief Siluka on the side. His eyes fell onto the luxurious cloth clothes made by a highly skilled human tailor and a look of envy appeared in his eyes.

This Siluka, he was still wearing tattered linen clothes three months ago, but now he had changed into such beautiful clothes. It was clear that these changes were brought from working with this human merchant.

Then thinking about the shocking changes he saw when he walked through the Norma Tribe, chief Monto immediately steeled his heart and gave a strong nod to Xu Yi.

“Alright! We’ll agree on this!”

Xu Yi immediately revealed a serious smile and tightly gripped chief Monto’s hand.

Actually while chief Monto was excited about the large remunerations Xu Yi promised, Xu Yi was also feeling very excited.

He had reaped a large harvest from his trip this time. Not only did he solve his serious lack of manpower, he had even accidentally made a large breakthrough in the material research.

If the Angola Tribe dwarves could also research a few new alloys like Murru and the others, it would be a great help to Xu Yi’s plan of forming an industrial system on the Sines Continent.

Other than this, through the contacts of these two dwarven tribes, he could establish good relations with other dwarven tribes.

Although there weren’t many dwarves on the Sines Continent right now, most of them were highly skilled craftsmen.

Perhaps this didn’t affect other humans that much, but to Xu Yi, this was a great wealth.

If he could grab this wealth in his hand, the confidence in Xu Yi’s heart would naturally be much stronger.